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  1. Leanne

    Net-7.orgdatabase update

    There was, but we either forgot how to get to it, or it is no longer in-game.
  2. Leanne

    Net-7.orgdatabase update

    Clarifying on the Vrix Pheromone Activator: That was given to you as part of a mission. It was not a drop, but also a mission item. It is an item given and used in the Smoke and Mirrors mission-line to trigger the mazzaroth raid.
  3. Leanne

    Open Discussion to EA about EnB

    Incidentally, if EA picks up EnB officially, it will be the legal death of emulator. Because they won't want the hassle of an unofficial server. So gee, thanks for bringing it to their attention.
  4. I'm testing this (RTSS + driver profile) on a budget AMD Ryzen 2400G system (no dedicated video card). Things i did differently: * changed Application Detection Level to none, and applied the rate limiter to client.exe only. (GPU usage lowered by 30%) * I dove into Radeon Settings and created a the profile shown below (for client.exe) (Quality improved, GPU usage went up a bit) This saw the quality go up by a noticeable difference and the GPU still has 20% less load on it. So far things seem to be working right. Will update if it goes sideways. P.S.: Don't choose SuperSampling for Anti-aliasing Method. It does horrible things to text.
  5. Leanne

    Mim's whines have returned

    Is there something special about that spot that you don't mention the location?
  6. Leanne

    Mim's whines have returned

    I recall only two places where Bio-Hunters behave like that; 1) in the fields in Arduinne, where you can attract 5x CL46 and up to 2x CL55 if you are not careful. But those navs are not on your star-chart and its not a place where NPCs tell you to go. You are exploring and running into a bad place. 2) in XT near their stronghold in a grav-shear. Which shouldn't be a problem, the game warns you extensively via NPCs it's dangerous behind the forcefield. -- The Vrix at Arx Spartoi are a problem though. New characters and newly returning players who choose with progen already had the Primus hurdle, and the ambiguous hull-upgrade conversation at Warship Genesis/Aganju. But now they also get gimped at a station which handles parts of their starting missions and skill unlocks. Putting CL40 V'Rix there, was an unwise change.
  7. Leanne

    New stuff in the 9/04/2018 Update!?

    Endriago also has CL6 Sulami Collaborators with a [V'rix] affiliation on them. Think those are new too
  8. Leanne

    Changing Guild Leadership

    Go to "Group/Guild" menu and click "Leave" (bottom-left)
  9. Leanne

    Beer is back

    Beer and roses. Good combo?
  10. Leanne

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    The issue was on the portal at https://www.net-7.org/#item/Green+Dragon+Laser+M4 (and a few other items i checked). It seems to be fixed now. I didn't use the bug-tracker because i read "ONLY SERVER CODE RELATED BUGS" to mean game-server code, not including the web-frontend. If web-frontend things go into the bug-tracker too, I'm happy to do that, just need a confirmation.
  11. Really minor thing, but it suddenly stuck out to me: There is a typo in the database listings for "Progen Restricted" items; it says "Progen restircted" instead.
  12. Leanne

    Taking out the trash

    Data Satellite IV in Mercury is at (x: -226, y: -323)
  13. Leanne


    Welcome back
  14. Leanne

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    Thanks for fixing
  15. Today the net-7 vaults on my account suddenly started having issues. This happens in Vivaldi and Edge (but dev-consoles show no clientside errors) and the error occurs when transferring between other avatars as well