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  1. Alternatively you could: 1) try editing/saving the file as where you run Notepad as administrator, without the launcher running in the back ground (not sure why it wouldn't let you save over it) 2) delete the file. The launcher recreates it when you start it 3) Attach the file here so we can see whats up? (The XML reader reports a 0-byte. That's not a valid thing for UTF-8. Something screwed the pooch)
  2. The one time this error came up for me was when (and i'm not sure how it happened at the time) the file LaunchNet7.cfg was saved as Unicode instead of in ANSI encoding. Your problem file is: C:\Users\Larry\AppData\Local\LaunchNet7\LaunchNet7.exe_Url_adzxadget0lle50imxy3m3nh4uxl4cgu\\user.config Open that file in notepad and save it again using "Save As" and making sure it saves as ANSI. See the attached screenshot to see where to change it and into what. Saving in the UTF-8 encoding instead of ANSI should work too. Hope this solves your issue.
  3. I have done something similar with analyzing; trying to get the terminal to give me one of the errors Sunrise gives. This scenario is: 1) you put in an item to dismantle into the terminal 2) it shows the comps it dismantles to, but also gives an error-message in green "Invalid item". 3a) you remove the item and re-insert it and things go fine 3b) you press analyze anyway and the terminal locks up and you have to relog (none of the tricks to get out of the terminal work) and you lose the item I put items into the terminal roughly 250 times, but did not get the error I would have run into on Sunrise nor any other lock ups. Either the current fixes to PTR have solved that problem or something else is going on. I'm hoping its fixed
  4. Come play on the PTR. It's nice weather here.
  5. When docking at F7/Glenn, I ran into an unending loadscreen. Coincidentally, this happened at the same time that sunrise.net-7.org dropped a ping-packet. https://mega.nz/#!QkdVjQgT!BTtNC5YG2ZcCUoS9ulRTWCrd-BjDqSKDOFqiC3nZhvU (proxylog-20190414.dat, 7.75mb)
  6. Maybe things didn't load right for you? Have a look at this thread: https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/12445-important-read-this/ That post lists everything (its not much, but "everything" sounds cool) you need to do. At the bottom of that post you find a link to "LaunchNet7-PTR.exe". Download that into its own folder (if you have C:/games/enb/, put it in C:/games/enb-ptr/ for example). Then, open your file browser and open C:/games/enb-ptr/ (or where-ever you put it) and double-click on "LauncherNet7-PTR.exe" to start it. It will ask you to tell you where you have EnB installed. Go to "<wherever-you-have-regular-enb-installed>/release" and double-click on "client.exe". You will need a separate account to log in to the PTR server (your usual login for the game won't work, this is a different server, with a different login). To create your login for this new server, go read the post liked at the top of this reply. Good luck.
  7. Is this where we drop a casual mention of Agrippa?
  8. TEs already have BioRepression, Build Weapons and Build Engines. They don't need Build Reactor or Befriend.
  9. Server failed to respond to sector-login. I got blapped by the warder and took a tow from Arduinne to Carpenter (10 Defenders is just too much for a JE) So I took a tow and got the: Server failed to respond to sector login error. https://mega.nz/#!Bxll3a6L!-WAAt94Wezp22JLQAa7pSQhddLnsMMLgz6jybXtlkZc (proxylog-20190410.dat, 9.75mb)
  10. When starting LaunchNet7-PTR, it did an update, and after clicking the launch-button it showed this pop-up: After that, i have to manually kill net7proxy.exe in the task-manager, or this happens on the next LaunchNet7-PTR.exe start (It doest exit on its own) proxylog.dat:
  11. Travelling from Somerled (New Edinburgh) to Carpenter gate and the client up and disappeared. Playtime about 2 hours. Did a bunch of device analyzing. https://mega.nz/#!V5023C6D!qPTKmjd4ckYwrCAEjaXWbTYSuHvedz_16QkXXLYokRo (7.75mb)
  12. I seem to get hung when entering cooper. The load-screen showed the Leaving/Entering text and had the animating cross-hair on the right sector. But i closed the client when it didn't move on after 6 minutes. https://mega.nz/#!8osm3AoT!T_-zvLiXKMEaUVn0PNVNiFdLsrM8cmjwIqbm43Y8Vh8 (2.8mb)
  13. Crashed to login on undocking from Chernevog after accepting 6 Trade jobs. Playtime: 40 minutes https://mega.nz/#!08ECCIhA!gq3VdJpjaZUu7AlC8fDvKVSnpVyFWN7dAp_4EPh_5SI
  14. Crashed while trying to WH from Dahin to Swooping Eagle. Playtime: 7 minutes
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