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  1. Leanne

    New stuff in the 9/04/2018 Update!?

    Endriago also has CL6 Sulami Collaborators with a [V'rix] affiliation on them. Think those are new too
  2. Leanne

    Changing Guild Leadership

    Go to "Group/Guild" menu and click "Leave" (bottom-left)
  3. Leanne

    Beer is back

    Beer and roses. Good combo?
  4. Leanne

    Net 7 Database typo: Progen restircted

    The issue was on the portal at https://www.net-7.org/#item/Green+Dragon+Laser+M4 (and a few other items i checked). It seems to be fixed now. I didn't use the bug-tracker because i read "ONLY SERVER CODE RELATED BUGS" to mean game-server code, not including the web-frontend. If web-frontend things go into the bug-tracker too, I'm happy to do that, just need a confirmation.
  5. Really minor thing, but it suddenly stuck out to me: There is a typo in the database listings for "Progen Restricted" items; it says "Progen restircted" instead.
  6. Leanne

    Taking out the trash

    Data Satellite IV in Mercury is at (x: -226, y: -323)
  7. Leanne


    Welcome back
  8. Leanne

    Net-7 Vault transfer error message

    Thanks for fixing
  9. Today the net-7 vaults on my account suddenly started having issues. This happens in Vivaldi and Edge (but dev-consoles show no clientside errors) and the error occurs when transferring between other avatars as well
  10. Yeah, that is not going to run native win32 x86 applications. Its a different type of processor and underlying code.
  11. Leanne

    The Smoking Mirror

    After combining the logs of 3 avatars which completed The Smoking Mirror along with one char which got the Offense is the best Defense, the missions they all shared are in the quote block below. It seems to hinge on Ishuan and the Beam Lens Research. But that's where things just... stop.
  12. The item-tab in the database section on net-7.org has an url-encoding issue when linking to items. Example for the item "IO C/8000": https://www.net-7.org/?#item/Io+C%2F8000 On the search-result page the item is properly encoded. On the item detail-page, the url-encoding is not applied in the sections *Components needed to manufacture* and *Needed to manufacture* (I'm not sure if this is the right place to report, since the bug-tracker is only for in-game content)
  13. Leanne

    The Smoking Mirror

    Alright, thanks. Now I know I'm not on a wild goose chase
  14. Before I went on a break there was a lower-level mission-chain that ended with a mini-raid in the Mazzaroth Maelstrom. From what i recall there were 3 missions involved (Patrol the border of Mazzaroth, Offense is the best defense, The Smoking Mirror) and involved Gray Feather and Silva. I just can't seem to get Silva or Gray Feather to talk to my low-level characters (OL54 and OL98) about these missions. I'm using low-level characters, because i remember The Smoking Mirror becoming unavailable at OL100. Are these missions still available? And if so, how do i trigger them?