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  1. Just in case you're not aware the server is down
  2. DaveOMac


    You can see them on the map http://enbmaps.de/ * Dahin (Capella) * Swooping Eagle (Sirius) * Grissom (Beta Hydri) * Inverness (Tau Ceti) * Arduinne (Tau Ceti) * Zweihander (Alpha Centauri) * Primus (Vega) * Nostrand Vor (Altair) * Endriago (Gallina) * Risco (Legarto's Moon, Gallina)
  3. Just in case you're not aware the server is down
  4. Hullo, Is there some rep requirement or something for Praefect Plenticus in Antares 1 station in Antares? If I talk to him his dialog seems to indicate he will trade (i.e. so I can off load loot to him) "Hello! Hello - step right up, Sire. Warriors are welcome here. How can I help you?" "I would like to trade" or "Nothing today". However, if I click the "I would like to trade" the dialog just closes, just as if I click "Nothing today" or the cross to close the dialog?
  5. Maybe we could have a way to specify our "main" toon in the Net7 web portal, or maybe even type a custom (3?) letter tag that would output after our toon name in chat, much like the "[HGM]" etc tags. To help other identify toons with different names as the same person behind the keyboard. In case people don't want this, or don't want this on all their toons, it would make sense to me to make this an opt in/out for each toon much like the "public build lists" type toggles that we have. For an example I have 3 toons; Dagron, Shortround and Goose. If I could specify that either Dagron is my main, or type a custom tag of "Dag" when any of those toons talks in in-game chat their name would display as: Dagron [Dag]: Test message Shortround [Dag]: Test message Goose [Dag]: Test message
  6. I'm sorry if anything I said was taken as an attack or hounding that was not my intent. I appreciate the hard work you developers put in for free to allow people like me to relive a game from 20 years ago. Thank you for your continued work and passion for the project. Hope your personal life gets better some all the best to you and yours.
  7. Tried setting in compatibility mode for Windows XP and running as admin? What system do you have? Windows...10?
  8. I don't think the downloads are working in the latest Chrome, the console says they're being blocked because they're not over HTTPS
  9. I'm sorry you feel that way Zackman, genuinely thank you for resolving the issue. Happy New Year
  10. I got shouted at and given 5 warning points for reporting this on the server status thread 😢 Sorry @Zachman I didn't purposefully break any rules was only trying to report what I believe to be a server status issue.
  11. An update from me would be that I've been on for the last 4 hours with one avatar, no problems at all. However, my other avatar "Dagron" will crash the client after maybe 2 or 3 minutes play. Same computer, same client installation, same network etc only difference is different account/avatar.
  12. Just in case this thread is monitored more closely than the tech support section, there's a thread here regard a crashing issue lots of people have been having for the last 2 days.
  13. I have this issue as well a specific avatar of mine (Dagron) keeps crashing the game client - it freezes up and is unresponsive, no one thing seems to cause it, just happens regularly since yesterday morning before yesterday morning this avatar was fine and all my other avatars are still fine. Seems to be since the server issue yesterday and I can see several others reporting the same issue on new player chat. Happens to me with just one client running (not multiboxing).
  14. If you hold shift and right click on the client in the taskbar, you should get a menu, one of the options is move. ... also technical support section?
  15. Yay! thank you - it's such an awesome resource!!
  16. https://enb.gearlist.co.uk/ seems to be gone now
  17. The downloads are at: https://www.net-7.org/#downloads However, maybe head over to the FAQs: https://www.net-7.org/#faq and read the "How do I get in the game" section
  18. Hullo, What's the feasibility/desire of having the hidden navs show on the navigation map, only once discovered? Just always seemed like a thing that should happen to me and I was wondering if it's possible and if there's any desire for it from anyone but myself? Thanks
  19. Fixed it - allowed `net7proxy.exe`, `LaunchNet7.exe` and `client.exe` through windows firewall, and selected my private IP not my public IP on the LaunchNet7 application - I'm in!
  20. That worked from home, no exception when updating, downloaded the net7proxy.exe fine Now I'm getting "Server Failed to respond to Login attempt" but I'll have a read on the forum see if I can find the resolution to that one...
  21. Ah ha! I tried disabling the antivirus on my PC, same result, but your suggestion led me to work out what the updater was trying to download and see if I could trigger it in some other way, and it goes to get the proxy from `http://patch.net-7.org/Net7/Files/bin/net7proxy.exe` which my companies firewall is blocking because it thinks it's a virus/trojan. I will try from my home internet tonight and feedback
  22. Hello everyone! Past player returning (after 7 years away it seems!) I've run through the installation but can't get the game to run. When the LaunchNet7 is updating I get an exception displayed: "InvalidArgument=Value of '5' is not valid for 'index' Then the proxy wont run. Looking at the 'net7proxy.exe' in '\Net-7\bin' Windows reports it as 0KB big, open it in a text editor it has no content, it is indeed an empty file. I'm on Windows 10 (1903), I'm running 'LaunchNet7.exe' as admin. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried deleting the 'net7proxy.exe' file and the 'Net7-FileList.txt' and 'Net7-Version.txt' (and so triggering the update again) always get the above exception. Anyone any ideas? Sorry if this issue has been posted before I did try and search for similar but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance
  23. I had a TE called "DaveOMac" that I played a bit my main was a PW called "Dagron" was in a guild called "Pirates of the Caribean" (I'm pretty sure it was spelt wrong) think we were on the Orion server... maybe. I remember the guild leader Kinkaid (spelling?) as we kept in touch when we left for Eve (not that I played Eve for very long). Happy days - E&B remains to this day the MMO I've liked the most (ahhhh nostalgia :)
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