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  1. WTB a Devastating Gaze

    Thank you both for the replies. Astro, i'll look you up next time on and Zarg thanks for the tip on the feathers. Not interested in raiding myself, but the Feather idea is great.
  2. WTB a Devastating Gaze

    I'm hoping to get a Devastating Gaze for my JD and although I don't raid i'm hopeful someone might be in a position to build and sell me one or sell the component I cant get my hands on Terror's Gaze . If anyone is able to supply one or other of the above, just let me know how many credits I need to part with or any other activity (apart from Raiding) I need to get involved in. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. Scorp
  3. British Space Corps

    Couple more old school have joined us: Otis and Dragon + a new recruit from our WoW Guild: Nige (hi pal) ... now to work on the rest of them Next target BM (Bloodymary), sure i've got his contact details somewhere ...
  4. British Space Corps

    /wave *cloaks*