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Remove turbo cap


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Im a hardcore lover of EnB, and played like hell back in live. Anyways, myself, and many others i have talked to in-game, have noticed the turbo (as in your guns firing faster), is now limited to one equip and one active, and this has troubled us greatly as we see the end-game hurting alot because of this. So that max turbo you can get now is 60%. Back in EA Live days, you could go up to 99%, and i believe over 100% with an AA. Back then as long as the activate was a different %, it stacked. So you had CVE 12%, Aegis 5%, Plagues Bite 20%, Skull Shield 15%, Celestial 7%, and i believe there was an AA with some %. Now the equip i believe was always one, so the highest wins, naturally, 40% coming from tada/FB raids.


So EA Live - 40+20+15+12+7+5 = 99%


Emulator Live - 40+20 = 60%


I dont know if its trying to be balanced because things such as raids not up to snuff yet as they were in EA Live, but i see few problems with this:


1. It destroys incentives to aquire many end-game items that have turbo

2. It makes many end-game items now almost useless

3. There isnt any alternative to a turbo-capped end game, nothing was changed other then being capped


On top of that, you have made AA drops insanely high, which means 40% turbo items are dropping like rain. Which ultimately means, many of us are already aquiring max capped turbo of 60% before we even raid! Then at raids, wheres the incentive? Wheres the drive to get weapons with 40% turbo, we already have it. Wheres the drive to get shields at controller, were already capped....you see where im going with this?


My questions are:


1. Why was this done, when the whole game was really balanced around uncapped turbo?

2. Is this a permanant solution or a band-aid until further refinement is done to game to allow more turbo to stack again?

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1 equip and 1 active was how it was in live after EA added the cap... I guess they didn't like people having silly fire rates.


I know people people used say "but theirs a number 2 on the buff icon" this just meant that you got hit by the same buff twice, only the best of the 2 had any effect though.


That being said I also wouldn't mind having my sentinel's pl's fire at 0.01 or whatever 1.5 secs - 99% is... 

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Is there a 60% cap? As I understand it different buff types stack and activate stacks with equip. There are at least 3 types of turbo buff: "turbo weapons", "turbo specific"(ie turbo beam, missilesw etc), and "reduced weapons delay". These different buffs should (and I believe do) stack. Having buffs on the same type stack i.e turbo projectiles 27% (equipped) and turbo projectiles 40% (equipped) would just be stupid, make massive turbo easy to attain and reduce the value of smaller difficult to get turbo buffs considerably. Different buffs should stack, different % numbers should not, the highest buff should count in the event of two similar buffs being deployed, just as it does with all other buffs. It's simple really and I think they have it just about right now. How the reduction in weapon delay is calculated from the given figures is another topic of course..

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First of all this is how Turbo works


"Turbo changes- Weapon haste and slow effects will now adjust the rate of fire of weapons by the stated amount rather than the delay. This corrects a problem with the extremely high rates of fire when equipping multiple devices with weapon haste.
Here's how Turbo worked prior to the patch:

The Turbo game effects reduce a weapon's delay by the % specified in the game effect. So if an item has 25% turbo, it reduces the delay of your weapons by 25%.
Example: A weapon that does 100 damage with a delay of 10 seconds does 10 damage per second. (100 damage / 10 seconds). With 25% turbo, this weapon would have a delay of 7.5 seconds.
Its final DPS (damage per second) would be 13 (100 damage / 7.5 seconds) - 30% more DPS.

Now assume an 80% turbo:

The above weapon would have a delay of 2 seconds, and a DPS of 50 (100 damage / 2 seconds) - 500% more damage.

DPS from Turbo gets exponentially higher as the % delay reduction increases. This is very bad for the balance of the game, as single players with high Turbo buffs are able to out damage an entire group of players without Turbo. This makes tuning mob encounters extremely difficult and allows players to do far more damage to mobs than intended.

Here is how Turbo works now:

If an item is listed as having 25% turbo, it will increase your DPS by 25%. Your weapons will fire faster, but not to the degree they did before this change. We have not changed the stacking rules for Turbo."


Second of all i agree with Mastoras and heres why.


I love how the Devs/Gms are making changes and trying to improve the game, and for the most part they are, but changing turbo is not a good move. In the game Originally as Mast stated there were multiple turbo devices that stacked, as long as they were different % that is. Im not sure what Paul is referring to, but in live i had 99% turbo with 5 diff turbo buffs appearing, not just 1. 

Anyways as a warrior,  there are only so many items and things u can do, mostly involving combat. When u have to hunt, raid, or camp for 6 diff turbo buffs (1 equipped and 5 activated) it gave u something to work for end game.

Now with the new nightmare device (20% turbo) there is no need for the PB, CVE, Aegis, Celestial or Skull shield, which just doesnt make sense. those items were put in game for a reason, something to strive for to make u better, but now once u do ur mission for nightmare ur pretty much done hunting for turbo devices which in live was the NUMBER 1 hunted items.

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Really Zack? I was told it was capped at 60% from like everyone i talked to. Plus with one buff icon. If this is true, then great, ignore my whole post. How do you show turbo like that, what command do you type to see that, i wanna confirm it myself

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It would be great if we could have different icons for the different turbo values.  I'm not sure if this is possible but it would make it easier for people to see them stacking.

I agree with pez, if there was someway to distinguish each buff or atleast see the buffs show up it would help alot, let u know when a buff wears out and so forth.

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Really Zack? I was told it was capped at 60% from like everyone i talked to. Plus with one buff icon. If this is true, then great, ignore my whole post. How do you show turbo like that, what command do you type to see that, i wanna confirm it myself

Never accept what players in game say as absolute gospel unless a developer has confirmed it.  Rumor mill gets really insane sometimes.

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What about a (#) inside the turbo buff icon that lets you see the number of turbo buffs you have , Not like the icon has any tool tip info .


That many turbo icons will other buff icon disappear or not buff at all that box is only so big  ?

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