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  1. This happened to us on one of the Mordana bosses as well.
  2. So again I ask, why was the change made then? It doesn't slow down people doing explore tours with alts. All it does is make tours with 6 real players harder.
  3.   But this change did not fix the issue. That is my point. You can still run 5 disposable alts and powerlevel exploration. It has not been stated as a TOS violation and no mechanics prevent a player from doing this. So if both of these things are true, why make the change? I posted a possible solution of limiting the creation of characters to 5-10 a day per IP address. No normal player should ever need more than that in a single day and it's a far more elegant solution that limits the behavior they want to prevent while not punishing normal players.     I made a video so you can see how "cumbersome" disabling multi-gating really is. This is with 6 clients running at 800x600 on a monitor running 1920x1080 with no 3rd party tools. Just 6 fresh clients and an old fashioned keyboard and mouse. I'll let you decide if this change really prevents what the Devs want to stop...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yRx_onXLIg     The community does know what it wants. It wants to prevent an obvious loophole in the exploration system. However, the changes made by the Devs have not done anything to prevent it. They have only limited the gameplay of legitimate players, even if very minimal.
  4. I'm running into the same problem on both my computers. Both are fresh installs of Windows 7 and fresh installs of Net-7. Originally, I had just copied the ENB client from my old computer. After getting the error and making sure Windows was fully up to date, I ended up running the installer for ENB. I am still getting this error. Not that big of a deal since it only happens when exiting the game.
  5. Is anything going to be done about people who continue to recycle alts for exploration? It's 2 seconds of work to manually form up with 6 characters. That was the argument for this change but the issue still isn't fixed.
  6. Even stopping third party programs won't prevent this. Anyone with a half decent computer can run 6 accounts at once. I can think of a few players who do it legitimately. This was an issue before the group gate change and will continue to be an issue. I can think of three fixes if the Devs really want to put an end to this:      1) Make it a TOS violation to run disposable alts on explore tours. Have no limits on game play to prevent it. Couples/Family/Friends can still play together and have the full features of a group.      2) Block/Limit explore experience in a group with multiple characters on the same IP.       3) Add a character deletion or creation timer. One IP can only delete/create 5-10 characters per day.
  7. Reduced Weapons Delay is currently buffing with a normal Turbo buff and thus not stacking. I'm fine with a cap as long as endgame is balanced for it (why would it not be?).
  8. It's been confirmed by multiple players and now by Stanig that hulk fields respawn whether they are cherry picked or not. I've seen it happen myself on multiple occasions. If you arrive at a field and looks like it was cherry picked, someone just beat you to it recently. Check back in 5-30 minutes. It's no different than someone mining the whole thing. It's two clicks from from any distance to see if it's been looted or not and then you can move on.
  9. It's not something that has to do with build experience and not something that can be duplicated at will. This is a confirmed bug from a few weeks ago. I have my build skill maxed and build level 9 devices with vendor parts at 200% with no fluctuation in range. If I build 100 level 1 items and watch the percentages, 2-3 will come out at 196%.
  10. Has the building below 200% bug been fixed? I was just building a level 6 device with a Expected/Range of 200% and it came out 196%.
  11. It's easy to get off topic with a single comment and then tunnel vision. Sometimes it takes a poke from a third party so people realize it and move to the correct channel. It happens to everyone from time to time. I think enforcement is exactly where it needs to be for this issue. 
  12. Harros

    Pop a rocks

    I've witnessed several times fields respawning where items were cherry picked. There were times that I was mid-pulling an item and the entire field respawned. Unless this is a bug, my experience is all fields have an expiration date whether they get mined or not. Most fields are over-farmed to start so unless you catch it within a minute of the spawn, the items are already looted.
  13. Read the mission carefully. There is a satellite in both systems on each side of the gate for different missions. Make sure you are communicating with the right one.
  14. [quote name='Grips' timestamp='1354812040' post='68192'] PM ammo is welll worth the effort , some higher ammo requires Pm parts so ammo can get a little taxing but well worth it in the long run ..also something thats new to earth an beyond is non 200% pm ammo from the ogun ammo i have been making/using a 195% stack is only 1 damage loss biggest issue is with space it wont stack with the 200% so some times trying to consolidate stacks is a pain .. [/quote] This is a bug which is being looked at.
  15. [quote name='Zackman' timestamp='1354830060' post='68200'] Thats a bug, looking into it. [/quote] Thanks for the confirmation Zackman. Currently putting out the fires in guild chat with this. =P
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