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  1. Ok, so I can confirm that the "back door" entrance to Agrippa shield building works. I was 150/max HU when I started and it let me go through stages 1-3 in entirety. I am now looking to do the Agrippa device missions "through the back door" as well. I have purchased another gold token but neither Kenlz or Grrr.. will offer any talk to me. I believe I originally spoke to another NPC to get the shields back door rolling (some sort of a bribe or favour i'm sure!) but I cant remember who, and it's probably going to be a different NPC for the devices mission anyway. If anyone out there knows how to get started with the back door for devices I would love to know.
  2. I for one hope that PVP in E&B never comes to pass. It was never part of the original game concept. If it does get implemented in any form it should be the arena method as was added to "live". There should be NO rewards of raid drop loot or rare loot and certainly not of loot that is otherwise unobtainable. The advocates of PVP only want in so that they can beat on each other, what more reward is required? Certainly nothing that put PVPers at an advantage over those who wish to play the game in the manner that it was originally conceived.. Basically give a little new sector to those who want to bash on each other and let them bet on it with some sort of escrow arrangement. If the want to bet credits, fine. If they want to agree on a bet of "my item vs your item" then that could work too, as long as the items bet are tradable in game anyway (to avoid obvious exploit..) and each players item they wish to bet goes into a neutral vault that is only accessible by the "victor". This method would allow all those who wish to partake in these willy waiving contests the opportunity for combat, reward and risk just like they have asked for without detriment to those who do not wish to take part. My personal view is that I would rather see the devs considerable talent put to good use by expanding the game in it's original format, but everyone has different priorities I guess.
  3. ^^ what he said ^^   I have location I like to farm for comps that I usually keep or break down. If I sell up I can make 50mil in an hour or so. You will need some decent toons of course! This is why credits aren't worth shit in E&B!! :lol:
  4. Quite right! Even in an organized guild like the one I belong to 10 minutes is no-where near enough time for everyone to get their shit together! And if it were.... why would the offending guild in this case need to give themselves plenty of time to get organized as inferred by the OP? :huh:   By the way... Was it Static again?
  5. Some interesting stuff here. I think that existing toons that would obviously not be able to "make tough decisions at birth" should have the opportunity to redistribute SPs already gained in order to fit their choice of specialisation? This should be implemented as an option that can be activated to use once only, but at any time after the choice of specialisation has been made. This will give the player the time to consider the profile of their toon before deploying the redistribution of the existing SPs. Faliure to address the plight of existing toons could potentially lead to much arm waving and protestiation by the masses who might feel their toons have been "nerfed" or "gimped" by the upgraded format. The populous are a sensitive lot, we all remember what happened to in game numbers after the waking nightmare "adjustments"... The last thing we need is to lose a lot of players over something, that if implemented properly, should be an interesting improvement to the game.
  6. As I recall that group was made up almost entirely of JDs and JEs! Perhaps not the ideal raiding party!
  7. The drop rates on these items were very small in the "original live" and 2% is a more than fair drop rate imo. 1% would not be out of line.
  8. +1 to new ISP. Anything to get back playing the game I love.         I have all but given up playing now. I now login once a week on a tues or weds after patch to see if there is any improvement. There isn't. My game lags up even though I do not leave the station. Imput into guild chat will initially show up but subsequent posts are then subject to longer and longer delays until such point that I can no longer post. This is after 4 or 5 posts max.         The ISP thing might be one factor, but until "upgrades" and mods are tested for function on slow speed connection then nothing will save this unless they unwind about 3 months of patches. My typical connection speed is 0.7meg (which would have been more than adequete to support the original game). I suspect the devs are like most geeks I know and rock with anything from 20-70+ meg lines. This may be one reason they cannot appreciate the carnage that is afflicting many who attempt to play the game now. I briefly logged in just now, 187 online.. says it all really.
  9.     Just logged in to see if the issues were fixed on Tuesday. No mention of it the patch notes save for a mention of a group gating issue (which is the least of the worries), sure enough I sat on galaxy screen for a minute or two before appearing in earth station. Attempting to say hi to my guildie buddies in chat showed straight away 1 minute of lag, which was soon 5 minutes of lag, followed soon by an indeterminate amount of lag (I switched off, bored waiting). What is really disturbing is that there seems to be no acknowledgement of these issues that are affecting so many. Why no Dev comment on this thread? I hear Lannister when he says "cut the devs some slack" but right now I would just like to see some dev acknowledgement that these issues actually exist. "Denial" is a strong word to use but all that's needed is an undo of 3 or 4 patches and get back to playing the game. The game is losing players guys, when I did log in I noticed 157 players online. There's enough people leaving because their win buttons got taken away, if the hardcore who play regardless of content leave because they can't even physically play the game anymore then this thing will be finished inside 6 months. For my part I shall keep trying to log in, and checking the forums and patch notes eagerly awaiting the fix, I'm not about to give up on it yet. Many already have though..
  10. snowy

    Cherry Picking

    Some cold hard facts to help y'all along:   1. "cherry picking" is perfectly legal in the emu 2. "cherry picking" was perfectly legal during live. 3. there is MUCH more available gas/hydros/roids to mine in the emu than there was in live. 4. there is HUGELY more hulks to mine in the emu than there was in live. 5. there are only a fraction of the number of active players on the emu than there were in any of the four "live" servers.   Ahh.. that's better.. some perspective at last ;-)   Think of "cherry pickers" as the guy who got there first, don't hate 'em for it ;-)
  11. Well my guy that died yesterday is now well and truly helpless. I cannot JS myself because reactor is dead. I can't tow because attempting to do so just drops/locks the game. When I run task manager to close the game and then restart it I appear in the same place.   Question for the Devs:   In the STs when logging in after a lock-up the affected toon would then be in their destination sector, ie although we couldn't see it the too had transferred to the new sector BEFORE the game locked. Why was this changed? At least with the old system you were limited to one lock-up/crash per jump, now there is the very real possibility of sitting on the wrongside of a gate/WH stuck in a constant loop of "attempt gate/run task manager to close game/reload game/repeat step one!"   I know some seem to be able to play, there are still 200+ showing in game and I guess they can't all be stuck, but very many are having big problems and this dosen't seem to being acknowledged. I was very suprised not to see an update when I tried to log in this evening and quite suprised that no devs spoken on this thread yet. Something in the last two patches has caused enormous problems, it can't be that difficult to undo what was done surely?
  12. Devs, please lock this thread before we get 6 of 'em!! ;-)
  13. I have been compelled to speak out on the forums by other players who are experiencing the same problems as myself. Before Tuesdays patch something was already badly wrong. My toons if left in open space for 30 secs would just crash to desktop. Navigating and selection of targets was ok for a minute or so before becoming impossible. "engine recovering" was perpetual. Huge lag was experienced, the viewing angles of the ship were living a life unto themselves and "warp tunnel" graphic was permanent. I logged into today, read the patch notes and eagerly booted up, checking the proto box along the way. Unfortunately the situation is worse now, the game is totally unplayable at the moment for me and I died from a lag situation. The one time I gated it was very fast though, no red circle on the galaxy screen, that itself appeared only briefly.  It seems to me that we need to look at some of the recent patchings because there were far fewer of these problems a couple of months ago when the player base was 50% larger. I am not an IT bod so I cannot offer a solution to these issues but i will say that I think the whole "instability" issue has been slightly missunderstood by the developers for a long time, by that I mean that they are perhaps not aware exactly what many of the players are going through just to try to play the game, and perhaps because not enough were speaking up, or when they did they did so in the wrong tone and were not taken seriously. "Stability" in terms of how long the server stays up is, to be honest, a matter of indifference to most people. Yes it's inconvenient if drops every 6 or 12 hours but if the gameplay inbetween is seemless then everyone is happy. Keeping the server up for as long as possible is nice but what has really been an issue since the project began is the issue of "locking up" during docking/undocking/gating/WHing. Even when the game was function "well" an average night of enb for me entailed running task manager 20-50 times to close my locked game and restart. I would stay in the same sectors when things were bad and mine just so that I could still play the game (This is one reason I have 3 JEs @ 150+!)  I know others that play enb and it is apparent that those who live big cities and have massive broadband pipelines have had far fewer issues gating than the out-of-towners on 2,4, or 6 meg connections etc. It is NOT the slow connection that was CAUSING the old issues of dropping whilst gating and in WH but whatever this issue is it seems they may be more succeptable to it. Such connections are plenty to run a game like enb and indeed once in a sector we could mine non-stop for hours without problems. As soon as I tried a WH, boom, it dropped (stuck at galaxy screen). My concern is this: I do know that in order to solve an issue the devs must recreate it, however if they are anything like most crunch-heads I know then they probably all have the biggest fastest connections immaginable and therefore the issues that affect so many of us may not manifest themselves in the same way to them. I am told that the game accesses the login server everytime we change sector, if this is the case I suspect that finding a way to bypass this function will put an end to the issues that those with slower connections are having. As I said the dev stuff is all way over my head and I wouldn't even be able to say what is and isn't possible to implement to fix these issues. What we do need is more people coming forward with the issues to help give the devs better understanding of what is going on.
  14. Ok this is gonna sound like "I told you so" but I don't care. I don't want anything I say to be construed as a criticism of the devs because it isn't. However.. Many of us who played all the STs and beta have witnessed the evolution of the game. When ST first came out explore XP was set at 4x!!, open up a gas cloud in glenn and you had a great chance of finding a stack of 300 gas right there!! And if you found a lvl 9 roid, well you could just sit next to it because it respawned as soon as you mined it!!! All obvious glitches. There have been many other adjustments and improvements along the way. No-one complained at the time when these XP cash cows were rightly removed because that's what a ST and beta is for, to iron out these issues. This is where we get to the "I told you so" bit..     The Emu went "live" too soon. I and others expressed suprise at the announcement, beta had lasted only about 6 months. Stress test 4 dragged on for over 2 years without a wipe as shouldn't have been. The devs asked everyone to play new toons so they could study the levelling, but most got an easy "leg up" from big bro 150! Concern from those not wanting lose their toons in a wipe grew the longer ST4 went on, the fact that it was a ST was almost forgotten. When the announcement was made that we were finally going "live" we were told that the game was practically finished and that work would now focus on content. Unfortunately it was not ready, balance is difficult to gauge over the 6 months of beta. If all the recent fixes/corrections/"nerfs" had been implemented during a BETA environment there would have been none of this outrage, it would have been accepted as part of the developement of the game (which it is of course).   So I propose a solution, a solution that will impact myself as much as anyone else in this game.   Keep working towards getting the balance right, reach a conensus with the majority of the playerbase when you're satisfied that all exploits/issues/imbalances have been settled...    and WIPE.   Start afresh once again, safe in the knowledge that all currently implemented items/missions/game mechanics would not be adjusted. The reason there are many dissenting voices here is the perception that the goalposts are being moved after the game has started. We are playing in what we are told is the final "live" iteration of the Emu, but recently the game has had a very "beta" feel about it.   So wipe it and fire it up again when the balance you are looking to reach is broadly achieved.     It will kill my accounts, many of you may know that for the first 6 months of the Emu since we went "live" I was able to play almost 24/7. It enabled me to build up my toons quickly, without macro (I wouldn't even know how to) or any other illeagal activities! I am now in employment and my game time is reduced accordingly, so if wipe comes i'll never ever be able to get back to where I am now. No chance. However I would support a move to redesignate the current game as "beta2" with promise of going "live" again when the devs and the players together feel the game is ready because I believe it would probably be better for the Emu.   One more thing. The most important thing to many in the game is not a nerfed mssion or item, it is the constant crashing/locking up everytime a gate is passed through or a wormhole activated. Find a way to bypass the login server when changing sectors and I suspect that the issue will go away. For many this is a more important than any other issue, and surely more fundamental than content/nerf issues.   Whatever direction the Emu takes, I hope that the player > dev > player feelings improve. Upon consideration the Job XP halving is appropriate (not sure about the credit rewards - that's what trade runs are for afterall, but I digress) and the Waking Nightmare explanation is fair enough even if the "fix" was a long time coming and somewhat sudden when it arrived. By the same token the Devs need to view some of the views expressed in this thread (and post patch on tuesdays) as "constructive criticism" and perhaps not retaliate with terms like "whine/whinge", afterall, players only voice their opinions this strongly because they love the game and feel passionately about it. No-one here hates the game!
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