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  1. I agree with Shadow. We should not get punished because of something that was broken. The best solution is to keep the WN at 20% for all warriors. Take all the WN on non-warriors at 12%...and everything from here on out either make it 12%, or like shadow said, offer 2 items, one for warriors 20%, one for non-warriors 12% - A much much better solution. My stamp of approval.
  2. Well like I said, this would only be non-manufactorable items. So things are still good: 1. Repair skills still useful, you would want to avoid quality damage regardless 2. Rebuilds are still intact because it doesn't affect manufacturable items, only non-manu 3. Items become everlasting with manufacturable items already, you would just add non-manu as an option as well too. So I don't think it would break anything. Very rarely does someone go raid specifically to replace a 123% item with a 125% one. I don't see the logic in that, but what it does add is less frustration and a happier playerbase with options.
  3. Item decay by being damaged or item decay over a period of time regardless if you use them or not?
  4. Hello, I was thinking. It would be a nice feature, if there was some sort of device or terminal, or other means....where you can take your non-manufactured gear, and have it repaired back to its original percentage. Example - You have a Fury of the Tengu PL at 110% quality - You then get it damaged and it goes to 107% quality - You would then go to this terminal/device/whatever and have it repaired back up to its original 110% quality for x credits. This would apply to non-manufacturable items, as you wouldnt want to dig into the builders with the manufacturables and dent their economy if someone would want to repair those. Remember were talking about quality % not structure % But anyways, what you think? Possible?
  5. First off all, every idea you guys want, are off the basis of your own needs. Everything I have proposed, are off the basis of WHAT EARTH AND BEYOND WAS IN LIVE - FACT. So don't come at me as the outsider, the one that doesn't understand. I'm bringing to light aspects of the game as it were, nothing more. Obviously you people are against this....so I must assume you did not like Earth and Beyond that much from the get-go....its the only logical conclusion. Get it through heads, AAs drop, drop drop. If you cant get one, that's your own problem of not knowing the most efficient way to get one. But in EA Live...anyway you tried it was rare....that is what made them rare. But I'm not going to continue talking about this, as many are confused on this subject, its pointless. Your fighting for a Tada-O-Gate triggered....hmm ok. I'm currently blown away by the amount of triggers that are happening...so many are experiencing this raid its so refreshing.....not. Tell me this.....you really think you would be able to raid Tada-O-Raid more by making triggers, compared to a timed spawn that would most likely trigger at least 3 times a week....EVERY week....open to ANYONE. Yeah again, I'm amazed how many people are making triggers for people to raid lol. Also last I checked I did not create a character with the best gear. I, like you started with nothing. Logic dictates that I raided the end-game with non-raid gear at some point. Yet, again, the challenge was not that difficult....tada/fb/controller....even gobb. Yes, we beat all these raids, with no wipes, with poor gear. So don't sit there like you got any clue about raids, because the comments I read tells me your not anywhere as experienced raiding as one would think. Yes, flash news, end-game in any mmo is important. Just because it might take you 10 years to get to max level, doesn't mean an mmo should not have a solid end-game. (look at swtor). You should be happy that the hardcore crowd voices their opinion on this matter, so that ONE day when YOU will be at the end-game, you might be happy it got some much needed attention already. And yes, we recognize the devs are doing this on their freetime...I never expect stuff to happen overnight. Oh and also, don't hit me with multibox issues, I never brought it up on this topic, it was brought up later down. I myself multibox 3 toons always. I love it, its nice, its convenient. Do I think that multiboxing adds negatives along with the positives...yes of course it does. But multibox was possible in EA Live that's why I don't tackle that. What I tackle is what EnB was...that's what I will always fight for, always stand for. For the game I fell in love with.
  6. Hello, First of all, i wanna say thanks, thanks, thanks for all the devs and others who have gotten EnB back in a playable state so we can all enjoy it. Im a huge EnB fan, loved it from day 1 when it launched years ago, and it was and still is my favorite mmo of all time. Of course getting into the emulator and finally playing again.....cant tell you how excited i was. I brought in many friends, including real life buddies, who all, like me, were of the most hardcore enb players. If people would stop playing enb...we would be the last ones.... But.... Sadly im seeing a downward trend in EnB. People are leaving. These are your hardcore, most dedicated EnB players, who basically run the builds, run the markets, run the raids....and they are leaving.....I see it first hand, I see it in my friends list...they are leaving. Now before you chime in, I know most will say, dont worry, more content is coming. Great! But thats not the problem. Thats not what kept us playing day in and day out back in EA Live, even though we ate through ALL the content. What was it? 1. Community 2. Constant Raids 3. Always better items to shoot for. Let me tackle the community first. Of course we all love enb, we wouldnt be here if we didnt. So you would think, thats a given. But its not. Obviously the first problem is, there is simply not enough of us. Averaging about 200 players online is....well...its pretty damn low. Over 1k average and then its getting closer to how a regular enb server might have been. So how do you get more people? The biggest thing is word of mouth. If the game is great, people are having fun, and we see more friends coming, its spreads like wildfire....but the opposite is happening. The reason people are leaving....well its because its not exactly how it was in EA live. Let me explain... 1. Tada Gate Raid - We all remember this? We all remember how, exciting it was to get to your first tada raid, and perhaps see other fellow pilots you talk to in market, or you grouped with before. Yeah, many would come from all sorts of guilds. It created a very interesting and fun event that got the server always involved - together. But now you created one big problem - you made it a triggered raid. First of all, Tada was never a triggered raid. It always a timed based one. What did this do? It allowed anyone who was able to fight, and was able to be on time, to do tada whenever they pleased. It created a great entertainment during the week a few times, that you knew was coming. You knew at X time, Tada will be up, get your buddies out and lets go have fun! People who had no chance of ever gettin raid gear, suddenly found themselves in being in either an auction or a lotto system to get gear! It created fun, it created drama, most important, it created memories. So what do we have now? Well, now we have this torturing task of trying to obtain feathers, and then on top putting all the other parts together in order to make one triggered device to run tada one time. Heres the problem.....we dont have 10k people playing this game, where there are many people out there making devices, and hence, creating raids, all the time. Were average 200 people online. Anyone who was hardcore into making tada raids, has either got all the gear and is done, and or has quit. Why? Because its really tedious to keep created fishmasters over and over and over again for Tado ----- But for FB its ok...thats how it was in Live and thats how it should be, plus it was a higher tier raid, which warranted more effort to do it. But because its triggered it usually is guild only, so now it alienates the whole server into sections which in turn, hurts community and goes against one aspect that build EnB community in EA Live. So this could of lead to constant weekly raids...Tada was the buffer until you could do the bigger/harder raids. Of course now we have some, but not all raids we had from EA Live are in....more are pending to come sometime in the future. SOLUTION - Tada becomes timed based like it was in EA Live - Triggers remain for Fishbowl 2. Loot Tables - For some reason this is another problem thats still on going. There has been tweaks here, tweaks there. Our latest plague is Controller. Lets be honest, most people who raid him will say he drops crap...and thats true. We have killed him several times in the spam of 2 months...not....one...core. And most of the time he just drops 1 item. I mean cmon now....we want things to be challenging but not downright fustrating. Yeah devs tell us numbers are right....are they? I dont know. The loot tables on tada/fb were down right fustrating, just fustrating. Now i heard, but dont remember that GOBB at one point, their weapons turbo equipped stacked with tada/fb. Obviously not the case anymore, but, you potentially had an extremely desirable, hard raid, that had all enb raiders, hardcores, vets, going buck wild crazy....for a chance for some really, really exciting loot. Now wether for game balance, or other reasons it was pulled. Whats left is really a side upgrade, nothing to exciting. But heres an example to think....ok, what can we do too really get people excited to do this. Maybe it wasnt 40% turbo stack, what about just 10% turbo equip stack? You know something unique, which can only be obtained from GOBB. I mean without specifics, think as a player, what the hell would make me drool over this...what would make me want to pursue this for x months at a chance getting? SOLUTION - Further get loot tables to how they were in live - its getting there, but its not there yet...but keep it up, i know your working on it, and its very, very important. And spice up the loot where you can, get raiders excited! Dont hold back. 3. AA devices - Ok...these...are the most elite...rare...mythical items that was in EnB. I mean when we say rare...we mean rare. What did this create? It created the sense that no matter how much raid you did, how much gear you got....there was always that chance, that maybe, just maybe you might land an AA one day in your inventory. This created extreme excitement for ones who got one, and extreme jealousy for everyone else wishing to one day get one. But that hope, that chance to have one, was always there, as part of the drive among other things to keep going. Just to clarify, not only were they extremely rare to get...you also had the chance that it will fail to be analyzed at station, and you get nothing. What do we have now? You make them drop like flies. You go from random analyze to 100% turn in. You completely destroyed their value to where they are no more important then player made items. You have flooded the playerbase with so many AAs that some have vaults filled with AAs and not know what to do with them. I mean when you can go out, and in couple hours grab yourself 4 AAs? Seriously cmon now. A stinking feather is more rare then an AA! You guys just dont understand the concept of some things being meant to be special and rare, and if lucky, a powerful device. But this all went down the drain, not sure if this can be fixed with so many out there. SOLUTION - AAs need to be the single most rare items in the game. Period. Its healthy for the end-game, dont spoon feed your playerbase, it creates instant gratification and then boredom. 4. Raids need to be harder - BUT not fustrating! As of now, i have yet to experience a raid wipe since we started Live. Not one. What this created is, we basically got all our gear...very, very quickly. Do we remember controller? Do we remember FB? They were not even raids that could be done solo guilded most of the time without server help. Now i understand server performance just wasnt ready for mass numbers to raid at once without crashes and what not, and hence, making it to difficult would be impossible. But....its gotten alot better, you can start fielding 3-4 groups easy now. And i see the devs slowly tweaking raids little more challenging each time, great. But, keep at it. They need to be HARD. And by hard i mean, like EA Live hard. So this one, i let it slack a bit more simply because its not entirely your fault because of server problems and population, but dont let this goal ever dwindle. Dont let us milk raid items with no challenge. SOLUTION - Bring back raid challenges how they were in EA Live Here is my final thoughts.....MMOs thrive on end-game. This is what keeps a MMO going, this is what keeps your vets playing, your experienced ones playing, who in turn provide so much benefit to the community, so very important. These suggestions are widespread, pretty much everyone from the top 3 guilds, BI, Static, VGE that ive talked too, agree that not having these among other things implemented have driven many end-game players away. Im speaking for many, that, as much as we appreciate you devs for all your hard work, take a seat back and just really look at the picture here. Think about some of the things were telling you. We know key points why EnB was awesome, and were trying to help you get it back closer to that goal. So dont shut us out, dont get offended, dont take it personal. We all love this game, we want it see it get better, and we definitely dont want to become a ghost town. Discuss these or other factors troubling you.
  7. Wow its still down, pretty poor system of dealing with crash
  8. Hello,   I think most can attest that the buff window currently is just not adequate. We very often get more then enough buffs then that window will show. What does that do, it overlaps other buffs, and it confuses us on whats applied or not, whats running out soon, because it simply cant show all the buffs one has.   If its possible, can it be modified anyway?   Perhaps allow it to scroll? Perhaps make the icons smaller, and allow more to be put into that box?   Or some other solution that will make our hunting lives easier.   Thanks  
  9. I bring this up in raid discussion because its where its more crucial. But as any healer, theres nothing worse then not being shown accurately what the status of your wingman is to properly react to any heals. Well sometimes, not sure why, but some group members will mysteriously show 0 hull left when they may vary well have full HP. I do see it outside raids too, but in raids is where it becomes the most detriment.   Could we have someone look into it, or if you have what the status is on try to fix this annoying bug? Healers will rejoice!   Thanks
  10. Thanks nice tip. But preventing from even happening would be golden.
  11. Im noticing in raids in particular, maybe because of all that is going on, when you move, or even just try to turn your ship to face something....the thrust goes full forward max. And then you have to hit reverse to stop it, but it just doesnt just stop it goes in full reverse so then you have to hit foward again to place it back to 0.   It happens quite often in high volume fights...and i dont need to explain the negatives this can have on your performance in raids of getting killed!
  12. Maybe certain skills cause to behave the way they do or something, not sure. Even fishbowl last night, the 2nd boss, while we was killing the adds, he decided to turn around and just head out....and we never found him later...and had to call the raid
  13. Yeah i thought if a buff that did the same with another, but worded differently....would stack? This is news to me. But now that i know intolerance and awcs dont stack i wont be running both on PW anymore.
  14. We have noticed that mobs sometimes will eventually just wander off and go in some random direction on cruise control.....disappearing from our sights and preventing us from continuing raid. Now in Gobb after a very long time....the mobs...wherever they went....finally decided to return. Not sure what happened with Tada....i think a GM came after awhile and did something.   Anyways just take a look at their behavior and all the raids to make sure raid mobs stay in the vicinity of the raid....thanks
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