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  1. Shields stopped recharging for a short time after being HIT. That was true.
  2. They both are equip effects which only the higher one should work.
  3. What will I miss by not doing any Agrippa? I just started them in ST4 with my PP but stopped playing. I want to level one because I like its skillset and also plan on leveling a PS because I liked mine at 150 on live.
  4. I used the MSEC debuff to kill Voltoi occasionally during live, so you could debuff their immunity. It was terribly inefficient though but kinda funny
  5. Nice that the mission gives a hint or anything....
  6. [quote name='Ryle' timestamp='1328596685' post='53218'] 109% for everything but a jenquai buff, which I believe could get you to 119% (i cant remember the exact percent on that Jennie only activated stackable device, but it stacked with the other 10 percent activated. Turbo was a lot more stackable in live) Equipped Weapon - 40 PB Activate - 20 Dreadmail Activate - 15 Celestial - 10 Jenquai Device (JE/JD only) - 10 (i think this one WAS activatable on others tho and it did stack) CVE - 7 And a couple of AA's I think, one was 7 and one was 5.... there was also another 5 loot device and i forget its name. But it added up to 109 on my PW, and I know jennies claimed 115-120. [/quote] CVE was 12% Celestial was 7%. Drone Energy Amplifier 10% was the JE device. A few shields and devices activated 5% around. Everything else you had right.
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