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Getting new players?

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How can we get new players into the game? I have tried so many times on game site that talk about emulators and see a lot of people saying how much they miss this game. I tell them about this one and even include a link how to get here. When i first started playing the game would hit close to 200 players online. Now we are lucky to see 40 people. What can we do without getting the game in trouble?

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I was thinking the same. What do you mean about not getting the game in trouble?

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Yeah, something that has been trotting across my mind too. We used to be upwards into the 600's or so I think. But yeah. People have either died or went on to other things. One thing that would be very nice is if we could get the tutorial up and going. But I know that'll take a lot of doing.

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New here! Well, mostly. I think I had a... what, maybe a JE? during the first run's beta and then got pulled away from MMOs for years so never played it properly. I just discovered this existed yesterday and I'm tickled pink. If only there was also a functional WildStar fan server.

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Welcome back 😀


It a pretty niche game and it can be tough to fall in love with. The leveling, lack of players, and setting up the emu are all detriments. Probably the toughest thing is grouping with other players. Most long term players multi-box and/or are in guilds.....so it can be tough for new players to experience the fun parts of the game.....playing with others.  Its also tough that you cant really group with others when they are more than 50 OL difference. Sure, that's not that diff from any MMO but when you already have a very small number of players holding on to new ones it critical.


What could be done:

  1. Login messages/net-7 client update posts for group events, tours, raids, community 'stuff'.
  2. Guild recruitment
  3. Setup some sort of message board/forum section for new players/existing players to group up and do stuff.
  • "I want to raid the RD base, lets pick a date/time"
  • "I need a tour"
  • "Can anyone help with getting a......."
  • "Looking to group level from 10-50"
  • etc.
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