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Earth and Beyond Demo found in the wild.

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Found a EnB Demo out in the wild. But it was donated to LGR.



I have modified the url to begin around the time when the sighting happens. So, keep your eyes peeled!

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find an E&B demo would be great but this video hit me hard and brought back to many of memories of PC gamer disc. I had so many demo disk from them, no clue what happen to them :( I did find a few back in my closest a few years ago. It was great trying out a game before you bough it " things they don't do anything " :(

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I came across E&B game still in box with all the papers at a thrift store the other day but they wanted 30.00 😕 I told the the manager the game servers are shut down and you can't play it anymore, he told me he knew that's why it cost so much for collectors lol so no go on my 10.oo offer :( . they also had Auto assaults', Matrix online and few other old games , someone gave up their collection of PC games

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