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  1. My EBConfig was awkward til I set it to Admin and XP (service pack 2)
  2. Played directly from when it went live til close to Sunset. I even still have my old forum signature from those days, my PW was the top one on Pegasus for a while. I remember having a arena match with the top TE and after us battling for like 30 mins I think we called it a draw lol
  3. I still have have my full E&B box set, and even got a fan meet t-shirt around somewhere too
  4. Aah gotcha, didn't realise there'd been a global wipe to restart. What awful timing I had rofl
  5. I've been away for many years, and decided to give it a go again, only to realise my accounts have gotten corrupted/reset. I say corrupted because there are multiple Temmpirary characters with empty slots between them, and even a game account (I think) called Tempirary too, and I suspect that's not usual. ^ I have to assume that it's outright lost, since I've loaded them and the characters there are L0
  6. Woo, I take it back, it's not that long I had horrible visions of the server being out for the evening until someone woke up to turn it on again. Glad to see timezones covered
  7. I have a sneaking suspicion that the servers gonna be down quite a while.. Time to finish watching DS9
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