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  1. I started playing on my Dad's account during the last few months of it being Live. I was only like 9 years old, my dad came across the EMU and got me to sign up and play with him. I stopped playing after He passed away but come back time to time.
  2. I came across E&B game still in box with all the papers at a thrift store the other day but they wanted 30.00 😕 I told the the manager the game servers are shut down and you can't play it anymore, he told me he knew that's why it cost so much for collectors lol so no go on my 10.oo offer . they also had Auto assaults', Matrix online and few other old games , someone gave up their collection of PC games
  3. find an E&B demo would be great but this video hit me hard and brought back to many of memories of PC gamer disc. I had so many demo disk from them, no clue what happen to them I did find a few back in my closest a few years ago. It was great trying out a game before you bough it " things they don't do anything "
  4. Tip: you start with 500 credits, start with the smallpox vaccines quest. they cost 64 credit and you need to buy at least 5 for the quest. buy 20 of them for like 200+ credits. turn it the quest and take it again ,then turn it right back " repeat". This quest quest can be repeated until like Overall level 10 "might be trade level 5". It's a great way to make a lot of credits up front and get some fast Skill points to unlock things
  5. 7 years later LOL I had this problem, but I didn't notice the little message box glowing above the chat window when i got the the nav, she sends you a message there and you have to clear it and talk to her again. one time I had to go back to the station and land then go back to get her to talk to me.
  6. I started this the other day for the 2nd time, I gave up the first time I got so mad and no one back then in chat would reply to my question about that quest. The quest needs to be fixed all around. To be honest once you get to the gate and scan it the quest info isn't really clear for a new player. It sounds like you are to find the ship and what is causing the energy spike, when you only need to find the energy spike. The marker for the well doesn't show up until you are really close to it and that makes it harder to find and once you go back to the station and you get sent back the cords it gives you isn't a lot of help. It should show up on the map when you find it the first time time. After getting that done I can't get another quest from anyone 😕 but i know now I need to raise my OL , the NPC should tell you this like all other starter areas NPC do
  7. I fixed it, Took awhile to look through all the post for someone posting a problem like mine. But I did find a fix for it lol
  8. I just started back and in starting zones "haven't left those areas yet" It can take any where from a few seconds to a minute to attack ,warp or quest to update. I get stuck on loading screen docking at stations a lot and then I have to restart the game. When talking with NPC doing quest it can just hang there. I never had these problems the last time I played, not sure if something change or Am I missing something on my end. I've checked my ping/speed and I don't see anything wrong.
  9. I just came back to the game and was looking for this info , took a lot of google searches to this post LOL
  10. Updated My pics..others was over a year old :P

  11. Oh wow, I had alot of V's while i was gone LOL
  12. ok, i'lm going to download everything over the next week and get back in the game :) was a fun game

  13. watching futurama ;p luv it ...

    1. akow


      got a message from here saying someone added meh ;p , stop playing this after my computer crashed last year :( but got a new one

  14. good news for all thxs for the update , soon as i get my PC back,i'll be in ;p
  15. your welcome :) thxs for commenting meh

  16. Waterboy Rules!

    hmmm billy madison was that from ?? or something like that ..one of his movies

  17. Have a great time i'll have the mop and bucket waiting for ya when you get back ;p LOL
  18. keep up the great :)

  19. hahah love the name ;p 2funny

  20. happy birthday :) hope you had a great day :)

  21. happy birthday :) hope it went well

  22. akow

    login down?

    i can't log in says something wrong password , which i know its right ..
  23. yes i did ;P my dad was a huge player , he had a maxed lvl je and pw on live :) i used to get on his pw and lay waste in the lower lvl zones lol ,I barely remeber , but i remeber most my mom yelling at him to get off the computer most ;p

  24. lilly was here ;p

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