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  1. I just came back to the game and was looking for this info , took a lot of google searches to this post LOL
  2. Updated My pics..others was over a year old :P

  3. Oh wow, I had alot of V's while i was gone LOL
  4. ok, i'lm going to download everything over the next week and get back in the game :) was a fun game

  5. watching futurama ;p luv it ...

    1. akow


      got a message from here saying someone added meh ;p , stop playing this after my computer crashed last year :( but got a new one

  6. good news for all thxs for the update , soon as i get my PC back,i'll be in ;p
  7. your welcome :) thxs for commenting meh

  8. Waterboy Rules!

    hmmm billy madison was that from ?? or something like that ..one of his movies

  9. Have a great time i'll have the mop and bucket waiting for ya when you get back ;p LOL
  10. thx for wishing i had a good birthday it was great but enb was down for me

  11. nice to meet u and hope we get to fight beside oneanother in game i'm yarddogte- and ts,je,js,and pp have fun

  12. O'doyle Rules! I mean Jenquai Rules!

  13. keep up the great :)

  14. hahah love the name ;p 2funny

  15. good to have you here .. 8)

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