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  1. Andy578

    Steam: is it possible???

    i don't claim to know much about anything but i do know one of the big problems is trademarks and last i heard EA is still renewing them even on old games like enb. supposedly other space games couldn't even implement basic emotes like a barrel roll because EA trademarked them with enb. not sure if that bit is still true as they've likely dropped some but i'd say it's safe to assume there's still plenty bits and pieces they have renewed. why would they keep renewing trade marks from old games? reboots is the move obvious answer but also because some pieces like the emotes could still be useful for future games. of course those trademarks can also generate revenue from other companies
  2. Andy578

    enb map

    heres a map i used to use from live i couldnt find any section that this would fit so figure i'll just throw it here linky
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    Server Status

    its online