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  1. For faction gain with the Progen Combine. I approached Esther McCabe in the Net-7 Bazaar to try to start the mission and she doesn't give any indiction to start the mission. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.
  2. Been hanging onto these since like...forever it seems...no disc drive in my laptop though....
  3. 8:54 PM EST launcher shows server offline
  4. If you're a veteran or know a veteran, please pass this information on. Register for an account, set up your preferences and you can view all sorts of events nationwide that have donated passes and tickets that you can attend and enjoy. Just this evening, I had a ticket to a virtual concert with a terrific Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tribute band, The Petty Experience from the HighDive in Gainesville Florida and it was a great show. There are sporting events, concerts, all manner of entertainment. They also offer great discounts on a wide variety of goods and services. Please give them a look. http:// https://www.vettix.org/ref/1855834
  5. All POOF! 😐

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    2. karu


      Posts should be restored now too.

    3. Gordo


      Life happens, I knew it was accidental. Anyone who never makes errors isn't doing anything. :) The staff ALWAYS has my appreciation keeping this game alive. No worries. Thank you.

    4. Gordo


      Funny thing. After you attend/watch an event, they encourage you to post a photo of the event. It was virtual so I did a screen grab and sent it in with a huge thank you to the folks who donated the tickets. They suspended me for 24 hours as I didn't appear in the photo...LOLLERZ! Some days yer the Bear, some days, you are just lunch...

  6. Absolutely! I'm optimistic that I can pull this off and would love to shake hands (elbow bump, whatever) with everyone. Really want to take advantage of the BLM properties and do some serious boondocking. ?
  7. Well, I retired November 2019 from an agency of the DoD and finally looks like I may pull off my plans. I'll be 70 in early November of this year and thankfully have been blessed with good health despite my best efforts to have a good time so I have decided to thin down my possessions, empty my home of anything other than bare essentials (PS4, laptop, desktop/monitors, clothing, Doggos and my Total Gym). I have been looking at the Airstream Basecamp 20X ($56,000.00 base price) and the Jayco Micro Featherlite 19foot ($27,000.00 base price). As a tow vehicle, I have decided on a gently used Dodge Ram Ecodiesel 1/2 ton club cab (tow limit 7,500 lbs). After much deliberation it seems the Jayco (gently used) is the way to go. My parents had a huge 5th wheel Jayco that looked like something from a Malibu Beach house inside and it turned out to be a very well built RV. The model I have chosen has a queen bed in front, a dinette sleeper and bunk beds in the rear so I can drag 2-3 of my grandkids with me at a time when they're out of school. Finally a chance to see parts of this grand nation that I have always wanted to see and experience. Hopefully, over the coming 6-12 months, I can get the homestead sold and finally go full-time. The solar additions along with a couple extra Battleborn batteries will allow me to visit some of the BLM land that is no fee for 14 days and as a federal retiree, I can take advantage of volunteering at some of the national parks which will allow me 30 days no fee entry. Beyond that, my youngest daughter lives on 20+ acres and is building a house and promised me a connection to their septic tank and a concrete pad to use as a home base, It will be nice to not have neighbors who collect broken riding mowers to fix up as a hobby. And home ownership has lost it's luster for me. Setting up all of this is half the fun I think. Learned so much on YouTube and connecting with those already out on the road. Really looking forward to this after all these yearsof working multiple jobs.
  8. Didn't work for me...ah well, up every morning at 7 to give one of my pups his insulin so going to bed at a decent hour is probably a good thing. Good hunting all!
  9. Much as I complain about the Florida climate and bugs as well as traffic foolishness, I have to say that I'll take this over that. At least a hurricane gives you time to lock up and bug out. Stay safe man and best regards....
  10. Thanks Kyp for your efforts. Much appreciated.
  11. Logged in fine, everything stopped at the gate in Aragoth Prime to Muspelheim. Had to stop the game with Task Manager. 1:37 PM EST.
  12. Server offline 9:11 PM EST Thanks
  13. Muchas Kyp. Never got the chance to experience high level content in "Live". Gotta keep the server running! ?
  14. I have to second this post and give it a bump. Every time I've run across a bug or issue with a mission, Woody has been top notch in helping me figure out if it is a bug or the nut holding the wheel. I'm pretty computer savvy to a point but everyone needs a hand once in awhile. Ran past his alt in Fenris last night, thought of shooting a quick howdy but held back figuring it's rare to see him taking the time to actually PLAY the game. Anyway, to keep it short, thanks and a tip of the flight helmet!?
  15. I'll use the ingame option. I have several identity protection services due to data breaches and take security very seriously. Thanks for the tip. Well, changed the PW for Gordo account in game and now cannot log in that account. A case of if it ain't broke etc. Edit: Apparently the problem was the nut holding the wheel. Fixed it. *eyeroll*
  16. I did. And it worked but only after I input the original login information. I'll keep foostering with it until I get it right Karu, I appreciate that you are always available to lend a hand. Thank you.
  17. Well, since I changed my passwords, my accounts (Gordo & Lassiter) are no longer linked. When I attempt to link them again I get a small popup message saying there is no information on record. Appreciate any input, thanks! Edit: Well, turns out the issue is that I responded to a message saying my password had been compromised. Immediately changed my passwords. Didn't take on Net 7 I guess.
  18. I was a commercial refrigeration contractor for 25 years. Known for my troubleshooting and diagnostic skills. Always check the simple things first. Comparing my desktop launcher to my laptop launcher....NOPE! What a maroon! ? I love this community.....?
  19. Knew it had to be something basic that I should have seen...yeesh. Thank you Karu.
  20. Okay, finally got the correctly updated version. Performed all the advised checks and operations. Start the client, click Play and nothing....what could I be missing? Was able to log in on my desktop last night w/o any difficulties...
  21. Dang it. No change. It's been a good while since I installed on my Desktop and this laptop has no disc drive. Downloaded all the files listed in the posts, opened them in the order listed...I'm stumped. Edit: And whatever I did with my laptop seems to have removed my Lassiter toons...*headdesk*
  22. This is where am able to get to. Not the most current version obviously...
  23. Thanks so much Karu. I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Well, latest version is there and it's checked and active..I'll keep looking.
  24. Got the launcher installed and updated, ran compatibility, hit the button and see the "I'm thinking about it" swirling icon and nothing. This laptop: Device name LAPTOP-MDJ6FU19 Processor AMD Ryzen 7 3750H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.30 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable) Device ID 58EB9702-44A4-4E93-A158-40A104E4465C Product ID 00325-96592-51343-AAOEM System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display I have added a 1 TB drive and upgraded from 8 GB Ram to 16 GB. OS Build info: Edition Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 Installed on ‎11/‎28/‎2020 OS build 19042.985 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0 Running as admin, I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks all. Edit: I installed the launcher and associated files on the additional drive, didn't think that would be an issue....
  25. From where I sit, the EMU is an overall better experience, GMs and other players are quick to lend a hand with a jumpstart or advice. While I really enjoyed the original days of "Live", I find the game more enjoyable. Guess most folks here are dyed in the wool hardcore fans like me. E & B was a perfect fit for me. ❤️
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