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  1. Had double surge suppresors, hit the older one, not the Dell...go figure. I have donated most of the stuff I've accumulated over the last 21 years in this house to Salvation Army and anything nobody in my family wants is going to the curb. Plan is to grab a Dodge Ram Ecodiesel 1/2 ton (trade my cool little KIA Soul+) and pick up an Airstream Basecamp 20X or a Jayco Featherlite 20BH. Me and the Doggos are getting the band back together and hitting the road full time. As a federal retiree one of the few perks is being able to volunteer at the federal parks and stay free for 30 days at a stretch. Then there's always the BLM land, no charge to stay boondock for 2 weeks at a stretch and failing that, my daughter and her crew are way out on 20 acres out in the dinkyweeds. Plan to see our beautiful country before I check out to the great beyond. And yes, definitely downsizing. In a MAJOR way...
  2. I had 2 desktops until my older box took a surge...you guys are seriously SERIOUS! Kudos! Now I'm down to my Dell Studio XPS and a rather new laptop which I haven't loaded anything but Steam on. Getting my home ready to sell has eaten up a lot of my time. Never realized how much "stuff" I accumulated over the last 20 years here...
  3. Thank you for this information, it's always nice to have alternatives and options. I currently have 4 identity protection programs active from so many data breach class action lawsuits in the past so I'm a little gun shy. I will give Privacy a look, this may be the option I was looking for.
  4. Outstanding! I made a TS on my second account after finding this out...I can freewarp across every system I've been in. 😁
  5. As I have not had a PayPal account for many years now after numerous data breaches and security concerns, (almost daily phishing via email) I was hoping there might be an alternate method for donating. Possibly snail mail checks or a more secure form of funds transfers? Thanks in advance. As an aside, I want to thank the crew who brought our game back to life, it was a monumental undertaking but so appreciated.
  6. Really enjoying my Terran Scout toon JamisaTS. Great solo class and also a good addition in group hunts. Agree with the others who say Nullfaactor and Afterburn are to be maxed as quickly as possible. One of the best things I experienced was getting the Cygni Express but it seems that mission is no longer available. 😥 At any rate, there are some truly awesome folks playing, enjoy! 😀
  7. I did indeed! Well thanks again, your assistance was much appreciated. Be well. JamisaTS/Gordo
  8. Well thanks much for your post. No need to apologize but it's appreciated.The paths forward ingame were never easy, there would be no point to playing. Currently raising my RD faction in Muspelheim, slow going but profitable at least. 😀
  9. Yeah...yeah...it was great...🙄😊
  10. Very thankful for this resurrection of this awesome game now more than ever. Retired November 2019 and really enjoy being able to revisit the game.😊

  11. Last night, my alt, JamisaTS was making the trade run from Fenris to Somerled. On the way back to Somerled I encountered a group of V'rix level 45 at the gate in Odin Rex. Being CL 22, they obviously destroyed me with 2 shots. I searched the forums unable to find anything relevant so made a GM ticket. The GMs on duty were awesome, responded quickly and helped me through the gate. Their suggestion was to post this scenario.The advice they offered was very useful (I will work on raising my RD faction from 610 to 2000+ and take a different route). It just seemed odd the mobs stayed within 6 Km of the gate to me. Maybe let them move beyond 15 Km for short periods to allow a youngster the chance to get through the gate? But if this is by design, I get it. I just wanted to thank the GM who assisted me, YourpapaTT. Awesome job! Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to share this experience. Gordo JamisPS JamisaTS
  12. After "upgrading" to Windows 10, I am unable to run the game in any mode other than a tiny widow that cannot be changed. I have searched the forums as well as the web for workarounds to no avail. If anyone has suggestions, I would appreciate the assitance.
  13. Oddly enough...Gordo. People asked me if I was fat. Patiently I explained that my handle was an homage to a childhood hero Gordo Cooper. :P
  14. Aye, Happy New Year to all. Plans folks? As for me, the Budman and I will be enjoying a fire in the outdoor fire pit, a pot of strong coffee laced with generous amounts of Baileys Irish Cream and some Hawaiian Pizza. Yeah, big deal but hey, safe at home on amateur night with my best pal...all good.   :w00t:
  15. All very interesting stuff. Nonetheless, as you so succinctly pointed out Alurra, we are still here.  People can be so silly about this kind of thing, no doubt there is more going on around us than we notice and I prefer to keep an open mind but some of these folks are just off the chain.  :lol:
  16. In spite of their wisdom, I doubt they took Leap Year and daylight savings into account so the event would have come and gone. Buncha BS anyway. Even if it were true, whatcha gonna do about it?    I take issue with the moonbats posting videos on the web about some phantom planet that's supposed to pop out at us like a demented Uncle and scare us or the rest of this apocalypse garbage.. Frightening children on the web is hardly honorable behavior.  :angry:
  17. Merry Christmas, best wishes to all.  :)
  18. As of November 09, 2012...I am 61 years young.  :mellow:   And I also offer my thanks to all involved in the resurrection of EnB.  :D
  19. I think we all have at least a touch of "Shiny Syndrome". I know that when warping of prospecting, I read the chats and I'll see a funny thread and BOOM!   :wacko:
  20. Light years beyond tragic to think these little ones will never have the chance to grow up, fall in love, have their first kiss, maybe see their child born. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the ones who are left behind.
  21. Truly did laugh till I cried. Sending link to all in my email contact book.
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