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  1. After "upgrading" to Windows 10, I am unable to run the game in any mode other than a tiny widow that cannot be changed. I have searched the forums as well as the web for workarounds to no avail. If anyone has suggestions, I would appreciate the assitance.
  2. Oddly enough...Gordo. People asked me if I was fat. Patiently I explained that my handle was an homage to a childhood hero Gordo Cooper. :P
  3. Aye, Happy New Year to all. Plans folks? As for me, the Budman and I will be enjoying a fire in the outdoor fire pit, a pot of strong coffee laced with generous amounts of Baileys Irish Cream and some Hawaiian Pizza. Yeah, big deal but hey, safe at home on amateur night with my best pal...all good.   :w00t:
  4. All very interesting stuff. Nonetheless, as you so succinctly pointed out Alurra, we are still here.  People can be so silly about this kind of thing, no doubt there is more going on around us than we notice and I prefer to keep an open mind but some of these folks are just off the chain.  :lol:
  5. In spite of their wisdom, I doubt they took Leap Year and daylight savings into account so the event would have come and gone. Buncha BS anyway. Even if it were true, whatcha gonna do about it?    I take issue with the moonbats posting videos on the web about some phantom planet that's supposed to pop out at us like a demented Uncle and scare us or the rest of this apocalypse garbage.. Frightening children on the web is hardly honorable behavior.  :angry:
  6. Merry Christmas, best wishes to all.  :)
  7. As of November 09, 2012...I am 61 years young.  :mellow:   And I also offer my thanks to all involved in the resurrection of EnB.  :D
  8. I think we all have at least a touch of "Shiny Syndrome". I know that when warping of prospecting, I read the chats and I'll see a funny thread and BOOM!   :wacko:
  9. Light years beyond tragic to think these little ones will never have the chance to grow up, fall in love, have their first kiss, maybe see their child born. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the ones who are left behind.
  10. Truly did laugh till I cried. Sending link to all in my email contact book.
  11. As I logged in around 730 PM EST, the count was 491. Very exciting and encouraging.
  12. Played during the Westwood days through the EA takeover then left to beta EvE for about 3 months. Got disgusted with EvE and came back to find I was the only guild member left standing then sunset. Found the EMU relatively early on, can't recall exactly when, was back during the single player development days though and was (and still) very excited about the Resurrection of the greatest sci-fi MMO ever.
  13. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1354321575' post='67542'] damage is calculated before you even see the visual, the damage is inevitable. :-) [/quote] As in RL...isn't it always?
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