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Walkthru Lyle McDonald Mission

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Your choices for resource locations may differ from mine but this should help. Also, you should have no problem getting all the Repair Manuals you'll need. People leave them floating by the Greentooth nav. I was just there and counted 7. Lyle's mission is L-o-n-g but you end up with 3 pretty awesome devices: Loony's Hunk O'Metal, Loony's Special Gizmoblastit, and the last device you get to choose from 3.


Lyle McDonald Explorer Only Mission at Der Todesengel (updated 9/29/15)


Refine L1 Silicon Carbide 100 Grit


  • 1 - L1 Hydrogen                      – rip L1 Ultra Boost/Joves
  • 2 – L2 Carbon Dioxide             – lvl 2/3 gas clouds/Jupiter
  • 2 – L1 Silicon                           – sand/Tazeron/KV

- Talk to Lyle and receive L3 Basic Tool Repair Kit Book. Talk to him again to keep the mission going. -


Refine 1 Silicated Crucible


Refine 3 Silica


  • 9 – L1 Sand                             - Tazeron Nav/KV
  • 6 – L2 Quartz Crystal               – L2/3 Hydrocarbon/Infinity Beltway 2/ABA


Refine Silicated Crucible


  • 3 – Silica
  • 1 – Crucible                             – L2 Vendor Malick/DT

- Talk to Lyle -


Refine Sunshine in a Bottle


  • 3 – L3 Tungsten                       – rip L3 Electro Force 25K/Paren/Paren/Joves
  • 2 – L2 Carbon Dioxide
  • 1 – L1 Hydrogen

- Talk to Lyle -


Refine Dop Glop


  • 2 – L6 Hunks of Blubber          – L6 Hulks along main nav path
  • 2 – L1 Tar                                – rip from L1 Vortex Plastic Shell Casing/Joves
  • 1 – L3 Light Crude Oil             – L3 Hydrocarbon/Upper Saturn1/ABB


 L3 Mitey Bore ’N Saw Junior


  1. Analyze Basic Tool Repair Kit Book for print
  2. Get replacement Basic Tool Repair Kit Book from vendor Junior Malik in Bazaar and rip Mitey Bore ‘N Saw

- Talk to Lyle -


Refine Cobbed Flawless Ruby


  • 1 – Lil’ Bang Stick – get another book from Junior Malik and rip
  • 4 – L6 Raw Flawless Ruby – L6 Xtal Asteroid/Frontier Buoy/Shepard

- Talk to Lyle -


Unpolished Faceted Flawless Ruby on a Stick


  • Dop Glop                      – You have
  • L5 Gnawed Bone          – rip from Lil ‘ Bang Stick (loot another repair book to rip from lvl56 Ableson/Greentooth>>>Danger Nav in DT/spawn time maybe 1 hour
  • Bore ‘N Saw                  – You have
  • Cobbed Flawless Ruby - You have


Molded Platinum Wire


  • Silicated Crucible          – You have
  • 4 – L6 Platinum            – 20 Platinum Ores/L6/7 Asteroids/Frontier Field Beta/Particle Ring 3/Shepard

- Talk to Lyle. Receive Loony's Hunk O'Metal -


Unpolished Faceted Flawless Ruby


  • 3 – Dry Ice – refine from 15 Carbon Dioxide
  • 1 – L3 Light Crude Oil
  • 1 – Unpolished Faceted Ruby – you have


Small Platinum Sheet


  • 1 - Lil’ Bang Stick – yep, loot and rip another Repair Book
  • 4 – Molded Platinum Wire – you have 1 so make 3 more
    • 3 – Silicated Crucible
    • 12 – Platinum – refine 60 Platinum Ores

- Talk to Lyle -


Rough Polished Faceted Flawless Ruby


  • 1 – Unpolished Faceted Flawless Ruby             – you have
  • 2 – L1 Silicon Carbide 100 Grit                        – you have 1 – make another
  • 1 – L3 Light Crude Oil
  • 1 – L7 Frit                                                        – DT Vendor Kincaid

- Talk to Lyle -


Unpolished Band


  • 1 – Small Platinum Sheet         – you have
  • 1 – Molded Platinum Wire        – make
  • 1 – Lil’ Bang Stick                    – Yep - rip another Repair Manual
  • 1 – L3 Oxy/Acetylene Tank
    • - 1- L3 Torch Head                  – DT Vendor Malik
    • – 1 -L1 Oxygen                       – rip from L1 Turbo 2 Oxy Pulse/Joves
    • – 2 - L3 Acetylene
      • – 2 – L3 Empty Gas Tank        – Margesi Station
      • – 2 – L3 Liquid Heat                – DT Vendor Malik
      • - 2 – L1 Oxygen
      • – 4 – L2 Methane                     – L2/3 Gas Fields/Jupiter

- Talk to McDonald and receive L8 Loony’s Special Gizmoblastit Device -


Fashionin’ a Ring


  • 2 – L8 Fine Polish
    • 4 – L3 Obsidian Dust – rip L3 Turbo2 Wiring Rig/Paren/Joves
    • 6 - L7 Black Silicon
      • L7 Stygian Blacksand – L7 Hydrocarbon/Shepard/Lucre Resource Field/Frontier Field Alpha


  • Fine Polished Faceted Flawless Ruby
    • 1 – Rough Polished Faceted Flawless Ruby      – you have
    • 2 – Jars o’ Fine Polish
    • 1 – Light Crude Oil
    • 1 – Frit


  • Polished Band
    • 3 – Sunshine in A Bottle            – you have 1 – make 2 more


  • Combine Ruby and Band into Flawless Ruby and Platinum Ring and give to McDonald


Choose from 3 rewards


L9 Chili-Popper

  • Weaken enemy -15 energy/impact/plasma – activated


L9 Tail Tucker

  • Instant transport to Grand Ole Homestead in DT


L9 White Lightnin’

  • Increase speed +170 (equip)
  • Turbo Warp +901 (equip)
  • Turbo Warp +750/1940 seconds (activated)
  • Reduce warp cost 96% (equip)
  • Warp Charge - engage/cool down time -50% (equip)
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  • 5 months later...

Just adding this to help further with gathering and preparation, also some tips that will help people avoid mistakes I made along the way:


TIP 1: Be Careful what you do with your Basic Tool Repair Books you can get 2 in the course of the missions but you will have to camp 3 more and since they are Unique you can't just camp them until you have all of them. Also they are not tradeable so you need to loot them on your Prospector.


TIP 2: Max your Build Devices before you start ripping books, to prevent loss of components!


TIP 3: DO NOT keep all of these items in your inventory while you build the steps, it gets very confusing with the huge list of crap, coupled with a little lag you could lose things accidentally. Give them to your builder or keep them in your vault and only pull out the pieces you need for each build.


TIP 4: Get all of the items you can in advance, it will save you HOURS of travel time.


TIP 5: Talk to Lyle between EACH build to avoid missing a step of a mission that may reward you or advance the mission.


REWARD Tip: Get the Chili Popper, the White Lightning does NOT stack over the normal stuff you have on a JE/TS/PS already for speed. The Chili Popper Debuffs DO stack on other debuffs, so you become a very useful raid component. The Loony's Hunk O'Metal on the other hand does stack and provides an additional 210 warp, you will get this item about 1/2 way through as well as another item that may prove useful later on.

Optional: If you don't have a builder that can rip components for you, you could prospect all of these items, but I'd recommend having a builder to help you.


Optional: The first book you get, Analyze it all the way down on your JE/PS/TS. Second book (from Junior Malik in Homestead) Rip the Lil' Bang Stick to get the Gnawed Bone. Though in theory you can find these bones in hulks, I hunted for hours and it was faster to just camp the mob for another book.


4xObsidian Dust L3 (Ripped From Turbo2 Wiring Rig L3)
6xBlack Silicon L7 (Ripped From Nebula Smart 1 LS Processor L7)
4xSilicon L1 (Ripped From Electro AI InfoROM v2.0 L1)
3xDry Ice L2 (Ripped From Vortex Silicon Rectifier L2)
9xTungsten L3 (Ripped From Electro Force 25K L3)
20xPlatinum L6 (Ripped From Electro AI InfoROM v5.0 L6)
10xCarbon Dioxide L2 (Ripped From Vortex Silicon Rectifier L2)
2xTar L1 (Ripped From Vortex Plastic Shell Casing L1)

1xMitey Bore 'N Saw Junior L3 (Ripped From Basic Tool Repair L3)
5xLil' Bang Stick L3 (Ripped From Basic Tool Repair L3)
1xGnawed Bone L5 (Ripped From Lil' Bang Stick L3)

2xEmpty Gas Tank L3 (Purchased @ Margesi Station)

4xCrucible L2 (Purchase @ Homestead)
2xLiquid Heat L3 (Purchase @ Homestead)
1xTorch Head L3 (Purchase @ Homestead)
2xFrit L7 (Purchase @ Homestead)

4xRaw Flawless Ruby L6 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is Frontier Bouy nav in Shepard)
2xHunk of Blubber L6 (Prospected, Unrefined L6 Hulks in DT)
4xLight Crude Oil L3 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is Upper Saturn 1 Nav in ABB)
3xOxygen L1 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is JE Starter Sector IO)
4xMethane L2 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is JE Starter Sector IO)
5xHydrogen L1 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is JE Starter Sector IO)
45xSand L1 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is Tazeron nav in Kitara's Veil)
30xQuartz Crystals L2 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is NAv Infinity Beltway 2 and 4 in ABA)

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Thanks for this chaps. Very timely... Gearing up to do this very mission.


Couple of questions, which you might be able to answer:


The Wiki states that a minimum +3000 Bogeril Faction is required to start this mission. Is that still the case?


And if so: what's the easiest/quickest way to raise Bogey Faction?

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Thanks Daath. Great tips.


Holyman, I don't recall the faction requirements but the way I earned Bogeril faction was by turning in stuff to Leroy Junkbins in Witberg near  the Negotiation Vessel.


For those who don't know, He takes:


- Debri

- Level 2 Wreckage Slag

- Level 6 Scrap Metal

- Landing Struts

- Unused Escape Pods

- Leaky Power Cells


These items are found in Hulks.


As a side note,  tons of Repair Manuals should be easy to get. People leave them floating at the Danger Greentooth nav when they kill Ableson.

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Yes you will need +2000 bogeril faction to start this mission.
You need at least -1999 to enter the station so its not too bad.
Each stack of debris gives you 60 faction so about 17 stacks will do 1020 faction.

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Too start Lye's mission you will need +2k, you can do a mission from Marsh Idee and he will give you some faction for doing it. Myla Pitt also has a mission that your able to do as well.

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You can get leaky power cells & landing struts to drop in VG from some of the belters, along the southern "trail" in the sector. Ratatosk Trail 3, 4 & 5, is a good place to start.

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I'm currently pushing my PS and JE towards the goodies available at the end of this Mission.


1) Ground up their faction with a bit of EarthCorps Genocide - lot of fun, and good loot earnings


2) Lots of whizzing around the Galaxy's sectors gathering the "Shopping" required for the Mission Chain (thanks RenoJD and Daath!)


3) And am enjoying having to juggle all the various bits and pieces that are required to refine whatever is next needed to progress to the next step.




Those flippin' Repair Books..!


I mean... Really? Can only get them one at a time from a single MOB on a 1-hour respawn?


I keep returning to Junior Malik to see if he has suddenly started offering them (can't recall getting any from him, at any point...), but only to be disappointed.


Am I missing a trick here?

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Once Junior Malik offers them, get one map it, get another one rip it and map the parts, get another one rip it get the bone store it on another toon get another book and do the same, wash rinse and repeat till you have all parts mapped and enough bones stored.   This is your hint

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That sounds promising..! Thanks Syber.


Just one question about the "Once Junior Malik offers them...":


At what point can I expect that to happen?!

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Look at the steps above


L3 Mitey Bore ’N Saw Junior


    Analyze Basic Tool Repair Kit Book for print
    Get replacement Basic Tool Repair Kit Book from vendor Junior Malik in Bazaar

and rip Mitey Bore ‘N Saw

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Yup. Analysed the Book all the way down to its component parts already (on both toons)...


I'm at the Small Platinum Sheet stage... So well past the Analyze Repair Toolkit bit...


Still no option to buy additional books from Junior.




I wonder if it is because I had already analysed the Repair Book (down to its raw comps) *BEFORE* I started the mission chain..? So I never actually had to do the "Analyze Repair Toolkit" bit... 'Cos I'd already done it..??

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You can't have ANY of the parts in hull nor inventory.  But he eventually will just stop offering them.  I spammed the local DT channel and asked for books or bones.  I was lucky to be answered, and got the remaining gnawed bones needed.  It is also said that they are in the hulks in DT.  Although after 2 days of searching I never found one.



Just saying,


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If you follow the mission steps there will be no issues on getting books from vendor Junior Malik in Bazaar

Now you post that... :)  Not sure why when I did it I thought the books were endless....I must have messed up a step or three and had to delete everything to get another book. And then discovered that I could not get another.   

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Well... As luck would have it...


When I turned up at the Corporal Ableson Nav-Point last night, whilst there was no sign of Ableson... But there were *4* (count 'em!) Repair Books just floating in space..!


Nabbed 1 each on my PS and JE, dismantled them both down to the Bang Stick; then went back and fetched the other two.


Did fail to recover the Bang Stick on one JE dismantle, so had to go back and wait for Ableson (not too long...).


But was ultimately able to complete the mission for both toons last night!!


JE is now the proud possessor of a White Lightning (I know, I know... But she's my Taxi, and she's already on de-buffing duty with her Chimaera); and my PS now is equally proudly sporting a Chilli Popper..!


Thanks for all your assistance chaps.



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  • 3 months later...

You can get unlimited free books from Junior Malik, but ONLY during :


Stage 1: Glop 'n Saws  or   
Stage 1: Sticks and Stones

you need to have 1 of these missions in progress when you speak to Junior Malik.


At this time you can print the books and parts, rip and store on alts all the Gnawed Bones you need (5).  Also, during this time, Junior will offer you a book and you must take it, if you do not have one, in order to see his regular inventory.


Lyle will tell you that Junior will give you books during "Coating a Crucible" but he is a little premature in this statement.  Print the book you get from him and get more later, as stated above.


Much thanks to all who wrote and contributed to this process :)

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  • 3 months later...

I just started this mission on my JE, he gave it to me with +2594 faction.


I'd like to add to Reno and Daath's posts about getting parts. If you are in a starter sector (IO, for example), you don't need to rip carbon dioxide or dry ice from components. While mining for the lv 1 and 2 gasses, you will come across plenty of carbon dioxide. And, of course, carbon dioxide refines to dry ice. Just grab what you need. Sand and silicon have the same relationship, sand will refine to silicon. You will easily find what you need. Asteroid Belt Way 2 in Mars has TONS of obsidian....refines to obsidian dust. Since Daath wrote his post, the quartz crystals seemed to have run away from ABA. While hunting in lv 1 hydros you might find enough tar for your needs. Quartz crystals, tungsten and tar were found in Swoop mixed in with lv 1-4 roads. I just followed the straight line from Lonyatl Resource Point to Putotl Resource Point.

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Having an issue with my PS. He is at +3122 Bogeril faction, did the Idee March mission, yet Lyle won't give him the mission. Any ideas? I did exactly what my JE did, except he only needed +2594...don't know if that is for everyone as long as they do one of the side missions first. I don;t know why my PS can't get the mission.

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