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  1. Bob Lunchfoot

    can i get EnB to recognize my graphics card?

    Thanks Beerrun, I've done that and I think I got it going.
  2. Hi! its all working, just wondering if I can get EnB to recognize and use my laptop's graphics card instead of defaulting to Intel graphics. I've selected the relevant apps to use my Nvidia 840M but the ENBConfigure app won't see it, and the Nvidia is idle while game is running. Any ideas?
  3. Bob Lunchfoot

    can't even get to login screen

    ok! it was the ip thing! thank you !
  4. Bob Lunchfoot

    can't even get to login screen

    Yes, I have used the net-7 launcher, and it points to the correct file as you mentioned. i guess my next option is to uninstall and reinstall.
  5. just re-installed. Played quite a while ago, but my avatars are still around. client is all updated, server status looks good. i hit play and get a 'Server failed to respond to Login Attempt' error. No idea how to proceed unfortunately. windows 10. Would love to get on.