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  1. The Shatter Novem is a level 9 device and can only be used by Progen Warriors whom max out at level 8 devices. Did PW's go up to level 9 at one time?
  2. Got my Nero reactor yesterday. They also recommended the Waterloo shield which I love. Just can't use the reactor shunt until my shield sap is higher.
  3. Thanks for the info. My friend got everything except the Rada. He is only on reactor L3 so he started with the Supergiants until the L5 Nova. Anyone have the radas?
  4. Found a builder that made me both the L4 and L5 Falkirk shields, but could use a L4 Nero Tertius (reactor). My ingame name is Norcane. My weapons are good (Musket Betas @ 200% w/Crossbows (200) in waiting). Also brought a good friend/long time gamer with me (we are both 65). I started a new PW and my friend has a TE. He is having problems with his gear and was trying to get more missile damage. He built a harvestman (119%) and scorpion (153%). He is not satisfied with either launcher. We are both around 40-OA (CL-12-13). All of his other gear is store bought. Told him that I have found some builders. His ingame name is Pajon.
  5. Can anyone upgrade progen shields? Seems that many of the crafters are gone as well. I can make some progen weapons (working on it). I drive a tractor trailer (sitting in my sleeper as we speak). So I play daily after work for 2-4 hours (more on weekends). A friend from No Man Sky and other games joined me here. He started a TE (first EnB ship of his life). Currently OL-40. He is looking for L3 missile launchers that do more damage.
  6. I'm a PW getting my first upgrade. Get all the way to the Tiberius Shipyards and about to upgrade and along come a formation of six Vrix that just annihilate me. I've seen them at gates where they gank players that come through. I've played games where there is a very high level roving patrol, but they are isolated to a certain small area to roam. Not free to kill anyone and anywhere. The game used to be enjoyable, but this is killing that fun. Please seclude or remove them.
  7. When I played EnB emulator before there were lots and lots of players (I had left due to a bug stopping me from gating. It wasn't fixed and my pleas were being ignored so I had to leave. Now it is fixed and I have returned. Also started sending in donations again.. There were crafters that could build almost anything. Now the place is a ghost town. The server gets only as much as 15% full. Everyone chats on the "New Players" channel. Sure is a great game. Where did everyone go?
  8. My Privateer is level 90 and the Negotiate skill is ghosted (never trained). Was it added after it was first created? Note: Haven't played EnB since 2017 due to a gating bug back then. Playing again because I just realized that the bug had been fixed. My guess is that my trade level of 37 would have been a lot higher if Negotiate 5 had been trained.
  9. He can move his character and ship, but he can't target anything or any npc. Then he has to exit the game with the task manager. Last night we played about 3 hours and this happened about ten times. His net-7 properties is set for Vista (service pack 2) and admin. Any ideas?
  10. The bug tracker shows nothing.
  11. When typing EBConfig.exe into a Command line, I get an error.
  12. I looked in the database for level 6 Lion Beams. I found them and then clicked on its link to be brought to the build info. Unfortunately the link does not work. It seems to try to go, but then it doesn't do anything. I tried my main computer and the same thing happens. The item links don't work. Please fix this soon. Its a wonderful database. 
  13. I have 9 accounts. Have tried most of them (username and password) and none of them work. Like it was just wiped clean or hacked.
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