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  1. @Wookstock Well, that does not match that of the mission's steps in the log. And it blows as now I either have to forfeit the mission, or do as Stormhowler stated, until my PS is of proper Lvl to handle Lvl 35 MOBs. So, I suggest that the DEVs to change the mission's script so that the mission is not available until any potential character is at least a minimum lvl to handle the Sharim Archaeologists. The best thing for me to do would be to forfeit the mission and hope that I can do again at a latter time. But I'm not going to do that, because with my luck I won't be able to do it latter. So, I'll just let it hang there until such time as my PS can handle Lvl 35 MOBs. @Stormhowler thx for the info. I'm not in a guild and I normally play solo. (Mainly because I play when I am able to play. Which can be the next day or several months down the line. I just don't know when.) So, good luck to all.
  2. This is a 20 step mission and I am having a problem with step 17/20. I have already searched the forums about this mission and any problems with it. The listing of the steps for this mission found here is not the same as what is being displayed in game with my PS. This is the current text in the mission log for this mission along with the steps that have been opened for me: An Empty Throne Theodoric Cassel defies the Sabine Order to Help Anjuren Kahn's return to power as the Primarch. In return, Kahn gives Cassel the Alrair III system. Mission Steps: Hear the testimony of Markus Kahn. Hear the testimony of Praefect Hadrin Gurk. COnfirm Replublic dealings with Terran InfinitiCorps with Deschide Poarta. Vinda explains her point of view. Interview with Soldier Canis at Arx Ymir. Hear what Gatekeeper Memnon has to say on the state of the Replublic. Scan the secret Sabura Compound on Endraigo Planet. Hear Theodoric Cassel's next moves. Take Cassel's gathered evidence to Anjuren Kahn main deck Pax Remar, Moto, (61 Cygni). Vinda will task you to seek counsel with the Virtuals of the Machina Replublic on Olympus Mons, Mars. Speak with her for authorization. Access the holy Virtuals, the collected consciousness of the Primarchs of teh past to hear their counsel. Confirm the Virtuals' counsel with Vinda. Speak to Anjuren Kahn. Hear his first commands. Travel to Nav Deneb Path 3 and investigate the InfinitiCorp presence. Destroy the InfinitiCorp ships! Travel to Nav Lagarto Center and locate the Jenquai Intruders. Destroy the Jenquai interlopers! But, here is my problem. I have completed all the steps 1-13. And I have gone to Nav Deneb Path 3 and then destroyed the InfinitiCorps ships to complete Steps 14 & 15. Then I went to Nav Lagarto Center to locate the Jenquai Intruders for step 16. Upon arrival to Nav Lagarto Center my mission updated to step 17 - Destroy the Jenquai interlopers! . But, there is no Jenuai at the nav. What there is there is the Lvl 35 Sharim Archaeologist. So, where are the Jenqui that I am supposed to destroy? According to this post I am supposed to destroy the Sharim Archaeologist before the Jenquai appear. That doesn't make sense. The InfinityCorp ships (InfinityCorp Hauler) in Step 14-15 were Lvl10, so it would stand to reason that the Sharim Archaeologist Lvls should be between 10 and 22. There is no way my lowly PS can even think of attacking a Lvl 35 yet. It is only a OAL of 45 with a C14. I can barely handle a Lvl25 mob. So, does any one have any idea on what I should do here?
  3. It's a start and thank you
  4. Does any one know where I can find a list of all missions available in game? What I am looking for is a list of all missions that are available based on lvl and Race/Class. I'm not talking about the skill/hull missions.
  5. I have become Incompasitated in Mars Beta while doing some mapping. But, when I click on the button for distress call I start to have problems.   When I click on the "Distress" Button I get the Station Mechanic talk tree. When I select "I need a tow" the selection options disapeer. But the initial talk tree screen does not change.  Infact the game seems to freeze at this point.  The music is still being place, the graphic effects are still be displayed and updated. But, nothing happens. Even after waiting for 15min nothing happens.   I have also tried to send a message in the chat through Broadcast asking for a GM, if any is online, to please contact me.  But, the chat window does not update. So I do not know if the message had gone out or if any one had responded.   I have also attempted to log out of the game by pressing the ESC key, but the game does not respond to the key being pressed.  I have to eventually TAB out of the game and have windows END TASk to get the game to end.   And every attempt to log back into the game and get a tow ends up with the exact same problem.   The toon I was using is my main toon, Kialia.  I need help on this one, could someone please take of this?    
  6. I take it from the no responce on this thread, that there is not a damn I can do about this issue.
  7. @karu   First, IP shows up fine. But the link above does not show any information about possible proxy setting(s). Which is what I would expect. Second, I am not running any proxies on my system. I am trying to connect directly without one. Third, second link shows that my provider is using a proxy. But, does not show any possible setting(s). Again, this is something I would expect. Fourth, I have no control over my provider's proxy. As such I have no idea how the proxy is setup. All I know is that I am able to connect to the Internet and surf all sites I want to. I am now able to load up my torrent client and access my d/l's, without VPN.  I am able to connect to the Portal, and forms here.  All without any proxy settings being made on my end.  But, yet I am unable to connect to the game server with original game account and correct password. Or new game account, under same, or new, master account, and it's correct paswword.   I would try to see if it would connect by way of VPN, but at the moment I only have access to a couple of FREE VPNs.  And non of them are setup proply on the server side. As I am unable to get the launcher to reconized that the game server is online, accept by using IP address and not the DNS url.  But even then the game still will not run because it is unable to see that the server is there. (Even if I tell the launcher to use a IP address instead of a url.)     @spacegrrrl   Did you create a new master account? Or did you create a new game account under your current/original master account?   I have created a new game account under my current/original master account.  And I am unable to connect to the game server with it.  It gives me the same error message.     (Edit: 01/03/2015) NOTE: I have now tried both new game account under current/original master account and New master account with it's own game account.  I am still unable to log into the game.  And I am still receiving the exact same error message as shown in my original post.
  8. Okay, I am not running any proxies. But, as it seems from the link above, that my provider is. I have no control over that.
  9. First, Versions of both Client and Net-7 Launcher before forcing update:   Client: 206 Net-7 Launcher: 514   It if my personal experience that using the option "reset updates" does not truely force and update. So I had gone and deleted the following files from the Net-7 directory while the launcher was not running:   Client-FileList.txt Client-Version.txt Net7-FileList.txt Net7-Version.txt   Then I ran the Net-7 Launcher.     After loading the Launcher it did a automatic update, including checking of files, for both the client and Net-7 Launcher.   Net-7 Launcher stated that there was a newer version, version 514.  Then when I had it do the update it checked all Net-7 Launcher files. After which it came back with the view Update Report option.  Upon looking at the Update Report, no files were updated or missing.   For the Client update, Net-7 Launcher stated there was a new version (version 206). I did the update, it then checked all files for the client and did an update. Upon viewing the Update Report for the client, it showed that the following files was updated. No other file(s) was updated or missing.   Data/client/ini/auth.ini Data/client/auth.ini.orig Data/client/rg_regdata.ini Data/client/rg_regdata.ini.orig Data/common/network.ini Data/common/network.ini.orig release/authlogin.log     After the updates was done, I verified that UAC was turned on, as I normally have it turned off. Rebooted my system. Then I checked that the properties for the LaunchNet7 shortcut had a checkmark for the Run This program as an Administrator under the Compatibility tab.   Then I when throught the game and net-7 directories and verified that all exe files was setup with compatibility for Windows XP SP2 as per previous install instructions here on the Portal Forums. (And I also placed a check mark for running the program as admin.)       Once I had done all that, I launched Net-7. When windows asked me if I wanted the program from an unidentified publisher to make changes to the system, I click on the Yes button. Upon Net-7 loading, I verified that it reconized that the server was online. Then I clicked on the Play button.   The game loaded and the login screen was displayed.  I entered in the account name of the game account that I had setup yesterday. Then I entered in a false password. The game stated that it was not able to verify the login information. Then I entered in the correct password and clicked on the accept button.   Upon clicking on the accept button the game came back with the same error as I had reported yesterday.  Then, I reloaded that game and tried my master game account. And I received that same results.   At the moment it seems that I am unable to log into the game server, but yet I am able to log into the Portal forums and Master Game account on the Portal.         Any further ideas as to what I can do, beside completely uninstalling the games?  
  10. Okay, after some time of not being able to connect to the server. As my provider is blocking everything that it thinks is P2P related, includeing ligitemet connections from many legal games. (This includes EnB emulator.) I was finally able to get a connection to the server. And the game loads up just fine.  But, now I am unable to login to my game account.  EnB/Net-7 gives me the following error message and then closes when I click on the OK button on the message window Sorry, Your login does not appear to be valid. Try again using the default launcher ;). I have also tryied adding another game account to my master account and tried connecting to it.  And I received the same results.  If I attempt to connect to the account and use a wrong password, it will notify me that it was not able to verify the login.  But, if I use the correct password the above error message is shown.   I am able to log into the Portal with the master account, and able to change the password on the added game account with out any problems.  It is just when I attempt to login to the game that I have problems.   Anyone else having this problem? Is there a possible solution to this?  
  11. Okay, after trying for a few more hours to see if the issue is with my system, as already told it was.   I decided to try going to another location and trying their network.   So, the next day I went to a 24/7 Cafe and gave the phone app a try.  I connected to the cafe's wifi through my phone and launched the app.  The app came back saying the server was online.   So, I pulled out my laptop and gave it a try.  Net7Launcher loaded up without any problems. I pressed the play button and after 5mins of waiting the game loaded up. And since my primary wifi connection is through a public library, still need to get connection for at home, the emulator is being blocked by the library's ISP.  As they do not block ports on their servers.  They rely on the ISP to block the ports they don't want used.  Such as those used by torrents.   It sucks.       Now, does anyone know of a FREE VPN that works with the emulator? As that is the only way for me to connect at the moment.   Please don't say any site that uses OpenVPN for the client.  As OpenVPN, at least on windows, does not allow connections to the internet, only P2P connections are allowed throught the client.    
  12. Okay, just uninstalled both E&B and Net-7. I am reinstalling in this order: Installed E&B using admin rights from the E&B Demo installation.  (No errors during the install.) Installed Net-7 using admin rights from the current setup file downloaded last night.  (No errors during the install.) Patched E&B with the e&b-up.exe file, loaded it with admin rights. (No errors during the update.) Loaded up Explorer and went to "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond" where E&B was installed. Changed the following files to run as Admin and to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility: gpatch.exe e&b.exe Changed directories to the followings: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG" Changed the following files to run as Admin and to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility: E&BConfig.exe VIDTEST.EXE Changed directories to the following: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release" Changed the following file to run as Admin and to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility: client.exe Chagned directories to the following: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin" Changed the following files to run as Admin and to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility: Detours.exe LaunchNet7.exe net7proxy.exe Loaded LaunchNet7.exe from the shortcut that was saved to my desktop from the the install. Allowed it to run with admin rights. LaunchNet7.exe window loads up, showing that it is checking for updates. Update Available pops up, showing that there is an update for "Net7".  (Version: 499) I click on the "Update" button. The update is downloaded and installed. I am given the chance to view the update report. The update reports shows that the following files were updated/created: bin/cdata.dat bin/LaunchNet7.Changelog.txt bin/LaunchNet7.exe bin/LaunchNet7.exe.config bin/net7proxy.exe Closed the update report window and LaunchNet7.exe reloaded itself. I canceled out of LaunchNet7.exe Reloaded it from its desktop shortcut, made sure to give it admin rights. Update Available window pops up, showing that there is an update for "Client". (Version: 202) I click on the "Update" button. The update is downloaded and installed and I am given the chance to view the update report. I view the report to see if there were any errors during the update.  All files that need to be updated/created was updated/created without any errors. Closed the update report window. The Update window automatically closed. LaunchNet7.exe automatically started checking on the status of the server. It reports that the server is OFFLINE. The folloing checkboxes are checked: Packet Optimization Prototype Reorder Disable Mouse Lock Delete TH6 Files   Verified that the following checkboxes are not checked: Local Cert Debug Launch Lock Port   Verified that the IP address listed in the Local IP drop down box is correct for the IP address given to my laptop.   Closed the LaunchNet7.exe by its Quit option from the File Menu.   I then verified that the files I changed the properties before, as mentioned ubove, still retained the properties I had set them to have. (ie. Admin rights, and XP SP3 compatibility)   Then I did the following: Changed directories to the followings: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond" Changed the following file to run as Admin and to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility: patch.exe Changed directories to the followings: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\EBCONFIG" Changed the following file to run as Admin and to run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility: net7config.exe   Then I ran net7config.exe giving it admin rights as it loads.   And setup the graphics to what I want for my system, ran the test, then saved the configuration.   Relaunched the LaunchNet7.exe from its shortcout. Gave it admin rights.   It checks the server status and shows that the server is OFFLINE.   I follow the following from the "READ FIRST: Technical Support FAQ and Common Fixes" to verify that it is setup properly.   I then turn off Norton's Smart Firewall.   Then I verify that Windows Firewall is also turned off, for this test.   Then I re-run LaunchNet7.exe again.   And Yet Again, it shows that the server is OFFLINE.       I look at the settings for the ENB Status app for Android phones.  It shows the server IP as: sunrise.net-7.org, the Port as: 3806, and an update frequency of 5 min.   I click on the Start Service button in the app.  The status wedget shows the server being OFFLINE @ 7:33:50PM. (This is in the following time zone: (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada))     As you can see it not my installation of the game and the emulator.  And since I am able to connect to the patch server and update the Launcher and Game with out any trouble.  There must be something else going on that has nothing to do with my system.    
  13. After being away for a while, I have finally setup E&B on my new laptop with Windows 7 HP. (I'll set it up on a Windows 7 Ent. prior to this and it worked fine.) Installed E&B Demo, EnB Client Patch, Net-7 Unified Installer.  Then I went and changed the properties for all of the necessary *.exe's files. (Windows XP SP3 Compatibility, and run as Administrator.) Then I ran net7config.exe to set the graphics settings. And then launched LaunchNet-7.exe from it's shortcut on my desktop.  Gave it permission to run with admin rights. Allow LaunchNet7.exe to update itself and then the E&B game files.   Once that was done LaunchNet7.exe shows the status of the Sunrise server as being OFFLINE.   I have gone through the trouble of making sure that none of the required *.exe files are being blocked by Windows 7 firewall (which is turned off) and Norton Internet Security. I even made sure that all required .exe files where added to the Smart Firewall rules and allowed to passthrough it in both directions on any port to any computer. (I have even turned off Nortons Smart Firewall to see if that made a difference.)   Yet, LaunchNet7.exe still shows that the server is OFFLINE.  And if I trie to launch the game anyways, I get the following error: I have also gone and download the  "EnB Status Monitor for Android" app, and installed it to my Droid Pro phone.  And when I connect to my local wifi and allow the app to run.  It shows that the server is OFFLINE.       What gives, are you still trying to update the server, after all this time today?!       I would really like to start playing my characters again starting today.  But, it looks like you guys are having some major issues.
  14. it has been a while since I have been able to login to the game and do something.  But, the problem is that when I was last in the game I was in Mars sector, w/ PS char, and going through me level 10 missions.  At the moment I was just now able to log into the game w/o any issues and I find myself in the Saturn sector.  WTF!!!! And how did this happen!!     Now I have to warp all the way back to Mars, do you know what that is like when you have not really played the game since it was shutdown from live???
  15.   thx for the link, checking it out now.  Will post back with results.       EDIT:  Well it seems that according to the above program, that I do not have any stuck keys or keys not working.           If anyone else has any more suggestions.
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