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  1. I saw a couple downloads on printables and was hoping someone else was giving it a shot. Most of my prints are mechanical widgets so getting things smooth and pretty is a new experience for me. If you get one printed up I'd love to see it. Chromeplate is a good call, I'm working on one right now with the plan to use sandable automotive primer to smooth and then just shoot it with a chrome or gold paint (since I can't do detailed painting). I'm hoping my friend who is a good painter uploads the TS here eventually but I think he's going to warm up on about three different models before he puts brush to plastic.
  2. Getting my painting chops back, some things worked, some didn't. Painting was never my strong suite.
  3. Thanks for the pictures, totally guessed at the wing placement and got it spot on. Just need to get the profession in place and then figure out how the heck to print this sucker. Plus now I'm wondering if I can find the weapon models.... that might be a bit much though. As to if I'm doing more after this one, I don't know. I'll make them until I get distracted by another project and wander off. One thing at a time.
  4. I finally got a chance to plug that into character creator. You could have just said the one with the most possible spikey bits. If anyone sees a midlevel JE flying loops around their 150 just ignore me, I'm trying to figure out how the profession part fits together.
  5. Got the second one done, this one is going to the new owner in pieces because he's "better at painting". It's accurate but it's still hurtful, hopefully he'll post something once he gets it painted up. Got any screenshots of your favorite ship Woodstock?
  6. Finally got this project to the point where it’s ready to show off, still got a bit of cleaning up to do and then into painting. All the methods were stolen from the Model Extraction thread from 2020 with a few extra tweaks. I’m planning on throwing the model up on printables.com, is there any issue with including a link back to donating to the emulator or is that drawing undesirable attention?
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