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  1. work!! nice! thx you very much man!
  2. thx for your reply man!! sadly, running as admin is not my probleme... i already run enbconfig and game launcher as admin... my probleme is EnBconfig.exe dont run! i run it as admin but nothing happen! my friend and i got same probleme
  3. got a friend who wanna join and play but he got the same probleme.... the game open in window mode and very very small... he try to run enbconfig as admin and nothing happen... i also tryed for myself and nothing happen.... can anyone help us plz? big thx
  4. forgot to say... with my building toons, i can craft everything in the game! can help guildies to get all gear they want!
  5. hey EnB community! lots of ppl know me, yeah im back! asking wich guild is now the most active for raiding? old Static officer and raid leader, i own over 63 lvl-150 toon, playing my own group without any script or macro... also own over 200+ fishbow trigger, tada-o gate trigger, ascendant voltoi trigger, so many zenrei tempest trigger and tons of stuff to help my new futur guild! i dont ask any title, only an active guild with good ppl in to do all raid and have some fun! you can contact me here or ingame on one of my main char... Mutant, Laf, Lafreux, Gladialaf, Lifesavers, mutantaxi, yoloman thx and fly safe! Mutant
  6. the only thing i have to say... FFA = end of the game ! think about it guys! we all love this game, if we FFA raid rotation, the same gang will done all raids and make the other sad.... you dont want it M.
  7. completly agree with Canman!
  8. worked!! thx a lot for help :)
  9. i found the probleme its ok now!!   but i have a new question... the game is in window mode and very small... any one know how to put it in full screen??
  10. Hi! im new and need help plz! i dowloaded the game from net-7 portal and intall it but that dont work... anything else i need to do to play?   thx to help me   Mutant <
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