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  1. My mapping system design would not be linked directly to accounts in EnB or this website. It's like a pipe dream that I would do outside of EnB.
  2. I really want to build a web based mapping system for creatures/mobs and mining. Including a reverse lookup so you can list where to find the level 10 to 15 Chavez or where find the level 4 hydrocarbon spawns etc. I would include an email/password setup to enable security. Potential users could contact me somehow, I'd make their account, then they could input map data with auditing so false data doesn't get into the database. I would include ownership to data so things can't get deleted willy nilly. I would also add a "privacy" property to entries so exploring miners can limit who can see their level 9 spawns to just guild members or friends. Accounts would get status, like "admin", "super user", and "user". I want to build this system. I still need to get a database up and running on my web provider site, I'd be happy with php and mysql but I have more experience with asp.net and MS SQL. Hmm, maybe add an entry for the hidden objects that you can get explore experience from like the asteroids in Odin's Belt. Locations should be just a nav or triangulated between 3 navs. For creatures I want to list how they aggro: no aggro, when nearby is attacked, or always aggros, or random aggro. Hmm, have a voting system for invalid data: if 3 super users vote that piece of information is wrong then it automatically allows a super user to take ownership and change or delete it. I'm almost certain this system would not be very graphic, it's all about data and lists of things based on searches of different types, lots of ways to drill down to the nitty gritty. Oh I'm sure there are already systems in place like this design, but I think I can do better.
  3. Added the following sectors m_arrSector[70]=new SectorItem(70,10,'P','PP','Mars Gamma'); m_arrSector[71]=new SectorItem(71,9,'A','RD','Paramis'); m_arrSector[72]=new SectorItem(72,10,'T','TS','Equatorial Earth'); m_arrSector[73]=new SectorItem(73,10,'J','JS','Ganymede'); added TS, JS, and PP to the dropdown linked in Ragnarok to it's surrounding sectors Jot and Freya I found javascript cookie code and put in logic so your current profession is remembered the next time you visit the web page
  4. Create a forum to contain player made tools, maps, web sites etc. Currently these types of posts are going into general perhaps suggestions and they are getting lost. There is no room to pin them all in the other forums.
  5. The following systems have been added m_arrBig[14]=new AreaItem(14,'Altair'); m_arrBig[15]=new AreaItem(15,'Proxima Centauri'); m_arrBig[16]=new AreaItem(16,'Castor');
  6. While the server is offline you can go to this site: http://www.enbx.com to hear Megan and to listen to the station advertisements
  7. per the original post the new sectors are on the way
  8. I made the code changes suggested by Karu and it still works on Microsoft I.E. 8
  9. I tried the flash one, I hadn't seen it before. I think it's too busy, it's hard to read, the resizing and zoom seem a bit clumsy The visually plotted course is hard to follow without dragging the map around to see it all I like mine better, not because I'm full of myself, but because it is as simple as possible, couldn't be any easier to use and doesn't need graphics and loading of flash. The game is my glitter. Another thing I don't like about the flash one is the list of sectors doesn't prefix with their system name, e.g. aragoth - fenris I'm sure the firefox problem can be solved, probably just a matter of syntax. I can research that. I can remove my copyright and link to my website as well, not a problem. I don't even have to host the HTML page, it can be a part of the enb-emulator web.
  10. I've created a javascript routine that figures out the shortest route between two sectors. It does take in account for profession, example a TT is allowed passage through high earth. No idea if this has been done before http://www.bhughes.com/destination.htm There are missing sectors, the map I used as input was old. I'm willing to add the rest in and maintain the code if there is interest.
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