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  1. That's the info I'm looking for. Active membership. Not alts, or discarded bank alts.
  2. I had been having some connectivity issues due to the recent windows update. Have you looked into that? Hope you get it all sorted out.
  3. Greetings, Phorlaug! Hope you and yours are healthy and well during these crazy times.
  4. Is it next to the massage table?
  5. I see the vitamins/supplements... the meds... all that hardware... but where is the fridge full of beer?!?
  6. Just out of curiosity, what was the issue?
  7. We've been getting a good influx of new/returning players. Is there any way to look up current guild stats (i.e accurate, active member count)? Maybe even get some updated recruitment posts? Just throwing this idea against the wall, seeing if it'll stick.
  8. No idea what could be causing the issues. But next time an account gets locked up, try typing /quit. That usually just shuts that particular instance down for me when that happens. Hope this gets sorted out for you.
  9. Very happy to see the donations have picked up. We are so close to closing off 2019 (about $200 short). Hopefully members will continue to step in and fill that gap. We can do this!
  10. Wish I could help. Unfortunately, my technical skill set doesn't go much beyond "Turning it off and on again". Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in and get you sorted out.
  11. Group Stealth greatly reduces your visibility, Group Cloak makes you totally invisible (provided you don't take any actions like buffing/attacking, looting is ok). There are 2 types that some folks get mixed up. Group Stealth = Others in team are still visible. Group Cloak = No one in team is visible.
  12. Is the PTR still running?
  13. Disconnects used to be much worse, not too long ago. The Devs learned quite a bit (and made the changes) from the recent PTR they had set up to track down the causes. I feel you on the shuffling of the group though.
  14. If I see you posting in game asking for help with a transfer like that, I'll gladly volunteer to. I've got a bunch of alts scattered all over the galaxy. Kind of like a kid, with Legos...
  15. Glad you're back. Even though we played on different servers, I'm happy to see ya.
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