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  1. Crawled to the nearest corner, and just rocked back and forth while chanting the Tada-O slogan over and over... How do you manage in times of crisis? Hope everything is well, Net-7 team!
  2. Very glad to hear it went well. Now for the speedy recovery part.
  3. Glad to hear you got this sorted out. Hopefully your friend will be joining us as well.
  4. I believe they meant TE as in Terran Explorer (why people don't use TS and save the confusion?), and not Terran Enforcer.
  5. Plenty of folks playing and there's lots to do. Hope to see you flying in the emulator.
  6. I hope it all goes smoothly.
  7. That's what I had to do to log in. Wish I could have been more helpful in relaying this info to others.
  8. Having this INV-300 problem tonight.
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