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  1. Have you looked at your mission log to see what the next step is? Mission logs give a lot of information that you might otherwise not notice while speaking with an NPC.
  2. .2mm should've been more than enough resolution to get a good result. Whoever printed that for you needs to dial that machine in because there are some real issues with the top and bottom layer both. Supports should not have left any marks on the print itself if they were set properly. As for the pieces not fitting together, that is because the extruder is not calibrated. It is over extruding causing the parts to be larger than expected. I'm going to see if I can find your stl file here and see if I can generate a better result. EDIT: I haven't taken the time to learn 'Blender' and the file doesn't open in Fusion 360. If you post the STL I'll be happy to have a gander, but I'm not going to learn blender to to create one
  3. This topic has now been locked due to its devolving nature.
  4. .....prototype reorder .. check it .. it is on your launcher .....
  5. You could also just tick the box that says "Prototype reorder" on your launcher ...
  6. Your account does not show as actively banned. Perhaps you want to double check it? And just an fyi. You would NEVER be banned without notification and only a GM would do said banning/notifying.
  7. Be sure that you are not being blocked by any antivirus software and that your prototype reorder button is checked on your launcher.
  8. Let me add to this.   Where does it end?   What about those who don't like Ossified or Amber?   What happens when everyone decides they have far too many Ten Gu Craniums and not enough Ocular Nerves or Ossien Matter or or or ....
  9. You will need to create the guild in game which will make you guild leader. I'm sure there are some who will assist you to get it started, just ask in the New Players channel.
  10. That particular issue has already been resolved, so no bug ticket is needed.   You should see the fix with the next push.
  11. Very sorry to hear of this lil yellow bird. My thoughts are with you and your wife at this time.   May things turn out for the best for you!
  12. I have locked this post as it does not seem to be helpful to anyone.
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