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  1. I am wondering why we can only trade 3 ribs for 3 teeth for each mission. I brought 4 stacks to trade out but that would take hours to perform. So is it possible to up the quantity a bit ? Seems a bit low for those that have a lot of ribs and not much teeth.
  2. wow u really don't have an understanding of what I wrote and I would guess that is your biggest problem. I'm not gonna explain myself ... I'm hoping you will put your big boy pants on and read properly to understand what I wrote
  3. hahaha never met a bunch so afraid to have a lil fun ..  if u cant handle the heat stay out of the kitchen. and they absolutely increased the bio extractors (lvl 50) in the grav well in lagarto and they have very good range. you do know that you can ask for help from the player base..... that's how you make friends here. The toons I use are renegade progen friendly and I do multi box with je/ts/ps... they are very effective against all mobs there. Just saying if you set it up properly you can have loads of fun and if not then your gonna die and you should laugh anyway. just my 2 cents
  4. Hmmmm think a Wednesday or Thursday would be more appropriate. That way your assured of a raid during the weekend. And no rush to complete b4 rotation change. Just my 2 cents worth
  5. As for myself I would never pay for an EA game. I feel they have no idea how to treat the community of players. Only if they gave up the code to Net-7 would I even consider paying for this game. I loved it back when and still enjoy playing on a daily basis. With that said if Net-7 had the code and control...... yes I would
  6. I do feel it is sad how people can complain about someone helping them. They are probably the very same people that don't participate or pick up the baton when needed. So who will begin to organize the public raid... to take their time and effort to help . I'm thinking no one will with the kind of grief given for their efforts. My hats off to you sir Magoo for what I've seen you do for the whole and not just your own. just my 2 cents           Mordor
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