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  1. Ahh bummer :P Oh well, have to re-learn the game the hard way again hah! Sidenote: You just earned a beer from me for that Adama avatar. Gimme a poke if you would happen to find yourself in Poland's capitol city :) Cheers!
  2. Various Joga masters can bend their body so they can sniff their own butt. That's will power and hard work. So if they can do that - I don't see why WE would not be able to get rid of cancer. The painful part is that you don't see the progress that sharp. Is blurry. Vague. Its like being blind and running a marathon. You do feel the motion and distance, but you have no means of figuring out how far away the finish line is.
  3. Okay I've found the solution but... umm. All it took was to disable the "tutorial". And then I went in pretty smoothly lol. Kind a shame about the tutorial. I actually wanted to re-learn the game because I've forgotten everything :P But yeah. Adding "Solved" to topic name.
  4. SO I've instaled everything, started the game, made a character click Start Game and... nothing. The "Start Game" button goes gray and the game does not go any further. But it doesn't frezze, Megan is Still looking around, music is still playing but thats it. After 4-5 tries I gave up and used Character & Ship Creator as I got feed up with recreating them time after time :P But this doesn't solved anything. I checked the F.A.Q and other topics but could not find a solution.   SOLUTION: Disabled Tutorial after character creation and before clicking "new game".
  5. I like playing solo very much. I am one of those odd balls who want to play solo but knowing that there are people around. As long as they are bothering me haha. Hence my previous mining career :P So JD it is! Thank you very much Flip! :D
  6. Yay! More new content! :D I can't wait till monday to play again!!! (Can't really play with my kiddo running around, and at late evenings I am just out of stamina even to move a finger). I was always a miner kind of a guy in E'n'B. Mosty people find mining and crafting boring but I enjoy it very much. Maybe This time I will go with something more combat oriented. Any suggestions? For a nice combat oriented build that is.
  7. Heyah there Flip! :D I wish @ that "billionaires" bit hahah. Actually I don't mind my old toys going puff. After so many years I prefer starting from the bottom and re-learning the game. Plus, just as you said - the biggest joy is at the start of the trip. When everything is brand new and freshy! So what did changed in those 5 years huh? What did I missed? :D Is AF_Vet still around playing? I missed that old hobo very much!
  8. My puked and then said "NO!". After watching her puking I too had to throw up, and I too say "NO!".
  9. Well my opinion here might be a bit outdated because I haven't played from years but when I WAS playing - it was just glorious. I will risk saying - the best I have ever experienced. I hope this did not changed over the years :) But checking the pool votes... I think I can rest assured.
  10.   Woodstock... Listen. And read this post in a calm moment, when you are not getting distracted by something or someone. I want you to read this with 100% concentration, alright buddy? Okay. Now... In around 2008 I was about to become father and husband, at once :) I've been a very happy hippo back then. And then, one morning, drinking my morning coffee and checking emails, I was scratching my balls, just like any other guy. And I felt something on one of them. Thanks to my panic and fear - I quickly landed on the hospital table and I've exit the surgery room slightly less... Symmetrical heh. Both of us know that worst thing about cancer is not always the perspective of dying but... Treatment. Treatment and fear, so strong and horrible that you actually consider dying to be not such a bad idea. I had fought that motherfraker. And I've won. For now. But the thing that every doctor was telling me back then stands solid even today. Cancer, is weird. Its like a part of you that went rogue. An error in the matrix. But its also VERY susceptible for what you feel, and think. And that's actually over 60%. Yeah, you got that right. At least 60% chance, will you die or not - depends on you. Your mood, your will power, your fighting spirit. The problem is - its very hard to feel that way when you know you can die. The fear, fear and helplessness robs you from all the guts, all the courage, bravery. So the cancer and its treatment is practically disarming you from everything that you could use to fight with the enemy. I know how it works, because after that time - I wake up every day with wet eyes. I need a solid 5-10minutes before I can stand up from my bed. And its like that from 7 years already. I have this each and every day. Fear. Fear so overwhelming that it takes a 115kg heavy and 190 cm tall, grown up man down to his knees. Yup, apparently I am pussy cat. But then again - the moment you get that backward walking, son of a bitch - we all turn into pussy cats. Woodstock. Fight. Fight with all your guts. Fight like a damn animal. Savage, vicious and mindless. Don't you dare going "aww", "ahhh" and "sob" on me. Every tear you cry - makes HIM stronger. So don't. Pull your face mad and ugly. You are a Warrior. But not only a Warrior, you are a Winning Warrior. You can do this mate. You WILL do this. I believe in you. But no, no I am not. Because this is not a matter of faith, of wishful thinking. You can "believe" in stuff like Santa or Easter Bunny. I don't believe you will win, I fraking KNOW YOU WILL. For me, it is obvious. Its true. Its the only end this story will have. You WILL get better. You WILL win this battle and war. You WILL be alive and living. If anything is gonna kill you - it will be old age, worth of century. And you will tell stories about your victory to your grandkids. Woodstock, eye's down here ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Everything will be okay. You will live. You will survive. This is not a possibility - its certainty. So trust me, and stop being afraid.   Get back there and get rid of that fraking cancer. And then come back here and write back to me. That I was right, obviously. Because, I am always right. Salutations.
  11. After 5 years... Hello everyone! :D So here's the story. I am member of a small space games old timers called Space Game Junkies and we've been talking about how Eve Online changed over the years and that most of us don't feel like playing it anymore. And then we discussed is or was there any alternative. And I suddenly remembered about Earth & Beyond, and specially - the Emulator :) You can see that discussing over HERE If you are curious. So I've mentioned the E&BE to the guys and the memories just exploded in my head. So I quickly google and to my surprise and awe - you guys are still alive and kicking! :D So I'll be downloading the Emulator ASAP and getting back behind my Progen big boy's cockpit. Additionally... Wow, thank you. Thank you Devs and GMs. You guys gave me one of the most beautiful memories from virtual space that 5 years ago. And I always remembered E'n'BE community to be the most friendly I had ever pleasure to experience and interact with :)
  12. i mine them then trade to someones then trade back to me then refine then sell refined. with large enough bulks it grants me 1-2 levels i want to be able to sell refined
  13. QFT. any so called "balancements" will only hurt the game in this case
  14. lol i cant sell pearls too. where did you sold the rubies?
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