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  1. Thank you very much, all is fixed and working!
  2. Someone in new player help suggested I type /fmu. I did so, and it gave a mission that it says to forfeit. And it won't let me forfeit it. So I am guessing my mission log is pretty messed up. My character name is Dwill, if anyone is able to reset it or something? And perhaps advance the mission Revenge: In Triplicate since I have been told that it is bugged. Thanks!
  3. And now my mission log is empty including the mission to upgrade my hull when i hit level 30. I have relogged and exited the game and it's still empty.
  4. Yes. It says to give the report to Macgregor. Who talks and doesn't advance it or ask me to do anything.
  5. So I picked this mission up on Loki station from Louden. He asks me to go to Somerled station and talk to Lady DeWinter there. She's not there, or nobody by that name is anyway, but I talked to Moire Archer (who I had to talk to last time I was asked to talk to Lady DeWinter) and she advanced the quest to step 2/4, to talk to Macgregor nearby. He talks but doesn't advance the quest. It still says to talk to him nearby. I tried to talk to Moire again but she has nothing to say. I flew back to Louden and he asks me why I haven't finished and doesn't advance it. I am unable to forfeit the quest to try it all over again. Anyone have any ideas?
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