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  1. Zeke's Epic Builder/Miner Mission(s)

    Thanks for the comprehensive explanation. Always nice to get some insight into these processes. On a side note, am I correct in assuming that you can get the prints after completing the legend of Pappy? Best regards, Stormhowler.
  2. An Empty Throne

    I'd say, either get help in destroying the mob, or let the mission hang while you gather more (combat)levels. This mission came in while the emu had been going for quite a while, so for lots of players it was easy to breeze through. Not so, of course, for new players/toons. Best of luck out there!
  3. Missions list

    Don't think this is everything, but it is a start: https://www.net-7.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Mission Good luck!
  4. Taking out the trash

    Thanks for the reply and the hint. I will do my best to find this elusive data satellite 4 Best regards, Stormhowler.
  5. Taking out the trash

    Hey all, I have picked up a mission in Mercury called: Taking out the trash. You get one piece of debris in your cargo and are told to "jettison it into the stars corona". I have visited the nav points in mercury and flew at the sun until I hit the sector border. Can someone give me a hint as to what to do here? Thanks in advance!
  6. Health Issues

    Sorry to hear that. Best of luck to you!
  7. Poproid Mobs

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't want to bugreport it just yet, because it might just be randomness, but it started to stand out.
  8. Poproid Mobs

    Hey all,   is it me, or did poproid mobs stop spawning? Every once in a while I think to make out a mob marker in the explosion, but then nothing appears.  
  9. Yeah agreed, this is a great addition :D
  10. Database Out Of Date?

    Ahh I missed that one. Thanks for the clear reply and sorry for asking something that was already answered ;)
  11. Database Out Of Date?

    Is the database somehow out of date? It lists the Brimstone Ballista and Sun focus 2000 as not dropping, but I have looted these items a few times in the last couple of days....   Best regards, Mallendre.
  12. The Days After Sunset

    I headed to Eve after sunset, played it on and off for a bout a year, then got bored with it. World of Warcraft for a few years, then starwars:TOR, the Secret World, Neverwinter and back into the Earth & Beyond addiction. I'm so happy that it is back :D
  13. Thanks for this guide, very helpful :)
  14. SERVER STATUS (current)

    And we're in! Thanks Zack, and thanks for the quick fixing :)