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  1. Played EnB from day 1 till Sunset on Andromeda. I was a member of Executives of Infinity in the beginning but later left when Preluder and Kitros started Fusion and i joined them. After Fusion kinda collapsed i was invited into The Scorned by Trouble. Defiance got me into my one and only Fishbowl and i got a Fury of the Ten-Gu 95%. This was about a week before Sunset.................. Still have the Box! Lost the CD
  2. Corveck

    Progen L50 HU

    Noted But they also could have told me that. Like i said in the previous post, tell me something.... Tnx again!
  3. Corveck

    Progen L50 HU

    Tnx! C-Del i've got the item back. Almost seems that i needed to donate first before i got help
  4. Corveck

    Progen L50 HU

    Already made a ticket (#17438)on 8-august. But been online for 4-5 hours every night since then and haven't seen one GM. Nothing happening or reaction on the ticket as well And i want my hull upgrade!! The stupid thing i did: Got the L50 HU mission for my PP en PW and thought let's clear cargo before i do anyhting. SO i cleared it out. Incuding my mission item, that you need to get the NPC's to talk to you You can not forfeit the HU mission, so i cannot get a new mission item, ergo do no mission, so nu HU on both Progens. So can somebody pls do something, this happened sunday, made the ticket sunday. Its friday now. Love you all, Dev's & GM's doing a great job, but pls do something. Reply my ticket and ask me to be patient due to high workload atm. Or low GM personal due to vacations or something. But the silence is killing me....