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  1. Most of the Oni parts are a very-very slow drop rate. Colloidal Magnetic Transmitter (9) A. Reclaimed Manes Essence (6) - Splendid Mane - lvl 51 B. Daeva Photon Emitter (8) - Oni Daeva - lvl 41 C. Wraith Neutropics (8) - Oni Wraith - lvl 45 & 50 D. Oni Bioflux Pheromone (8) - Oni Fiend - lvl 36
  2. I made a discord server I tried to design it like the forums, it's still a work in progress currently there's custom emotes, roles, channels and voice area's that can be used. Yes I know there's a TeamSpeak however some people prefer discord. Also there's more security on Discord, you have to had at least verified your email and been a member for 10 minutes to join. The #welcome room is where you're announced, there's a section where you're automatically granted the role of New Player whenever you join the discord. In order to be granted access to the main area you must post what you main race is that you play. You're not going to see anything else, until you do this sorry that just the way things are.
  3. There's a few things you could do. . . Try posting on Enb Reddit about the emulator project, though it may not get much traction as there hasn't been a post on 2 years, could also try posting on Spacesimgames. Make sure to keep the Facebook updated or make a Twitter site that has detailed updates for people to follow about the game. See if you can get streamers to stream the game on Twitch with details on how players can join the server. Make a Discord page for everyone to join, meet up, create events and or just get together.
  4. I really need to get back into plaything this, it's just I have had to much going on will probably need a tour for sure.
  5. Some people have reported getting blown up by Old Nick and A Bag of Coal, I'm guessing even if you mess up by accident on one of the missions Old Nick still takes that as being Naughty.
  6. It did this alot yesterday around this time, might be the xmas mission doing or something.
  7. I had a previous issue on my laptop to were I couldn't load up the net7 launcher the normal way, it seems to be a aero issue. However it is not just this game that has this issue, it is the entire windows 7 line as well as laptops more so then desktops. Posted below is a fix until the dev's he can figure out something. [color=#FF0000][b]SOLUTION 1:[/b][/color] Hover over the taskbar LaunchNet7 an press [color=#FFFF00][b]ALT + SPACE-BAR[/b][/color], then click [color=#d3d3d3][b]Maximize[/b][/color]. [color=#ff0000][b]SOLUTION[/b][/color][color=#FF0000][b] 2:[/b][/color] You can also right click on [i]LaunchNet7 on your desktop > select Properties > under Shortcut Tab > find Run: select [b][color=#0000FF]Maximized[/color][/b] instead of [b]Normal Window[/b].[/i]
  8. I tried what you said, unfortunately it didn't work so I still can't play the game. [color="#ff0000"][b]EDIT: I have a temp fix until you can find a solution for it.[/b][/color]
  9. It acts like it's starting to load, then nothing happen's I loaded it earlier today, however when I hover over the taskbar I can see the image of Net-7 when I click on it, it loads a blank screen. [b]EDIT: I uninstalled Net7, then reinstalled it however the older model's worked fine, the 1.9.9 and update 125 is when the problem started.[/b] [img]http://imageshack.us/a/img547/1824/unabletomaximizenet7.png[/img]
  10. I've been around since December 17th of 2009 on the forums, typed in Earth & Beyond on Google one day just to see what would happen. I still have my old copy of the game I bought from E/B Games for $8.99 and my official prima guide for $14.99 both are dust collectors right now.
  11. On the actual x-fire forum to be able to track ingame activity, the developers here would have to request this game be added to the list, they would also have to submit tracking data to xfire. There are two types of xfires one that clients and use an the other is for people of the games to use, to create the game files require to track the game from there server.
  12. only certain people seem to be able to recruit members, we should have a person from each timezone do it. PST, EST, GMT (UCT)
  13. It's just links to the three guides I did for new players so they do not have to search for them. Terran Enforcer Terran Tradesman Terran Scout
  14. It's just links to the three guides I did for new players so they do not have to search for them. Progen Warrior Progen Sentinel Progen Privateer
  15. It's just links to the three guides I did for new players so they do not have to search for them. Jenquai Defender Jenquai Explorer Jenquai Seeker
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