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  1. Why to on the ball Terrell, we can always count on you to make the DEV;s go Hmmm............   Thanks
  2. I rip it for the Components, then rip the part for the ores.
  3. I like Sloop's Idea. Tickets please, get your tickets to the greatest show in the Galaxy.
  4. Terrell, great walk through and trouble shooting on how to.
  5. This is a very good idea Lobevaser. Two thumbs up.
  6. I would also like to join "Lobster" in welcoming the new players. some of the links that are on the link that he provided no longer work, but the ones that do have some great information for the new and not so new players. Enjoy the game and if you need any help while playing just ask. You will find that this is a very helpful community.
  7. Well I for one do thank Magoo for all the help and advice he has given. I just wish that the few A$$hatz that was giving him a hard time in general chat would keep their comments to them selves; not one of them were out at the public Troller raid today. I agree with Mimir that it would be nice to get rid of the rotation and let all help with any raids. This community is too small to be isolationist. I enjoy when the GM's or DEV spawn things that require all to get involved' you have the chance to fight next to peeps that you would normally tip your hat to and say hi too. All I ask is if you have a cross word to say about some one, keep it were it belongs, a privet channel or to your self is better. That is my two cents.   Magoo, you can be my Wing-man anytime.   Team Work makes the Dream Work
  8. Very nice idea Terrell on the timer due to the random visits we are blessed with to see Megan, at times she is a needy little Minks at times.
  9. My condolences to his friends and family.We will miss him very much.
  10. Red, the main parts for the Bile weapons do not always drop, (Ten-Gu Carapace) and (Ten-Gu Ossien Matter). The Ten-Gu Nerve Bundle drops all the time. When the (Ten-Gu Carapace) and (Ten-Gu Ossien Matter) do drop they are random-ed off. As for the ammo samples they tend to go with the weapon winner that won it. as for the ammo parts just ask in market channel I know they will be given to you, if not just ask for me in any channel between 6 to 10 cdt and I'll give you some. The Gate raid is were more ammo parts drop, the fishbowl not so many.   Now loot protocall.... well that's a fish of a different color, Each group is a little different, I could be wrong but BI / Static / VGE run theirs with you can win 1 non-tradeable and one tradeable, and if no one X's up for an item it goes to FFA at the end of the other randoms. Public raids we run the random with one win and once everyone has won the rest is FFA.   Well I hope I was close on the above. I hope this helps you out. and if you have a feather and want to do a Gate raid you can reserve an item if it drops, just let other know what the item is.
  11. To answer your question on Shield, It has a higher Cap. To answer the question for the reactor no Breath of Life. To answer the question for the Bolas, store bought ammo parts and let guildies have it on their TE/TT first and the Smithers Wrath uses more energy which is best used for healing,
  12. For both of my TT's while used as a Healer in Raid:   1. Weapons:   a. Smugglers Recourse lvl 8 (Reactor cap +838)(Shield recharge 4.69).   b. Ya Zi Long Hellbore (Plasma de-buff)(Recharge Reactor 7.8).   c. Bolas (Turbo 40%) Missile energy conservation 40%).   d. Bile ML.   2. Shield    a. Proto lvl 9   86%, TT don't care about a recharge rate on shield.   3. Reactor.    a. Ambush / Supernova / Pieiades(lower sig)   4. Engine    a. Terran Advantage III (Boost ML range 45%)(reactor renewal 9.3%)(Improve ML handling 3.99 skill lvl)(HULL PATCH 3.99 skill lvl)   5. Devices    a. GreaseMonkey(to buff the group and others).    b. Ivory Ward.    c. Tactial Advantage Beta (shield cap 13.3%)(Reduce XP debt 26.60%)    d. Sal'li's Circle ( +28% PSI)(Hull damage control 143%)(Recharge shield +32.4%)    e. Chang Lung's Pride(if needed)    f. Profiler (when needed)    g. Martyr's Heart    h. NoS (Only when traveling)    i. Steingerd's Embrace (if we don't have a Battery)    j. AA Uhtag an.   There are many TT setup's that can be used, for me it works well. I only shoot when needed, remember we are not tanks but support, You will Die and if you don't your not doing your job correctly. if your Tank is getting hammered, don't worry about the shield keep his hull up, Hull patch is free and allows to to keep shooting; he can spam repair. if you try keeping his shield up you WILL die before him and he will be next. Yes he will cry about his shield :panic: , just tell him to Cowboy up and take it like a Progen.   Just my 2.5 cents worth and remember Enjoy the game.
  13. Moche, I do understand what you are saying, and I do remember in Live that you could take equipment out and then back in to get rid of the hack. But in my opinion that was an exploit in the game that they never corrected. I think if your hacked your hacked and should not be able to remove gear and put it back in to break the hack. That being said if your grinding mobs for to level a lower toon, your still farming mobs above your own combat level and would still get hacked. The Combat jobs from the ones I have done the hack does not stick as much due to your combat level being closer to the mob. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one. :D 
  14. For me, I used Terrans for builders due to the fact that there are no restrictions on class builds other then reactors. TE for Engines / TT for Components and Shields / TS for devices. Then there is Agrippa, PW/PP/PS  for that; also did it on all other classes so a total of nine toons of mine have done Agrippa. Yes I was board one week. But what ever you  choose for your builders, just have fun doing it.
  15. I'm sorry to do this, but I like the balance the way it is for hacking. If your soloing (150) and are attacking a mob that is 8 to 16 combat levels above yous, their hack will stick almost every time due to their combat level unless you have a PSI buff above 50. I like the change to Hacking & Biorepression improvement made for us players, it hits about 50/50 and it was at about 20/80 for the higher mobs. Just don't bit off more then you can handle Soloing, if you get hacked and slapped in the face then get a friend or hunt lower level mobs.   That's all I have to say about that
  16. I have found 38 of them and have translated them all, I put the one I saw missing in Jamoos in list in Golden Rod.     (1)  4091:  ''The periodic structure of the lattice allows only waves of certain wave lengths to propagate in any specified direction''.   (2)  4258:  ''The super field guides and organizes the original quantum field much in the same way primitive computers supply information''.   (3)  4447: "When the cut angle of the crystal is larger or when the crystal is tilted the two cones corresponding to different modes would overlap a certain differences in polarization disappear therefore a crystal can produce polarization-entangled photon pairs''.   (4)  4872: ''Or alternately a beam splitter since when spin was used to encode information we were able to change the basis by a simple polarization rotation or through the hadamard transformation''. (5)  4875:  ''Calcium or mercury - short-lived or intermediate states - direction of emitted photon with respect of the other uncertain - achievable collection efficiency very low - transitions go from a defined state of total angular momentum to another such state of lower energy''. (6)  5081:  ''The super field will arrange the forms of the original field''. (7)  5238: ''The second step toward teleportation would be to perform the necessary joint bell measurements on the photons and to randomly obtain one of the four possible bell results''.  (8)  5242: ''The quantum wave function which acts upon the original field this can be thought of as a super field''. (9)  5439:  ''It was also shown that entanglement can be teleported''. (10)  5451:  ''All the possible coherent ways in which two particles can be entangled are given by the four bell states (yes yes) (yes no) (no yes) (no no) to analyze the possibility of teleportation we need to create entangled photons''.   (11) 5437 "in such a reality then  teleportation would be obvious step one take an object and guarantee that some new object would have its same properties by forcing the two to share entangled pair of qubits". (12)  5988:  ''In conclusion implicate order ordains the continued search for races which have rejected imprecise cosmic views and evolved to states of higher trust for these are the forms which will generate the infinite power needed to ignite the consciousnesss of the universe''.  (13)  6009:  ''Photon pair sources - nonlinear optical effect - wave mixing - vertically polarized - horizontally polarized - photons with complementary relative polarizations - non centro-symmetric crystal - kpd liiothree linbothree bbo''    (14) 6125: "Here all of information contained in an object would be entangled according to quantum law and then transmitted classically as information allowing us to reconstitute any object". (15)  6177:  "Types of entanglement- energy-time - three-level atomic system with states initial intermediate final while the sum of the energies of both the photons emitted is very well defined the energy of each emitted photon is uncertain''. (16)  6333:  ''We are now working on a system in which the laser passes through the crystal many times. Laser action should create far more complicated entangled states''.  (17)  6541: ''Therefore implicate order suggests that the universe would be incomplete if the intelligence did not exist and that individual experience is what gives the universe its meaning''.  . (18)   6873:  ''The third category of implicate order would require some underlying cosmic intelligence one that supplies information and in doing so makes the process described here a sort of closed system which moves from a reality to the gate to an intelligence and then back to its reality''.  (19)  6902:  ''Let the flow of content become the new theory of the universe sometimes called the holomovement''.  (20)  6949:  ''Remember within implicate order everything is connected and every element reveals information about every other element (21)  7112:  ''In step three of the teleport we would transmit the results of the bell measurements classically and in step four we would preform one of the four unitary operations to obtain the original state"    (22) 7427:  MISSING TRANSLATION   (23)  7444:  "Photon pairs are emitted such that whenever a photon is emitted into one of the inner two modes its partner will be found in the opposite outer mode due to phase matching in the crystal".   (24) 7651: "Type of entanglement - time-bin - a light-pulse is split into two subsequent pulses a non-linear crystal aphoton pair is created either by pulse two with the phase determining the level of entanglement"'   (25) 7744; "Of photon a and photon b have no state of their own then they are entangled" (26)  7902:  ''A first category when in the totality of implicate order would be the original field itself and the movement of that original field''.  (27)  8032:  ''We propose to build such a gate and to engage ourselves in the feat of scanning an object or person in one place and extract its information while a perfect replica appears somewhere else instantaneously''.  (28)  8105:  ''Types of entanglement - momentum and mode - pair of spatial modes extracted from a non-linear crystal - a photon emitted into one of the inner modes finds a partner in the opposite outer mode''.  (29)  8148:  ''A number of two-level systems will work these include the spin states of certain particles polarization states of photons an atom's ground state as compare to that same atom's excited state certain types of microwaves''.  (30)  8446:  ''A type of implicate order was successfully observer when the hologram was viewed as a sort of dense information sink''. (31)  8545:  ''In other words the individual becomes the focus for a something that lies beyond the scope of humanity''. (32)  8744:  ''And in this instance relative polarizations are complementary meaning that if polarization of one is changed the polarization of the other one will change in the same manner''. (33)  8765:  ''Types of entanglement - poarizatio - the polarization of one beam rotated ninety before superposition crystal with optic axes at ninety or with photons already in different polarization mode''. (34)  8967:  ''We have also found that when two photons interfere they have only 25% likelihood of ending up in separate detectors here teleportation is successful and no additional transforms need to be performed''.   (35)  9012: "A type of total content may extend over the whole of space and time where this total content is itself a type of implicate order".   (36)  9511: "Who then insisted it was possible to force a system to be one state out of all the possible states it could have been in"? (37)  9642:  "If this crystal is birefringent then by choosing an appropriate cut and managing the refractive indices and wave velocities we have found that light can be emitted in specific directions". (38)  9884:  ''Entanglement then will be defined as a system of two states such that it is not possible to retrieve the value of one state without affecting the other''.     THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT
  17. No name change needed, just build more and you will learn use Data base to help out.
  18. I knew that something would happen once I saw Hampsterseven log in.
  19. Hmm....Getting off line; anyone else?  Hope the Gene Hunters will have mercy on my sole.
  20. Welcome back, I hope you find your way back into the swings of things. Any help you might need, just ask all are willing to help you will find out. Happy gaming.
  21. She was fun to raid with,   My condolences to her family.
  22. 10 toons 10 toons at 150 Main Toons played Syberfly  TE Sybersar  JE SyberTrader  TT Colen JD Syberspace PW   I do remember you Woodstock, and you too Brazen
  23. This is a good Idea Jet, I use a Barrier Of Ooze on toons when I am lvling them. it is great for when I'm in the Combat grind.
  24. For me that is the type of fields I love to mine, it all in the challenge. That is one thing i like about a JE, your able to fold the mob away so your able to clear the field. I always mine the Pop rocks first in order to make sure that I do  get the bonus.
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