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  1. warrior + healer combos work pretty well in my opinion (TE+TT / PW+TT / PW+PP) if you like the jenquai, 2 JD's would be a good combo as well, plus you'd end up doing most of your missions/quests together. If you go with 2 different classes, I recommend you each crate an alt of the same class as your partner and go through the first 10 levels in the starter sector together (that only takes 3-4 hours). Then once you each have 2 characters at L10, pick the class you want to play and meet up somewhere.
  2. Panda, the big 3 guilds have no intention of breaking their agreement at this time, no amount of polls will change that. You need to stop talking and start acting if you want to change things. Good luck to you sir, we're all looking to see what you can do. P.S. Public is on DT today and on RD base starting noon EST tomorrow, try not to use them for your example, that won't have much impact. P.P.S. There's no need for further replies to this post, we're all tired of talking about this, if you're gonna do something just do it.
  3. Panda, just start your own guild already and take down the triggers, the rotation agreement is between the big 3 guilds, if you are not part of the agreement, you are welcome to do as you please; of course the guilds may respond, this is not meant as a threat it's just a simple fact that if you take away the big 3's reason for complacency they will get more active about camping and taking down triggers, that's actually a good thing in my opinion. 20+ toons camping Troller sounds fun...laggy...but still fun . Don't kid yourself into thinking that because the rotation goes away that everyone is all of a sudden invited to raids. You can expect the big 3 to show up to every Troller with full groups. I think you forget that the public raiding rules are also a product of the rotation agreement it stands to reason those also go away without the rotation. There are no official rules that state everyone gets to participate in a raid. I know of only 2 requirements in the terms of service or expressed in posts by the staff: 1) you can't kill triggers knowing you can't finish the raid just to prevent others access to it 2) you can't interfere with other players' use of game content. So, if I have 1 group of guildies camping a spawn, we kill the trigger, we own the raid at that point, everyone else can leave. This is the harsh reality without the rotation agreement. This isn't meant as an endorsement for the raid agreement, I'm certainly not a fan and would like to see it go away, but be realistic on what removing it will achieve; the same people will still do most of the raiding. RD Base and DT may become more accessible, GoBB may end up the same, Troller will be completely camped by the more organized guilds, most players not in these guilds will have little access to Troller gear. Having said all that, I still vote for anarchy as I think that would be more fun for me ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!!!
  4. haha, great minds think alike, apologies for any plagiarism, i promise to split any profits from my post with you
  5. Mouli, just to set the correct expectations, the Advocate is the liaison between the players and the EMU staff. The rotation agreement is between the players, the staff have on many occasions stated they want nothing to do with it as long as there are no violations to the game's terms of service. I'm not saying this to discourage conversation about the rotation agreement (I've been reading the very lively thread about it today ), but the Advocate really doesn't have much say in how the agreement is enacted, carried out, or who's part of it. In my opinion the Advocate should be wary of getting involved in this very divisive topic (either way it goes, there will be unhappy people). That said, I certainly encourage you to get engaged in the rotation agreement discussions as a player and/or guild representative.
  6. Under the master account settings, there is a setting "A-Z Avatar List", this is very useful and makes sorting much easier. This setting is working correctly on the main avatar list on the left of the main screen, it also works correctly in the "Account Vault" combo-boxes, however it's not working on the "Team Vault" tab, would it be possible to carry this setting over to the Team Vault tab?
  7. Great job, I appreciate the quick turnaround.
  8. I have a couple of scenarios where I run into issues: 1) For L3-9 devices, each level contains more than 100 devices, you can add the "Usable by" filter to get this under 100 and that works in most cases. I've run into an issue here in the past where I might have been looking for a specific device, didn't remember the name but I knew I'd recognize it when I saw it so I wanted to see a list of all the devices for a particular level. 2) When working on your build list the "Show only items..." filter is not a part of the query to the server (doesn't count toward the 100 results). It would be useful if I could select the following: Category = Projectile Weapon Manufacturable = Yes Show only items... = I can't build Now I might only be missing 10 items, however I will get the 100 item limit message and will only get a partial result. There is a workaround, I can add the "Level" as well and that will get it under 100, but that means I have to run the search 9 times instead of once. Add in the other categories: Beam Weapon, Devices, Engine, Missile Launcher, Reactor, Shields and you end up with 63 queries you need to run instead of 7. I acknowledge that this isn't a bug it's more of a usability enhancement, either way the database search is a great tool and it gets the job done.
  9. Can you bump up the search result limit in the item database? Many searches return this result: Only the first 100 items are used for your query. Use name and category to finetune your search. Note: If you are using filters we do not return the first 100 filtered items - only the first 100 items were used for filtering, so your final result could be like (eg.) 3 items only. With new hardware, maybe this could be bumped up to 500 or 1000 without impacting performance too much?
  10. I had backed out of it, I just tried it now, it's showing up on the webpage so I guess all is good.
  11. Same question was asked in this thread:
  12. This looks a little suspicious, I was doing a donation and PayPal was converting it to BRL (Brazillian currency as far as I can tell). Is that expected behavior since you've done your server updates? I don't think I've seen that before. PayPal screen showed: "Conversion rate: 1 BRL = 0.3012 USD (R$165.98 BRL) This rate includes our currency conversion fee."
  13. Just my opinion here... 1) Raids - your premise that optimal group setups don't include jennies is faulty (that's not to say it's not possible, but it won't be an optimal group in most instances). Power management is still a problem for Terrans (again, it's not to say they can't be self sufficient but their effectiveness will drop to maybe 80% of what it could be if they had a jenny supplying them with power). Buffing is very specific to certain classes, (Jennies specialize in plasma, Terrans in impact, explorers in explosive, Progen in chem, etc.). Once you take mob deflects into consideration, a L8 debuff vs. a L9 can make a dps difference of 20 or 30% in certain situations. Your basic ya zi/flinger plasma deflect in the mid 40's just doesn't cut it against raid bosses. 2) Mining - I look at it this way, each miner class has a different approach to mining, they can each be best depending on the situation. If you want to mine a whole field that has a bunch of mid/high level mobs that are constantly harassing you, bring a PS and take them out. The TS is the strip miner...if you have a large undefended field, that's your best bet because of their hull size and speed. If you want to mine high level ores that are well guarded by high level mobs, bring a JE, fly in pick out the good stuff and be on your way before the mobs even notice you. 3) Seekers - I somewhat agree with you here, the JS is a hard class to play effectively(there's a handful of folks that play it well though), but at no time have I ever said...I really need a seeker in my raid group. Future raids that rely more heavily on energy setups may change this. 4) JD - it's the preferred class most people will pick for a raid group as a battery. You got high dps (comparable to a PW), energy sap is very useful for those power hungry terrans, it's as effective at grabbing aggro as PW's shield sap and that really helps keep the aggro off the healers (just remember to cloak after you use it). 5) Devices - A jenny with a Deadly focus (+30% recharge) and a Scutums (another +25%) makes a huge difference to all the guys with L8 reactors. Yes, they could use a Martyr's heart, but that's a device slot that they could be using for something else. It's not a device, but the Tractor-Repulser is a unique item to jennies, it's indispensable at mechanical raids. 6) Cloak - I don't have much to add here other than that there's only a handful of mobs that actually see thru cloak, I don't see a problem here. 7) Deflects - as far as I can see it's working fine, if you have 50 in your plasma deflect and you get shot with plasma, you will take 50% of the damage that you were hit with. For a jenny, maxing out deflects (to 72) is the difference between getting one-shot by the raid bosses and being able to take maybe 2 shots without dying, and that's usually just enough time to cloak. Deflects work the same way for all the classes.
  14. There's no energy leech on the JS. If you find combat slow/difficult on the seeker, try the JD for a while, you may find that more enjoyable. The JS is pretty hard to play as your first toon.
  15. - What negative effect? L9 RR+ = Increase Ship Signature 30% L9 Lazarus = "Equipment Damage Magnification - Engine" The lightning is OK if you only want to use your TS as a miner, just don't bring him to raids, an explorer without a Chili-Popper is a drag on the whole group. I've been burned by this a few times organizing raids, now I ask up front when someone is joining with an explorer and if they don't have a chili-popper, I ask them to bring a different toon. But I agree with your suggestion, for the effort put into that mission, I think it would be fair if the lightning were as good as the 200% RR+/Laz, it would at-least make you think about the choice for a bit....before finally choosing the Chili-Popper