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Sugestion: Buff underpowered / un-used abilities.

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So currently im lvling my 1 character (PW) before starting any others. As such this is mainly going to concern the PW but i know the general idea will affect all classes.


Buff abilities that are rarely used or are underpowered.


For the PW.


Self Distruct - pritty obvios, the damage done just doesnt justify effectivly destroying urself. A very significant buff to the damage and range would maybe make it usable.


Gravity Link - higher levels should add increased chance for targets affected to be critcaly hit by anyone.


Enrage - Highest level should be an AOE enrage, similar to Shield Nova or Sapping Sphere. Should be a good QoL buff for tanks at end game.


Shield Inversion - When the ingame item buff to SI is working (waiting on next publish), the shield drain cost of Si will no longer be an issue, however the damage it does is an issue as it is to low at end game. Sugest boosting Si damage at max level.


The one skill every PW uses alot is shield sap, but the rest, dont get as much use, if any.

Gravity link is usfull for kiteing, but thats it.

Enrage is single target and only usfull for tanks at end game specifical,even then its 1 target at a time.

Shield inversion currently isnt worth the shield drain, even with a working 'improved shield inversion' buff, the damage it adds at end game is low.

And self destruct, i never see used at all, its damage is laughable even at max level.


Making other abilties for all classes more appealing will make skill point allocation more difficult, and allow for proper build diversity.



What you all think ?

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Gravity link already has a useful buff at higher levels, it adds 30% to impact damage.  In raids it's key to keeping mobs close to the group, most raid mobs hover at 4.1 K from their target, this is fine for Progens and Terrans, but it's barely in range for Jenquai, beams start to lose damage at 50% of their range (i.e. if you have a beam that does 1000 damage and has a range of 4K, that beam will do 1000 damage if the target is between 0 and 2K from you, then it starts to gradually lose power, at 4K the damage is down to 500).  Many de-buffs that your group is going to use on the target (shield sap/hacking/weaken psi resistance/etc) have a range of 2.5K so the longer you keep the mob in that range the better.  It's difficult to measure the benefits of grav link, but it's already a very powerful skill that can amplify the effectiveness of an entire group if used properly.


At end game, shield inversion is useful for farming low level mobs for faction, PW starts with the worst RD faction, but has the most effective skill to fix it.  Also, shield inversion can cause lag during raids, we usually discourage players from using it with a lot of mobs and a lot of players in the same area.


I agree that Self Destruct is pretty useless, and I don't think Enrage even works, if it does, the land rate on 66's is so low it's really not worth using.


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Grav link is pretty good combine that with cassels wither and you get a huge debuff, also grav link debuffs explosive aswell.

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