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  1. My main in EnB Live was the TE, so I made a point to start with that character again for nostalgia sake. Starting out is always rough, but having a good supportive guild helps. A lot of times, there are very experienced players with vaults full of good gear. They like to help out new players...so keep that in mind. To get you going...you have to have the mindset of a kiter. The key to playing the Terran Enforcer is speed and range. Start by firing your missiles at the target from a distance while flying towards them, hit them with the Rada, and fly away from them. If your Rada was successful, maintain maximum distance until the target dies. If it wasn't, fly back in and hit them with the Rada again. The Rada isn't the best debuffing device as Ravina said, but it is definitely useable. I used that for 8 months before a guildy gave me a hellbore. Also avoid the Tengu like the plague (pun on Desash the Plague?) until you feel confident with your kiting abilities. The voltoi are the easiest mobs to farm and offer good money in exchange for their loot. Fill up your hold and then dock at the station in Anteres and put them in your vault...rinse and repeat. Also, see how EMP damage does against volitoi...it’s been awhile since I last hunted them. (But EMP is great against shield based mobs.) Try to get your hands on missile energy conservation devices... Maximize your thrust speed... (NOS device is great for that.) Look for missile range extending devices/missile launchers. Contained Voltoi Essenses (12% turbo) are extremely common and I am sure someone would be happy to give you one. Farm a Martyr's heart to help restore reactor energy for times when you are out of juice... You can always message me in the game too... My avatar name includes some variation of Blackmercenary(PW/JD/TT/TS/JE/PS/PP)
  2. Wow, if that is the cap...I don't think anyone could actually hit that. Thanks karu.
  3. This is not about bragging, just curious how much 1 single character has amassed before and if a cap has been hit? World of Warcraft used to have limits on credits. I have had 2 billion on a character before. I am not sure there is a reason to really go super high in credits since there isn't a lot to spend them on.
  4. Are there any plans to enable the buffs that come with the Asperity of the Master? Damage Diffusion (Equip) Anti-Matter Charge (Equip)
  5. Hi, While we were gathering for controller today, a player accidentally folded the trigger away. The NPC disappeared and we were unable to start the raid. Is there any help that we can get to restore the trigger? Is there any way to block that sort of thing happening again? Maybe he is immune to fold, summon, etc. Thanks, Blackmercenary
  6. When that happened to me, I cleared out the contents of C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\LauncherNet7\. Net-7 then re-downloaded the proper files. Owner = your user name.
  7. Loot lite would be awesome. Maybe have the item's percentage too.
  8. Yeah I am sorry, but you clearly egged him on based on this text. 1) You first questioned his presence and were aggressive. (You didn't need to say a word unless he started kill stealing.) But you felt the need to establish your authority. 2) You abused your DEV privileges. i) Since you aren't logged in as a dev, he isn't dissenting to a staff member. BECAUSE YOU ARE A PLAYER! Plus you egged him on. ii) You booted him while on a normal character. What if the rest of the players could boot each other anytime someone said something they didn't like?
  9. Hi, Over the past week and half I have been having issues with rebounding and characters not being in sync with each other when multi-boxing. It will appears as if some of my toons are far away from each other or frozen even though they are in formation. Is there anything that I can do to fix this? I have talked to a couple of my friends in game and some of them are experiencing this problem and others are not. Thanks, Blackmercenary
  10. I am an officer in Builders Inc, not as high as Flip. But, you have seen me be transparent about the current state of the big 3 and the game. I have openly said the raid rotation should die. As Ravina (another officer in Builders Inc) said, this discussion comes up every couple of months and it is doesn't go anywhere. The guild leaders of the big 3 either don't want the change or are no longer active enough to voice their opinion. Most of the people who voted for keeping the raid rotation in Builders Inc, don't actively play anymore. We are only officers in our guild and don't make decisions for the guild. I think Flip's suggestion of taking down triggers to force something to happen is the best route. Work together as a server and eventually the raid rotation will be forgotten.
  11. We need to honestly answer this question.
  12. A DEV shouldn't have to ask you to edit insults out of your own posts. They shouldn't be there, especially from someone representing the player base. You should try to remain neutral in the discussion. But, it seems all to common a theme when someone offers a counter viewpoint. Ravina/Hawat/myself used to take down all of the triggers in the game with just 6 toons with minimal deaths. The controller was the easiest. Just to note, the PRS doesn't need to be fancy. The DEV spawned ones have a lot of extra miscellaneous mobs. If the DEVs wanted to put an NPC next to the spawn location of the current raid which required the players to submit certain resources/money to spawn the boss, that would be the simplest solution on paper. You wouldn't have to change the raid location or the mobs AI. So if we went with this math, 50% of the 33 players is made up by the "big 6". So that comes to 16.5 players belong to big guilds, if you divide that by 6, than that would leave you with 2.75 players per big guild. So we need a raid rotation for 2.75 players in the big guilds? Instead of 16.5 players working together with other half of the equation (16.5 public)?
  13. Honestly, I have no problem with you attempting to help out in the position and obviously filling more roles. But, you have no authority to decide what the terms of the raid rotation are. In your posts, you have stated that the raid rotation will remain until it's figured out. You don't have that power. The power belongs to the playerbase who you represent, the people who nominated you, and only if they agree on those terms. But keeping the raid rotation to appease a minority (the big 3) based on your own self perceived authority is ridiculous, especially when it alienates the majority of public players. I have seen so many raid triggers wasted and the most coveted hoarded by only 2-5 people. Having the playerbase challenge the raid rotation will cause the guild leaders of the "big three" to wake up and actually start negotiating. You can't try to slowly move into something more favorable for the public because the topic will just die and the playerbase will go another year without a proper resolution. It's time to put the big 3 on the hot seat, because they don't have the numbers to justify their exclusivity anymore. From the advocate standpoint, the best thing that you could do is convince the DEV's that the problem is indeed their problem and not a player one. Other games have instanced dungeons for a reason, because timed encounters are exclusive by nature. The DEV's said they would think about implementing a player initiated PRS in one of the meeting notes that you provided. One where a player could summon the raid themselves. What is the status of that?
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