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  1. Wasted Triggers !

    I am an officer in Builders Inc, not as high as Flip. But, you have seen me be transparent about the current state of the big 3 and the game. I have openly said the raid rotation should die. As Ravina (another officer in Builders Inc) said, this discussion comes up every couple of months and it is doesn't go anywhere. The guild leaders of the big 3 either don't want the change or are no longer active enough to voice their opinion. Most of the people who voted for keeping the raid rotation in Builders Inc, don't actively play anymore. We are only officers in our guild and don't make decisions for the guild. I think Flip's suggestion of taking down triggers to force something to happen is the best route. Work together as a server and eventually the raid rotation will be forgotten.
  2. Players Advocate Role

    I agree with Flip. It's one thing to try to help facilitate the discussion of the raid rotation, but it's another to state that you have the final say over the matter. The advocate is supposed to listen to different points of view, gather an overall consensus, and then have the playerbase vote on the most popular view. He then takes the decided upon viewpoint to the Devs for discussion and then "advocates" on playerbase's behalf. So far individuals with opposing viewpoints have been openly insulted and their viewpoints dismissed. The Advocate has also been biased towards his own views and touted his authority over the matter.
  3. Wasted Triggers !

    We need to honestly answer this question.
  4. Wasted Triggers !

    A DEV shouldn't have to ask you to edit insults out of your own posts. They shouldn't be there, especially from someone representing the player base. You should try to remain neutral in the discussion. But, it seems all to common a theme when someone offers a counter viewpoint. Ravina/Hawat/myself used to take down all of the triggers in the game with just 6 toons with minimal deaths. The controller was the easiest. Just to note, the PRS doesn't need to be fancy. The DEV spawned ones have a lot of extra miscellaneous mobs. If the DEVs wanted to put an NPC next to the spawn location of the current raid which required the players to submit certain resources/money to spawn the boss, that would be the simplest solution on paper. You wouldn't have to change the raid location or the mobs AI. So if we went with this math, 50% of the 33 players is made up by the "big 6". So that comes to 16.5 players belong to big guilds, if you divide that by 6, than that would leave you with 2.75 players per big guild. So we need a raid rotation for 2.75 players in the big guilds? Instead of 16.5 players working together with other half of the equation (16.5 public)?
  5. Wasted Triggers !

    Honestly, I have no problem with you attempting to help out in the position and obviously filling more roles. But, you have no authority to decide what the terms of the raid rotation are. In your posts, you have stated that the raid rotation will remain until it's figured out. You don't have that power. The power belongs to the playerbase who you represent, the people who nominated you, and only if they agree on those terms. But keeping the raid rotation to appease a minority (the big 3) based on your own self perceived authority is ridiculous, especially when it alienates the majority of public players. I have seen so many raid triggers wasted and the most coveted hoarded by only 2-5 people. Having the playerbase challenge the raid rotation will cause the guild leaders of the "big three" to wake up and actually start negotiating. You can't try to slowly move into something more favorable for the public because the topic will just die and the playerbase will go another year without a proper resolution. It's time to put the big 3 on the hot seat, because they don't have the numbers to justify their exclusivity anymore. From the advocate standpoint, the best thing that you could do is convince the DEV's that the problem is indeed their problem and not a player one. Other games have instanced dungeons for a reason, because timed encounters are exclusive by nature. The DEV's said they would think about implementing a player initiated PRS in one of the meeting notes that you provided. One where a player could summon the raid themselves. What is the status of that?
  6. Wasted Triggers !

    The role of the advocate is to represent the playerbase's interests before the Devs. Nothing more.
  7. Wasted Triggers !

    Look, the raid rotation needs to die. The big guilds don't have enough players to justify their claims. VGE struggles with taking down their triggers in a timely manner. VGE would regularly run up to the last minute before change over. Static would leave their triggers up for most of the week. Builder's Inc (my guild) would have to multi-box consistently and still attendance was a constant problem. It's time to drop this hording of loot rotation and work together as a server. VGE/Static/Builders Inc are not capable of competing with the public in terms of numbers. At this point, they just want exclusive access to loot. With the numbers being what they are, no guild deserves exclusive access to loot anymore. Work together. -Blackmercenary
  8. Wasted Triggers !

    I think that idea is great. The hardest part for the casual player is getting the raid time to work. It also takes longer to get everyone together for the public raid. This would give everyone a time to schedule around and hopefully be ready to raid sooner.
  9. Wasted Triggers !

    I am an Officer in Builders Inc. I led a lot of our raids consistently for 6 months or more after all of the other guild officers got burnt out and then I finally got burnt out with the lack of participation from other officers and also guildies. I haven't played consistently in about 2 months, but I come back from time to time to chat. The guild channel is usually dead and hardly anybody is on. I talked to Astro about why he left Builders Inc for Damage Inc and it's because no one was ever online. I remain in Builders Inc because the rotation still stands and it gives me the ability to invite public/Damage inc members to our raids. But, it sure is lonely staying in a guild that isn't active anymore. I personally think the raid rotation should be dissolved at this point and everyone should actively work together. The game population is so low that there is no point in fighting amongst each other for raid triggers. We should be trying to form a group of friends that enjoy helping each other out. Tsunami has been good at honoring the raid rotation, but I think it's time to challenge it for the good of the community. Work together, keep this game going. -Blackmercenary
  10. Don't think there is a need to insult him. You are advocate, you need to be able to hear both sides of the story and try to remain unbiased. Also, in the world of security you usually start off with a more restrictive environment and then you grant access as needed. I mention this because it would be a bummer if someone accidentally looted a non-tradeable item because FFA was on by default.
  11. Raid Rotation

    Gunney, I don't think you are getting the point. The controller trigger was killed on the public's week. If it's killed during Static's week (next week), then the rotation is definitely compromised. Right now nothing has changed. Use your brain, it's not that hard.
  12. Advocate nomination

    I vote for Mouli
  13. Raid Rotation

    The easiest way is to just use different devices that don't share the same ISP.
  14. Raid Rotation

    Your questions have been answered. There is no simple explaination of why this game is dieing. (Hell Live already died for a reason) If the big guilds, which they are compared to the regular representation by the public, are struggling to find content with the game, why wouldn't everyone else struggle? Also the raid rotation is not stopping regular public raiders from loot. I have seen people from the public with multiple skull shields amongst their alts. Raid timers don't work which is why they are virtually non-existent in modern MMOs. Time zones alienate people, guild sizes alienate people, everything that deals with time based spawns alienates people. Now a small minority would like to displace the majority. Where is our player advocate? I think it would be nice to vote on what's most important to the progression of the game. New content or fixing existing content availability? We need the Devs to weigh in on the feasibility of triggers.
  15. Raid Rotation

    What guild are you in panda? What's your agenda besides complaining. You offer no constructive solutions and present no solid facts. Most of your posts are negative in nature and offer solutions that typically alienate someone and don't solve the problem. There is a reason why you are negative in rating. Let those invested in the community handle this and go on to troll another game. I am sure there are larger audiences for your enjoyment.