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  1. still can't get the demo to install. would it work better if I could find some original game disks?
  2. I've tried, there's no "cancel" or "skip" buttons, you just hit "Ok" a few times and the program shuts down. there's nothing to continue the installation.
  3. Read through the faq on how to get this up and running but I can't get past the first step. I'm running a window 7 32 bit OS, and i've tried running as administrator and disabling windows defender, but when I double click the demo installer it asks me for a product key from fileplanet.com, and the only options it gives is "Ok" which tries to launch a website (www.fileplanet.com/betas/eandb.aspx) which gives me a error "http://www.fileplanet.com/betas/eandb.aspx application not found" which has an "ok" button, and if you click that you get another error message that says "could not execute the external program "http://www.fileplanet.com/betas/eandb.aspx" and then you get another "ok" button... and if you click that, it kicks me back to the desktop and nothing else happens. I've tried downloading the file from a couple different locations to see if that would fix it, but they both do the same thing.
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