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  1. As for the dead websites, the wayback machine might be useful. You just have to know that the content is "as was" and the links towards database items aren't working as the snapshot of the website does not include the said database. I am not able to test wether it is efficient for EnBarsenal as my employer does not want me to browse gaming related websites
  2. I was able to play a few minutes but it went offline again. Kyp said on FB they are aware of the issue and working on it.
  3. I believe Astro has remained logged on for several hours. This is Flam btw.
  4. @YetiGBR1 Thank you. My impatience will one day be the cause of my demise.
  5. Thanks for the answer but I believe my issue is different. After getting a login issue, which I understand now was normal, I tinkered a bit trying to reinstall the game and the launcher and now the game does not execute anymore.
  6. Hello ! Since this morning, hitting "play" in the lancher has no effect at all. The client.exe path is correct. Executing client.exe works fine as well. Any suggestions ?
  7. I think the server crashed a few minutes ago
  8. I understand wipes may be necessary but imho they should happen only in last resort. Some of us spent a lot of time leveling and gearing up several characters and I for one know that I would take a break before redoing it again. I will (would) be coming back at some point tough. I believe the risk of losing disappointed players is very real, specially considering that nowadays many of the online characters are dual or tri boxes.
  9. Yes, my 150 PP is eagerly waiting for getting another lv4 SS ontop of the 200% my TE built her weeks ago, just incase her BS8 takes too much damage. I am in no way thinking about the new progen players who wonder why the mobs keep seeing them from the other side of the map.
  10. Hi, I noticed 2 kind of minor issues that could possibly be resolved. This is just a suggestion, of course and I am not claiming I am offering the best solution for them, improvements are of course welcome. 1. Build ammo for PS / TS I think most of us will agree that getting PM ammo can be a pain at times if you don't have a main for crafting them for your alt (or nice guildies). I even met some people who didn't bother with pm ammo and were using storebough. I was thinking of adding a new skill that would allow those 2 classes to build up to 4 ammo kinds (considering they get 4 gun slots and might want to use a different gun in each slot). The skill upgrade requirements could somewhat depend on the hull upgrades. The player would be able to analyse and build up to 4 different ammo, and would have the option to delete the known ammo list for learning a new set. 2. Making the Solar sail engine a quest reward A moderately long / hard quest, primarily aimed for progen who often have a hard time lowering their signature. Either a quest chain rewarding the player with a 200% lv 2 / 3 / 4 Solar Sail. Most of us know that the control bar can be hard to get (the lv1 debris are not that much of an issue in my opinion). I was thinking of asking the progen players to explore the new progen trade routes and eventually reward them with a SS engine after 1/2 runs. I don't know what they are and wether it would be possible, tough. The point would be to mix exploration of some kind with getting a nice useful reward.
  11. Yes I was, I finally read the sticky posts about the common issues, silly me. Thank you C-Del and sorry again for the trouble.
  12. Thank you, sorry again for the trouble.
  13. Edit : all fixed now ... I panicked for nothing
  14. Anybody able to help ? I created another account and it suffers from the same symptoms
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