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  1. * I R Unique! * ^_^ * Our guild leader is aware of this unanimous descion, be it political or not.* guild; von corps founder; ammocomp second in comand;killerklyde
  2. I say move the server to Texas! sense i have grade A quality line running to and from them in the southern parts of the states and have broadband with Cox Communications. :)   I just have to ask but this is regarding server issues, Wed night on the 14 of March between 8pm "winter time" to 11pm "winter time" even though iam c/n usa...The server ran SMOOTHER at those times. the ctd, temrinal freezes,server hand offs were once in a blue moon type of thing for me and was very differn't that night. Im not sure if it was the same for others but if you changed somthing route was please let me know, i should have posted this immideatly when i notice this change on my connection anyway hopefully it continues to ride like this for another day or so but i work so i cant log in everyday during meganhour. xD   :edit: there were also a recorded number of 399 players online and the server still run almost as normal as it should for me once again sense st4.
  3.   It wouldn't qualify has being a real exploit if you get nothign free out of it :) Players are clearly welling to earn that extra build increase to evolve into a more advanced builder kinda like role playing. Thus they choose to blow money and time to make better builds. Where as the option to loot temrinal controllers to increase builds and analyzing stuff already exist in game there for a player can choose how he goes about building things still in the long run. Thats what the devs want us to always have some kind of alternative choice in game I figured. :) Now im not rich by far but for now I just use temrinal controllers and devices to help my buiild increase as intended. :P
  4. So what your telling me is that based on the game satistics from net-7 via your website that at the time of the snapshot there was 100 users stuck or logged in at character selection screen within a few hrsfrom DT, while 50 players made it successfully pass the character screen to be fully logged in and recorded by w/e instrument it records the data by? The numbers are just questionable because If you know whats going on then please spill the beans for me. lol
  5. Ok why hasn't anyone mentioned that between "Megan Hour" there has been a raise in logins thus when u check server status on net-7 game satistics or the client launcher it clearly represent a good 3oo-399 players on a busy night for a good hr or so thus i also check average player in sector... and it reads as follows 17 in cooper, 18 in glenn, 11 in argoth, then 1,2,1,2 everywhere else. Thats still not enough to show the full amount and doesnt add up.  I would like to know why the 300+ loggined players and there connection has to be good in order for the count to be accurate when we checks server status right? but where the hell are these players? and why doesn't the game statics on net-7 show them as being logged in during megan hour? The only thing that looks accurate was the server % number during character selection which was 65% full. 0.o   I'm attaching to files for proof that something is a mess and this is right after the patch of today.  
  6. Is someone gonna get the ball rolling on this? I have locked my self up 3 times in a row, one try right after the next (when /endtalk fails on site use reboot client) back to the same temrinal on same station during god knwos what lag load and that to me clearly states that the terminals are just unstable this has started to affect me right after the 1st or 2nd latest patch of thsi year! mkay? k :) if i decided to play a days worth of enb and just run jobs the temrinal windows lock up maybe 20 times on me its just not playable like that. I get that mixed with the usual gate crashes it ruins my day quickly or fustrates me hard to find any fun when u have server issues liek that. Which where not even appeared to me last year. How i know its a global problem is because other players mention it quit often too they usual log off on purpose to avoide using drastic measures thats sad in my oppinon. :(
  7.   Wow...Thank you Zachman it worked I deleted the global.th6 file for the 1st time and all my problem solving experinces with the client and run the net-7 launcher and then poof i get an update just for the net-7 proxy and after it updated successfully i tried logging in and it worked iam astonished. xD Thank you   Ofcourse I probably should have also mentioned that the client read proxy version 1.9.9 and at the bottom corner 368 now its 369 but yeah :) Im happly flying again!
  8. well server shows its up online 176 players currently and i still cant get passed the login screen suxs :( that must be 167 who reinstalled the game bah
  9. well not getting any luck at my friends place so i move back over to home and now its not working here too. Some how between yesterday and today the client got messed up and ctd when login so this needs t be fixed. Like something in net-7 or client got corrupt but i wish i could veryify what file or certificate be it may but i can't cuz idk the client structure that well.
  10. I just checked and don't have any option to choose a differn't ip then the only one thats set in the window box. I used force update, inv 300, install certificate and still no change is there anything i can edit in the files that has info or saved network info that relates to the server recognizing my new ip or something? The problem is on my side ofcourse I just need to know if theres a possiblity to fixing this without reinstalling the client. I shouldn't have to reinstall this client everytime I change networks right?
  11. I need help, I bounced around to another friends place and successfully connected to his modem so i have internet on my laptop. What I notice is when I try to login to EnB client It always just kicks me off and i have to manually terminate client in background cuz it hangs. Anyway Im thinking its not happy when i changed IP addresses so I don't see why we can't login with a new IP address? At least back in the stress test days if I recall they only allowed 1 account per IP so Im positive theres nothing else wrong with the client as it worked fine yesterday at my home. Is the reason why its not wanting to execpt my log in is because i changed IPs or is there away to tell the client that this is my new IP and u execpt it so i can fully log in?
  12. Orga1


    [quote name='Toaster' timestamp='1329609625' post='53994'] My system specs were listed on the previous page. Please read the entire thread before responding. [/quote] Toaster I responded because I stand corrected. You don't need a choke for your quad core.
  13. Orga1


    Why not implement a Payday skill or device strictly for the JT and when solo or in a group you target a mob, The skill just allows the mob when dead to dispense a better range of credits to just the player if solo or to entire group because looting a mob and getting 500 credits that was cl 50+ doesn't seem to be a worthy amount to a group of players as is. Sense the JT is part trader increase credit amount when killing mobs would fit it's role nicely and if the JT builds the effect, then the more bonus credits you get from killing mob. The JT doesn't need to relay on job terminals all the time to make credits or sell loot like progen to make credits it could be part of it's profession. The benefit of this ability is to bring in more players that are tired of running jobs or earning credits the normal way and helps to provide group therapy while enjoying prosperous player to player interactions. If I'm a te and I know this JT has the ability to increase my profits from killing just mobs, while the JT can benefits from the te's combat xp, then both benefits would connect in fair play I believe. If progens can't build Jenquai stuff then the same should go for the JT if any new build skills are added to it. That only helps to balance the game ofcourse.
  14. I would recommended this only because last ST3 when i had more time to play I mean test for days on end. I notice something very odd about how the mechanics of it stored player data. Lets Say i target a cl 66 mobs now at lvl 150 and cl being at 50 exactly not over the cl 66 mob, it reminds a tough one to solo. Now lets say we raise the bar and over dinged on the cl to 70 cause we have a bored TE flying around killing nothing but cl 66s not beefed up yet how can one do that? This was dating back to ST3. My theory the system adds on and it keeps virtual track of the strength points i guess not to mention the increase skill effects that say, increase X ability by 0.11skill points those go up in number i believe. So in away that isn't being psychically tracked by players but the mechanics or the game is still is keeping track of those over ding numbers. I don't know how but i witness this awhile back. I believe it's still working that way because I know a guild m8 who's cl if registered would be like 89 and he can practically solo anything cl 60 to cl66 and it just adds on to the strength of his skills and w/e makes the mob weaker to higher cls. Just an example of course the fb has been tweaked where he brings a group with him now but it's crazy, my only explanation why we should see psychically track numbers and why raids who the players might be above cl 50 can clear 1 out quicker then they normally would at cl50. Not to mention the dps that would still increase with those high lvl gears.
  15. [quote name='Aus' timestamp='1329530669' post='53925'] One of the big problems for me was the GM's, which were some of the worst I have ever seen. The three strikes policy was excessively cruel. For instance, lets say you told someone to go blank themselves three times, it would be 3 days, 2 weeks, then permanent ban. Besides that and the fact that EA killed the game, it was a ton of fun. [/quote] That brings back silly memories of my experience with the GMs... I got busted for KSing some random player in Cygni 61 when it was a lot more spacious content wise and had a mob spore boss and lot more navs anyway no remembers that apparently. So they they didn't suspended or ban me they just sent my toon to solitary confinement (AKA the black hole) where I can log on when i wish, but there would be loads of cl 66s mobs waiting to spawn in that black void of nothingness to target and pop my ship which added more debt every time i logged in. So i decided to log off until i talked to the head GM and straighten things out then they moved my toon back into regular universe, but it was funny at the time and supposedly a lesson learned LMAO.
  16. Orga1


    [quote name='Toaster' timestamp='1329371402' post='53825'] At idle on all three characters the data volume hovered between 500 and 800. I went over to Ten-Gu Observation Nav 1 to check on Desash and start some combat. I killed Desash and gathered about 6 other Ten-gu and went about my usual debuff and shield sap routine. The data volume started to go up. By the time group sap had gone off and Shield Nova was activated the Data Volume on my PW was fluctuating between 5000 and 6000. The Data load on my TT healer was around 2.5k and the cloaked JD looter about 2k. I then went to Ten-gu Observation Nav 3 where there is a larger concentration of fish. I went about gathering up 15 or so Ten-gu and watched the data volume increase steadily on my warrior to about 4000. I started Debuffing and Sapping the group and the Data Volume began to spike at 8000. After 3 or 4 fish died, more began to spawn and the lag started increasing. The data Volume fluctuated wildly between about 5500 and 8000. At this point the PW is useless because the lag had taken over the client. The TT was reading at roughly 2500 during this time while healing the PW and the cloaked JD looter was sitting between 2.5 and 3k. Just for fun I grabbed some aggro with the TT and it's data volume started to increase to about 4500 or so. [/quote] No No this is what iam taking about... I've told everyone by now that my video card 8400gs is a crap card, only 8 pipelines what more can i work with and a dual-core cpu? But YOU!... in order to experience it further in time this lag u have to reach 5-6,000 VD rates before ur client can't handle it and let me guess u have a quad-core processor installed to with stand such numbers? You might have explained your testing in detail but u didn't compare it to other system hardware specs. I think it's a multitude of processor getting flooded with data packets and poor video capabilities that put's my client at a disadvantage. if you lag until 3-5000 VD rate then you don't need a choke for your quad-core! >_< So what gpu do u have installed? To help straighten this lil difference out. I still lag at or above 1,500 VD rates.
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    I don't know how the ai's of these mobs are setup in this game, but i googled and found a forum discussing this. not to mention it's old enough to match the earth and beyond era when it fist began. [b][i]"I'm not exactly sure if it works the same in all games, but a recent MMORPG(2002) was talking about its AI for monsters and said it worked by having a certain amount of slots in each monster's intelligence. Smarter humanoid like monsters having more slots than say a big giant thing. In each slot, a parameter would be filled depending on certain things they player did, certain items they used, and certain items/colors they wore and the monster would act upon these. Once all slots were filled, they would start to recycle. Probably not how it works in all games though."[/i][/b] Is it possible the mobs if using this kind of mechanics has infinite amount of slots to keep from filling up, so much data that it can recall my toons position and argo me automatically after I previously rebooted my client in middle of combat? I assume In order for a mob to recall something it must send a checklist to me, by pinging a lot of data to the client or player that sends up a red flag saying I'm a hostile no? I wonder how they keep my info when logged off so that whenever i log on again, they can target me automatically? [url="http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33775574"]http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33775574[/url] @ Ryle... did you test that w/o packet optimization option on?
  18. I for one sympathize for jumpstart, his got 1 job and has to spend most of his time crammed in that wee ship of his. Besides dirty magazines, thats definitely one way to use your spare time wisely when your on the clock.
  19. Question! Is Lonny, Donny and Gunter Elfman giving out Chewy Heart Candies, Elfman Heart Pops(lolipops), and and frosted heart cookies this year round?
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    [quote name='Rezwalker' timestamp='1329190070' post='53683'] [font=Arial]It’s been said before, numerous times, and has fallen on deaf ears, but I feel compelled to open my big mouth and say it again, MOB SCAN and MASS AGRO is creating the heavy data loads, and now with all the mob skill spams has made it worse.[/font]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t]t] Rez over and out........ [/quote] I'm with Rez on this one I blame the AI's scripting, hell the mob may not even see me but if it's argo my volume data builds and then STICKS without dropping or bottlenecks w/e u want to call the process.So u get old data added on top of new data and overloads my client and possible my cpu at best. Then Causes my client to malfunctioned and crash or /quite no other way it's like a lag gravity well, sucks you in and u can't get out without resetting connection to your server. lol I have logged off and back on in same spot same mobs from reboot attack me again i never argoed them but it's in the scripts i suppose to atk me where ever i'm located LMAO in the sector. Anyway needless to say, i logged in that gravity lag well and the VD spiked instantly from 2-3k within 10 secs of logging in not 10mins. I'm not exaggerating the readings if the readings are correct then latency had nothing to do with this test run. I was wondering if the network status needs to be updated, because the readings may not be as accurate as predicted? Also i notice a few volume data spikes when engaging in warp usual near bigger objects but those slowly die off not stick like in combat. The mining I'm trying to figure out that one not as bad it probably builds but when i scan mutliple navs with Ctrl +D in the sector then i get a instant spike in volume data that starts to build then slowly dies down. Well if ur using ctrl + d to mine lots of targets then that would make sense. So here's my pics I hope they hep. Anything below 1k VD is safe anything above is BAD. [img]http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc166/Thanatos_015/Earth%20and%20Beyond/567fa8dd.jpg[/img]g]g]G] [img]http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc166/Thanatos_015/Earth%20and%20Beyond/5116da82.jpg[/img]g]g]G] [img]http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc166/Thanatos_015/Earth%20and%20Beyond/9aa70613.jpg[/img]g]g]G] [img]http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc166/Thanatos_015/Earth%20and%20Beyond/5ee7700d.jpg[/img]g]g]
  21. There was once an open source unique prototype music player for eve-online, the player was ingrated into one of the games gui main features. from their you could access music in-game through the menu but thats been long gone sense. I'm welling to try this out, is the patch still compatible with the recent client anyone know?
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    [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1329137891' post='53637'] I have been running tests with 30 mobs with updates switched to max and no lag. I'm running a pretty new PC with a high end graphics card - although I have noticed the game doesn't run very well on the old laptop these days (at least, not as well as it used to) - I overrode the recommended settings which could be it. Could you let me know exactly which mob groups are causing this for you both please? Location (sector and closest nav), and mob type/s. ta, TB [/quote] Chavez, venus, ceres 1 & 2, Mist runner/lords Freya, Freya feild 2, and merus milia bombers/fighters ect... near DCO station in ABG I was accused that this lag was caused by my connection, and I have been experincing and tolerating this between last year of August up until now. It seems everyone is now experincing the same problem. My idea of what could be causing it was either a shading/rendering issue or a polygon collision with the mobs in game with memory leaks when the entites who are hostile getting closer and at the max distance my weapons can fire. I can say it doesn't just lag it could in some cases disconnect your connection or crash ur client if u allow it to continue. I've lost connection without warning also a ctd in glenn when faction farming just because over 15+ mobs wanted to agress me. I probably could handle them, but not when my targeting is seriosuly lagging/freezing up and its not very helpful in these heated conditions. Also this happens when I mine gas clouds, clouds can range from 7-20 in any field and if they are clustered up like crop stalks then it decreases my speed and lags like heck untill i clear the cluster of gases or move away from the heavy loaded motions of the entity's on screen. I've also notice that when warping for to long and not docing or rebooting the client, the sprites if that's what makes up most of the effects in game, are begging to duplicate and glitch once more. Might I suggest to you TB that you go off and test your lil 30+ mobs on a 8400gs or older video card and find the difference? Of course high end video cards well produce great results but the majority of players probably don't have them installed to play enb. I have great isp, my pc is solid except for video card but if i'm experincing a problem thats global then it must be server side and for this long too.
  23. My 2 cents After jumping from post to post I've notice and it was my idea before someone else shared it as a conclusion to this raid agreement which i knew nothing about cause i've been working lately and because of the fact that i'm part of VGE and been to these raids numerous of times. The bosses were a challenge when 1-3 players w/o end game gear was around. Now that we have yet to have a p-wipe the other guidls catch up and VGE grew even more in strength and numbers over short time, but now we have 6-12 players in a full group and all of end-game gear which could pop a boss in less then 30min maybe even 10min when they narrow the minons down. The problem is not spwan timing, the problem is the weak shield and hull hit points on these bossess (equals how long a raid lasts) + more end game gear being spread around to other players not just alt toons so fast that it's been helping everyone else catch up in the raid games as i call it. If the devs would increase the hit points on the controller or even it's minons and or increase their resistence to where there on the same lvl as those fishes in the fb then the challenge is back because not even a group of 6-12 with end game gear can or should take it down or it's minons down (in 30mins or less) without having multi groups involved shooting/healing/jumping/ and possible running at the same time. You want more players to be invited to a raid then the raid most overwhelm who ever is in control of it and their fleet or fleets. To whoever can mutlibox a boss i give you props but thats not sports man like of you to do so in my oppinon. The devs can deny that it would fix the problem but spwan timing alone is not one of them for the raid conflicts. Theres barely any risk involved now when you have a group thats got all end game gear on and when engaged can wipe out a raid with 1-2 groups. You certiantly should not be able to do that now in the FB why not at the controller or bbg raid? It would take devs Beefing up the bosses and it's minions to level out the groups dps and high gear. Would that not balance it out? If the raid agreement is broken that would only help build compitetion, which should bring the best out of any guild in enb periode. I'm looking at this idea as competition not favortism it maybe a lil chaotic but that maybe part of any battle in a game with multi players. Granted if pvp was implimented you would see both guilds if not builders/static and VGE all go at it just for the chance to raid an end game boss. lol I believe pvp is the only thing holding back the players feelings from fully expressing their argession or ambition in this game.
  24. I haven't been able to log in sense yesterday now I'm in so i probably wont log unless server goes down silently again...
  25. OK after this problem started the other day and now here watching the server go on and off for 3 times and trying to log on each time lol. 3rd times a charm and the server said new updated 352 next update number 90 and then poof i'm back in game yay. I also check proxy number and says 2.20 so i do have it idk the client has 2 numbers now but it does maybe i was naming of the client version instead of proxy version i apoligize.
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