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  1. kiegern


    checked it with ctrl-i. as suspected by tien its shoots up to around 2500 when the lag occurs. only been to VG now at seeding 2. but as soon as i land in the group it up to 1800. when the fighting starts it goes to ~2500. hope u find what to do about it. thx for the reactions. i had some names thrown to my head when i said it in general chat. atleast my prob is being acknowledged now gl on solving it. best regards Siccius
  2. kiegern


    mob groups: the ones in VG with the funky name. seeding 1-2 but other navs aswell the titans at nav lattice 3-4 and triple the naglifer in Nif Cloud next to planet Modi's fist those are the spots i remember by heart. been there solo and with other ppl. mostly pigtail twice with endershaddai and elshaddai. but to be honest i cannot understand how a 10y/o game is able to put a 2010+ pc to its knees. i also use a gaming rig, liquid cooled, I7, gtx460, 6gb ram. its just impossible for a game with this system req: MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP MINIMUM: 56Kbps Modem Pentium III 500MHz Processor 128MB RAM 4X CD-ROM Drive 2GB Hard Disk Space 32MB Direct3D Accelerated Video Card DirectX 8.1 Keyboard Mouse RECOMMENDED Pentium III 800MHz Processor 256MB RAM 16X CD-ROM Drive to do that. these days we are using pc's which have like "Kazillion" times the requirement that is recommended Also the isp connections we have are like 2000 times the speed needed. Best regards Siccius
  3. kiegern


    most of the time its just me and Pigtail. but it happens when flying solo as well. been around 2 full groups with only 2-3 mobs then were having no probs. so imo it has nothing to do with the amount of players in view. best regards Siccius
  4. kiegern


    Heya every1, since a couple days now i am getting lag when fighting with multiple mobs (4-10) ive tried everything i can think of on my side, no connections issues what so ever, restarted modem, checked pc for open connection, theres non that dont belong, everything is doing what it is supposed to. my connection is stable at around 15-18mb multiple people are having the same issue. dont matter where they are from in the world. was with some1 from the US (im from holland) and he had same issue. any1 got more info or suggestions pls respond Best regards Siccius
  5. yay!! its working. see u ingame
  6. so, i got everything to work. but.... i got the inv300 error. dlded the patch, still had it. did all the net7\bin stuff. still have it.... starting to lose hope. pls advice, wanna try enb again thx upfront
  7. i did that yes. restarted the full install from scratch. net7 is updating mixfiles now, mixfiles which as far as i get it, allready have..... but i'll wait and see what happends. thx for the quick respond tho
  8. i get this message aswell downloaded the game yesterday incl net7. installed both, registered on both forum and website. updated the game, but thats it. i cant get to work. any1 can help? greetz
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