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  1. Can you guys change it so one person can make a guild, or at least a group of two.. six is really hard to get with only 100-300 people online.
  2. yes enb icon works and is set to normal but n7 won't work
  3. I did everything Darkk said and same problem
  4. I don't see an icon named enbconfig.exe ?
  5. For the past few days when I click on Net-7 it won't open.. I try run as administrator too, and all I get is it appears on the taskbar at the bottom.... nothing else opens :( I tried uninstalling and re-installing. Please help!!!!
  6. Um, can you elaborate? I am really confused, it didn't do this a few days ago!
  7. When I click it, it will appear on the bottom but the actual thing will not open. It will say that it did, but I do not see anything appearing on my screen and therefore cannot start the game. Please advise.
  8. How do I fix this? It is not on full screen.
  9. I followed the directions and the target line won't work. Help?
  10. Are they over with? Honestly, that is what kept me from staying. THere is something depressing about having to redo everything.
  11. I have not been around for awhile now... anyone miss me? Anyway, for those who don't remember me, I was the founder of Galactic Order, one of the largest guilds in the game. I don't suppose any of my old guildmates are still around? Anyway... I am now almost double the age I was when Earth & Beyond first started, so any chance we will have the full game up before my hair starts to turn grey? It is really a great injustice in the MMORPG world that E & B did not last but EVE did. One of the big problems for me was the GM's, which were some of the worst I have ever seen. The three strikes policy was excessively cruel. For instance, lets say you told someone to go blank themselves three times, it would be 3 days, 2 weeks, then permanent ban. Besides that and the fact that EA killed the game, it was a ton of fun.
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