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  1.   For the problems of the mouse clicks not working, in Display properties are either of your monitors at a negative location - i.e. if you click on the little monitor display you can drag one to the other side of each other. The Primary monitor should be at 0,0 and the other should be at a positive number depending on your screen resolution.  Fixed it for me
  2. I have the same issue. If I keep the window on my main monitor I can click just fine. If I move it to the secondary monitor, I can walk doing the  right mouse click. But nothing works doing a left mouse click. I cannot click on open or any options at the top. Again, If I move the window back to my main monitor, left mouse clicks work again. Left mouse click does work on that second monitor out of the ENB window. I do have Disable Mouse Lock clicked.
  3. Here are mine, no problems before 12AM EST and after I have gating problems and just bad lag that lasts till about 1AM   Before 12AM   [attachment=2500:ENB Before midnight.JPG]   After 12AM   [attachment=2498:After 12AM.JPG]
  4. I had the same problem, my XP and win 8 works with no problem, but my Win 7 and my bros Vista crashes after sign in. We did a right mouse click on client.exe, properties, Compatibile, put in a check mark in "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose Win Xp. This worked for us.
  5. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1340937999' post='59782'] and here it is: [url="https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/7111-announcement-status-change/"]https://forum.enb-emu...-status-change/[/url] [/quote] Isn't Beta when everything is ready to go but just need testing to make sure there are no errrors or bugs? That is my understanding but aren't we still missing content and areas?
  6. I took out the card and used the onboard video which is only 8mb onboard and it worked so I know it is not a PC, windows, or directx issue. I have an old INN game I play with no problems, videos play just fine. Really seems like a drive isue as if I reload windows and let it use the windows driver it works.
  7. I have no other games installed. You know of any free ones I can download to test? I did the tests from dxdiag in windows xp and they all ran with no problems including the directdraw and direct3d test.
  8. that would be great, would be all set for after the next wipe.
  9. I think the choppiness is because it is using the default Microsoft driver and any system I have put together does it on most games till you get a good driver from Nvidia or ATI. I know the 7500 is an older card but still powerfull enough to run ENB. I installed this driver, and same thing. Went into ENB configurator, hit test performance, and does a reboot.
  10. Not sure if anyone has sggested this, but how about showing levels above 50 for EL,CL and TL and what our actual level is when we get above 150?
  11. I was able to sign in just fine but then I updated my ATI Radeon 7500 AGP video card from the Microsoft drivers because things were choppy but have been trying every driver I can find for my card because if I do the Earth and Beyond Configurator or just before the sign on screen but after I click on I Agree on the Rules of Conduct then the spinning intro, my PC reboots. For some reason I cannot roll back my drivers to the Microsoft ones. Anyone have this problem? Re-installed direct X, Service pack 3, on Windows XP 32 bit.
  12. [quote name='Sneakypw' timestamp='1322701365' post='49042'] why have these items been turned off ? In live they just quit dropping but still worked. [/quote] please keep them off. They are so annoying when someone sits and keeps shooting you. Unless you can turn them off if that person is on your ignore list.
  13. Alpha is a long way out since we still are missing at least two areas that I can think of and we are still missing one skill for the JE and many bugs. Alpha would be if they think it might be ready to go and it is a long way from even close to ready to go. Yup, go ahead and head out the door. There is no fee to play the game and they only ask to help out if you can so I play because I like it and helping others. If you are going to leave, leave but I hate when people want to put it in the forums and complain as they are leaving. I just like having the game back.
  14. [quote name='Riz' timestamp='1317340355' post='46857'] Sounds good to me. Long as the chunker will be available. [/quote] If we ignore someone, will it stop the chunker? please! That think is so annoying, really, it reminds me of my 3 year old playing around.
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