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  1. Docking at the base on NV planet advanced the mission for me, IIRC ...   If that does not do it, perhaps a ticket is in order.
  2. Sure there is, type    /quit    Poof, desktop ^_^
  3. Login server broke, info here   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9052-server-status-current/page-20#entry85202
  4. Agreed.  Fixes and conclusions should be posted for others.   With that in mind, be aware that your forum name and password are for the forum and Net-7 and different from your in game account name and password which you create when entering the game, or on Net-7.
  5. I see you have made 4.   Six can usually do the trick :P   EDIT:  The posting minimum is to make it a little tougher for people trying to stuff the ballot box with duplicate votes from the same person, with different forum names/accounts.   The Devs will check the IP of the votes cast.  In the past any duplicate IP's will get both votes removed.   Just FYI  <_<
  6. Well, you can tap any key on your keyboard after hearing the "Boom, boom, boom" of the engine starting up at the beginning of the sizzle.  You will go straight to Megan then. ;)
  7. oops, my bad!  I only looked at the green links and missed the yellow one with all the videos.   DOH!  :blink:
  8. Is this the 'Pointing Dog/ Airplane" you are talking about?  I could not find it under those names  :(   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL0YEtJulBs
  9. Do they actually give you the prints, or is it still just a looted ones to try to print? You know, cross your fingers and pop it in the grinder? :(
  10. Hobbs

    Top 10 lists

    It could...  It really would be neat to see all of the overding data on our toons.   After reading this post, and I mean no disrespect,  I could not get this old jingle out of my head.   for a laugh   And it is a great idea, I would like it too :)
  11.     I have no knowledge of any Devs manipulating the raid trigger spawns and I do not know what circumstances are involved in the triggers not respawning after a crash.   I do know that the Devs have been notified about this occurrence, on at least two occasions:   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/tracker/issue-1174-raid-triggers-not-surviving-server-crashrestarts/ https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/tracker/issue-1169-raid-spawns-since-the-server-crash/  
  12. Good to know for those times the term gets temperamental :)
  13. This has happened to me again, and again, usually near Megan Hour.  <_<   A fix would be nice ^_^
  14. I have found that you must do the "Search for Ancients" mission first.  She runs you thru Dahin, Akerons, Xipe, Swoop, and back.   Then she will give you the chat option that has the word "decrypt' in it, and Efi's walkthrough is perfect :)   Now ya gotta get a crystal and do the raid to Imbue it ;)
  15. Ditto.   I prefer higher fps too   Info to change things on my end would be great!   Thanks
  16. www.enbmaps.de      has a search function for navs, NPC's and stations, if you need it  ;)
  17. I believe it is at OL 150.  I am not sure, but I have not tried it before that, and I have done the mission on 8 toons now.
  18. Quite true.  Since I didn't catch the R/C of the OP I offered that faction check method, but I think that they are a PP after my testing.   Starting Red Dragon faction currently for the different Race/Classes:   PW -9,000 PP -8,000 PS -7,000 TT -5,000 TE -4,000 TS -1,000 JE -1,000 JS +1,000 JD +2,000   All of which makes perfect sense because of the back story ;)
  19. well, I don't know your race or class, but if you create another character of the same, you can compare what the factions settings are upon creation.   You may find them to be the same ;)
  20. Typically people just login and if they have a problem with one toon, they try another, then ask in New Players or General chat channels "Hey is <sector name> borked/blackholed?"    People are quite helpful here, and ingame is usually has the most up to date info ;)
  21. @ Liucee   Regarding the wiki info:   Leeroy Junkbins now takes Debris again, I believe the ratio is 5 pieces per 1 faction gain, and the credits are still better than vendor.   Does Josher at OMP still takes manes essence to give faction?
  22. PW is the only toon that can build ALL flechette ammo types, the others are limited.
  23. perhaps even Auctionable ones, like on Pegasus? :P
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