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  1. Hi - would it be possible at some point in the future, to have a slash command, to be able to turn off the white bubble around your ship that is produced by shield charge, or environment field skills??   i presume it must be possible to disable these effects one's self somewhere in the client folder, like removing the video at the game launch... any info on such a tweak would be greatly appreciated from one who is otherwise technically incompetent.   thanks      mister MISTER
  2. I tried to add a further post to say that admittedly, I haven't attended any of these raids yet, so please do excuse my ignorance if anything i've said in my last post is incorrect, or in ignorance....    I do definitely plan to attend SOON(tm) though   sorry if words to this effect appear twice, but I think my second post went missing in the abyss of space...   mister MISTER
  3. Some good points raised by all I think... on the question of rolling for alts that aren't involved in the raid, I am told that some of the big 3 run a system, whereby, if one is asked by the raid leader to field a toon other than that which they would have liked to roll for, it is quite allowable to roll for that toon, as long as it is specified at the beginning of the raid that for instance, "although flying a TT by request, I will only be rolling on behalf of my PS"   this seems fair, and means that I don't roll on every 'uber' item that other people would like, and prevent me from running home with a ML for my TE, and a reactor for my PP even though I really wanted to fly my PS initially, meaning that everyone has a fairer chance of obtaining something for the toon that they are focusing on, by reducing the number of people rolling on a given item somewhat.   they then make sure that the toon being rolled on behalf of is in sector & ready to receive any winnings.
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