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  1. I did the example by guild alphabetical order and randomly picked a raid per and rotated through them. To make things final and official, we could meet up and just random roll and let high rollers have their preference.   I hate the nit picking over the English language because I have a habit of using just a slightly wrong word that has a similar meaning but not quite what I really meant. What is the correct word to use instead of "allow"? I was thinking of "enable" but found "allow" to be a top synonym for enable. Suggestions are welcome.   I was just putting the idea out there for review.   -Angemon @ Builders Inc-
  2. Static (Nicodemus, Reverant) has proposed a slight modification to the Raid Rotations to make them a little easier to manage. We would like to see if the three big guilds (Static, Builders Inc, and VonCorp Galactic Empire) would all agree by this coming Tuesday, May 21, 2013.    The way it would work is each guild would get 1 specific raid boss per week from Tue. to Tue. The following week, the guilds would rotate which boss they were killing. This would eliminate the need to inform other guilds of kills and curb the desire to kill raid triggers early so the trigger comes back on certain days.   Example:   Week 1 ----------- BI - Controller Static - RD Base VGE - GoBB Week 2 ----------- BI - GoBB Static - Controller VGE - RD Base Week 3 ----------- BI - RD Base Static - GoBB VGE - Controller Week 4 ----------- This could be one of the following: - start over at week 1 - be free for all (first come first serve) - allow other smaller guilds a chance to go for the raids   This idea comes from Static so I assume they are on board with this plan. BI (TraderMagoo) doesn't have a problem agreeing to this rotation; we are just looking for a way to divide the raids up fairly to stop the bickering between the guilds over kills. A member of VGE also agreed to this idea; but asked me to post this for further review.   -Angemon @ Builders Inc-
  3. It's possible he was using a different font or font size for the text. As for the level 144, this probably was back in beta.
  4. I was testing my shots on a level 35 mob that I thought had no resists based on the damage in parenthesis.   It seems my errors come from trying to reverse engineer the math; but it still doesn't explain experienced players hitting at short range noticing it takes more shots to kill a mob. Some say they can see a noticeable difference with having to make more shots or seeing less damage. My best guess is that resistances were changed on some mobs or the bonus using plasma were not getting applied.   Also, I still think 3-4% Beam Focus is buff should stack (different buff name) and it's a small buff they added it to level 8 to 9 items after having level 6 items that did more with enhance beam.   I also have found the Aquila to have no effect on beam targeting once the mobs are over level 62 which sort of makes it useless vs bosses at 66.   If you have the time, could you double check and look into these. Math proofs aren't needed.
  5. Following up on a JE's complaints to damage I discovered that some damage bonus vs shield or hull are not being counted properly.   The number in parenthesis is supposed to show the added damage from weaknesses or reduction from deflects. However, this number is being show and calculated as a part of the base damage instead of being added to the total.   In the following examples, there is added bonus damage versus a shielded mob in parenthesis but the math to get that damage does not show where that damage came from. I think this might be the cause of the feel of less damage. Mobs with weaknesses to damage types are not being applied properly. Damage versus hull would remove the 16.667% damage and be even weaker without showing any (damage modifier). This would have a larger impact on mobs with higher weaknesses or deflects vs damage types.   Based on some rough math, it seems the damage bonus for plasma vs shields is about 1/6 or 16.667%.   Base Damage (1030 * 3.399) / 5 =  700.194   Bonus Damage Added (1030 * 3.399 * 1.1667) / 5 = 816.9163398   816.9-700.2 = 116.7 (+117)     What it should show in game: 816 (+117)   What is actually happening in game:   701 (+117) Which is from: (1030 * 3.399) /5 = 700.194 But where did the +117 go?      - Defender's Pride @ 200% (1030 plasma damage) - Intolerance @ 200% (39.9%) - Tested at .5K range (below 50% max range)   1030(100% base) + 200% (Skill) + 39.9% (Enhance Beam) * 16.67% (plasma bonus vs shield)  + 61.2% (Chim 9 debuff) * 2 (stealth strike) * 2 (critical) /5 (Plasma ticks)     (1030 * 3.399) /5 = 700.194   In game: 701 (+117)   Critical: (1030 * 3.399 * 2) /5 = 1400.388 In Game: 1401 (+234)     Stealth Strike + Critical (1030 * 3.399 * 2 * 2) /5 = 2800.776 In Game: 2801 (+467)   ----- Stealth Strike + Critical + Chimaera IX (+61.2% Plasma damage) (1030 * 3.399 * 1.612 * 2 * 2) /5 = 4514.850912 In Game: 4515 (+2181)   What it should be: Stealth Strike + Critical + Chimaera IX (+61.2% Plasma damage) + Plasma Shield Bonus (16.67%) (1030 * 3.399 * (1 + 0.612 + 0.1667) * 2 * 2) / 5 = 4981.74 In Game: 4982 (+2181)
  6. Is increase beam skill capped at 10? So the Aquila XIII with over 4 skill levels is no better than an Aquila II to reach skill 10 since my beam skill is 9?   Why are there two different buff names for BEAM_DAMAGE (Beam Focus vs Enhance Beam). This is why I thought they would stack. For such a small buff on Beam Focus with a different name, I would think it was originally meant to stack when it came out (same time turbo weapons came out and stacked with different amounts).
  7. Further testing shows that Beam Focus (Advanced Weapon Control System - 4%) and Enhance Beam (Intolerance Mk. VIII - 39.9%) do not stack as they should.   6534 - Base Damage 6621 - 4% AWCS 7403 - 39.9% Intolerance 7403 - 39.9 + 4% (AWCS + Intolerance)
  8. Another JD (ShadowWalker) claims that he knows how much damage he used to do and tested a single emerald devastator and noticed his damage was about 25% lower. Perhaps something else was changed (even if corrected).   Further testing on Enhance Beam Accuracy - Does not affect beam damage past level 9. It seems to be for accuracy only and may or may not be affected by the skill cap. I'm not sure if this applied to the server before patch.   1 Ghost's Edge Beam @ 200% + Critical hits 6534 damage without any buffs 6534 damage with Aquila I (0.97 skill levels) 6534 damage with Aquila IX (5.23 skill levels)
  9. Something else to look at - The new cap on skills being at 10. Improved beam handling would be affected by this. If it follows the tool-tips, this new change of a level 10 cap would affect your damage if you were using this buff.
  10. Hello, This is Angemon. (JD)   Tested beam damage on mobs that had no resists at 0 range, mid range, and max range and found the damage to be in near perfect calculation. I learned that the mob's radius is taken into account which allows for max damage to continue past exactly 50% range.   Test was a single Ghost's Edge beam (1089 damage) with L9 Skill (+200%), with critical hits ( +100% more damage). No other modifiers were used and the max range of the beam was 1.90K. Mob was a "Renegade Progen Princeps" L42 with no resists. Damage done versus mob's shield.   1089 * 3 * 2 = 6534 damage which is exactly what I hit for. At .95 range (50% range) I was able to hit for the same amount of damage. The same damage at 1.0k and 1.1k range. At 1.2K I did 6155 damage showing the scaling reduction. At 1.3K I did 5320 damage showing the scaling reduction. At 1.9K (Max range), I did 3458 which is slightly greater than 50% beam damage(3267).  This test was done by using auto fire and being at 2.5k and moving in to let the beam hit exactly when in range to shoot.   Plasma was tested by another player (Mandythemurder) that confirmed the same results.   I did not test to see if other buffs like beam focus and enhance beam were working properly; I can only assume they are.   I did not test to see if the damage while using beam extension buffs or if the damage changed based on the mob to player distance changes. However, using plasma, I have never seen the initial ticks of damage change so I assume the damage is calculated at the time of firing and would not be affected by movement after the shot was made. 
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