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  1. Thanks, so that's 10 more levels to grind, and probably max engine build.  It will be a looooong time!
  2. Thanks Zack, I played about 2 hours yesterday, and everything was smooth.
  3. I played less frequently the past few weeks, because of lag and loss of connection. [and I am a TS to boot].  I don't know if Kyp and crew can solve the lag/logged out problem, but until then, it is hard to keep the population like it was a few months ago.   I know I am in the minority as I play solo and Multiboxed because of my frequent AFK obligations.  But recently, I have had toons losing connection on its own, (form of 6 toons, and out of the blue, one of them is no longer responsive).   I think the utmost importance currently is to address the stability of the game.   WIth that said, I try to log in every week especially after Tuesday patch to see if the problems have been fixed.
  4. Not playing STn so I am a noob in this aspect.   My TE has now reached lv135, and I have heard that I can pick up the mission at Earth Station to get the Terran Advantage stuffs.  I have talked to every NPC at E.S. to no avail.  Is there a mission walkthrough for it?  May be my OL is not high enough yet?  I heard that I have to be careful with this mission, as I may fail the analysis.   Please help!
  5. I used to have the group leader CTD when gating (about 80%), but this week's patch seems to have fixed it for me.  (Been on hiatus since) What was a "shot in the dark" fix by Zackman seems to work, at least for me.
  6. (1) Did you create a game account (from the portal www.net-7.org) (2) Can you post a screenshot of the Net7 launcher and before you click "Start".
  7. You don't have Prototype-Reorder box checked (but that does not explain the crash), it would just prevent you from login in. Also you should make an exception for E&B directory in Spy Search and Destroy, (or possibly disable SS&D) uninstall/re-install the game, and see if that makes a difference.   IMHO Malwarebytes are much much better, and I have Win-7 64bit Ultimate and Pro on my laptop and desktop with no problems
  8. Did you check the Protocol re-order box in the launcher?   Also it would help if you post a screenshot of the Net 7 launcher, before you hit Start.
  9. If you see the EA message, you probably ran the Client.exe instead of the Net7 launcher app. Kyp was asking you for a screenshot of the Net7 launcher app (before you click Start).
  10. /signed.  if we want a higher player population, the ISP problems need to be resolved.  It is currently the #1 source of frustration that the devs cannot control, unless we change the ISP.   Now with that said, I would like us to pay attention to what ([url=https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/9288-petition-to-change-isp-providers/#entry80514] Mimir said above - post #6[/url])
  11. Oh if the game works correctly, may be you can use another computer (preferably running XP) to do the character creation?  or ask somebody to create the character file for you, and all you need to do is drop the file into the right place on your comp.  You just need to customize the look at Charon (and other stations).   FWIW, Character & Ship creation works for me on 2 comps running Win7-64 Home Premium and Win7-64 Ultimate.  I just followed the procedures posted by Magoo - very carefully.  May be it does not work for WIn7-32.   [EDIT] What kind of Direct-X do you have (natively that is)?  9, 10 or 11? Does your card support Dx9c compatibility mode?   May be Magoo should look into this, since he is the GUI guru.
  12. Multibox and multi-character is a side effect of a low player population.  It may not be intended, but it is a necessary workaround.
  13. Working as intended.   Agrippa requires "Class" interaction, but that does not mean you have to do "Social" interaction.
  14. ... and we need a screenshot of the launcher, cuz an image is worth a thousand words.
  15. You have to warp into the navs to trigger the mission, just like when you do Combat job missions.  When I did the mission, I did the free warps, and of course no RDs show up.  I warped into the navs the second time, and triggered the spawn of 3 lv35 RDs against my CL20 PP (a trader and Agrippa candidate, so low CL).  It goes without saying that I was forced to warp out to avoid asking for a JS, and when I came back with more fire power, the spawn was gone.  I was forced to forfeit the mission.  Dunno if I can repeat it, but will find out soon.
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