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  1. Thank you all. I've bookmarked and sorted through each of the links you guys provided and I believe I've found quite a bit of good info there. Now I can start planning out the farming for specific prints. :)
  2. I've tried searching a few well known sites and I appreciate the database on the Net-7 site but I've been unable to locate what I'm looking for exactly. My newly OL 150 TT is maxed on all build skills and I'd love to know where I can start farming for drop only items. I don't want to pester my guild with a 100 questions.  =/   Thanks in advance!
  3. Rats. When I crashed this morning I was one trade route from OL 150 and my TS was one route from OL 100, lol. Oh well... tomorrow. G'night all.
  4. Whew, this crashed happened to me this morning before work. I just got home and went to log on and it said the same thing. I was thinking I broke the launcher somehow lol. Thanks for the update Shaddex! I'll watch some TV while checking in. :)
  5. Welcome back!   I have become completely addicted to the game again! =D
  6. I have not been able to log into my character in Carpenter for the last 35 mins and now I can't login to any of my characters. Did it crash?
  7. I came back too just over a month ago. Hadn't played since 2004. I'm so totally hooked again... too bad I love my job too or I'd have more playtime lol
  8. Do you know where I can find this information for the future? Is there a site that lists current blackholed sectors? Also, how often do they shut down the servers? Sorry for the newbie questions, just started playing the emu. Thanks!
  9. Is the sector down? Someone told me it was. Just trying to find out as I got a cargo full of trade goods on my TT. If it is, anyone know how long it's down for?
  10. Was able to gate into Zwei using another computer. Once through the gate I logged back onto my main computer and got stuck at loading screen... so something on my main computer is preventing me from doing anything with that zone. Not sure why. =(
  11. Not exactly sure what's wrong. I've tried everything suggested in here but I'm unable to get through the gate to Zwei and then on the way back to Earth I got stuck again. I've tried a dozen times or more so I'm gonna quit playing for tonight and see if I have better luck tomorrow. These gating issues I keep running into make my TT an almost unplayable character. Love the game though!
  12. They did a server shutdown. Does anyone know for how long?
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