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Looking for new members!! check out our new site

email me or find me or any other epic member



still work to be done on it but its a good start lol
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Well, I sent in a request on Oct 25 for guild access and still have not heard anything. I want to read some of your stuff before I decide if we are right for each other.

Does anyone actually monitor it?
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Hi Nerilka,

I am sorry to hear your request has not been answered yet.
I am sure that this has to do with Damuras currently not being active (RL).

Maybe we group ingame and get known to each other - how does that sound?
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Quoted from the epicgamers.com forums, still applys here though.
Hello all,

I am
not dead or gone from all, I pop in here and see whats going on now and
then and make sure all is well with everyone. So for those who care I
have been going though a lot of changes over the passed 12 months. I
have found a new Love of my life, and will be proposing to her soon. She
does not know this yet and luck-fully will not look on here haha. My
kids are now 4 and 3, almost 5 and 4 now, my youngest just go this
tonsils out, adenoids out, and tubes put in. I have also changed
careers, opportunity came knocking and I took it! I am now a full time
college student again going back for my computer science degree, but
this time I also have 3 minors lol. So in 5 years time I will have my
bachelors in Computer Science, associates in physics, mathematics, and
chemistry. With all three I should be able to find a job some where
close by, if not I dont mind moving. Other then that between kids,
girlfriend, school, and part time job I have no life.... or free time. I
do miss going in and spending hours in game and raiding and just
helping everyone and I am more impressed and very glad to see that the
guild is doing well in game and people are still using the forums and
site I pay for =p, so at least its worth it! Humm... guess that sums it
up for the most part. I hope you all are well and leading the way in
game through helpful actions, determination, and respectful play. With
out you all there would be no Epic Gamers so I appreciate you dedication
and will always be grateful for that!

If any of you need to get a
hold of me for the site, suggestions, or even if there is a raid
planned and would like me to stop in EMAIL ME!!! and tell everyone I say
hello and best wishes!


I might try and hop in enb over the next weekend to say hello and goof off, time does not allow me to get into much.
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"I have found a new Love of my life, and will be proposing to her soon."
Haha, when I first read through this quickly I thought this line read " I will be prospecting her soon." Too much EnB.
Can I get some of my rank back? Since I made it back after the wipe I went from important member to peon. I'd like to recruit some people again.
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Epic Gamer Officers you can find ingame for recruiting:


ME (GetOffMe and alts see signature)




Vitaes - Doberman

Skadii - Una


Copenhagen - CopeTT - CopeJD

Partsmen - Knightfall - Samine - Nightfall


Thornton - SparkleJE

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Hey guys!
Was in the guild during beta .... will put out a shout in chat and see if anyone is online next time I login. You still taking recruits?

Talk about a reply delay....sub-sonic space travel.  give a holla Hawk...someone will hear ya

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EPIC is still going strong, and there's a chance of finding guildies online at odd hours,
as we have members from a number of different timezones around the world.


Give us a shout in the 'New Players' chat channel, or the 'Local' channel when at OMP, if you'd like to join us!

Edited by Winlander
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