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TravelMate updated


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Hey all.
Its amazing to be back in game, big thanks to all the folks that are making this happen. Its a real pleasure!

So, Im out jetting around, taking in the sights and sounds.. and.. Its been long enough I forgot my way around! That gave me a chuckle :)
So I was looking at some links in another thread and came across a site with an old app I used to use to plot destination courses, TravelMate.
The maps part of it never worked that I remember, but the point-to-point plotting did, so I downloaded it and voila!, Less guess work for traveling until I knew the neighborhood again!

Of course, it didnt have the new areas I was starting hear about and run across, so I looked into it and the original author was wise and made it up-datable.
So, I updated it :)

Some of the BBW and Pirate/RD Faction stuff was there but initially disabled.
I have added EVERYTHING, including zones not yet implemented, but that show up on the Net-7.org maps.
The new classes as well as the Red Dragon faction.
The new class starting sectors: Equatorial Earth, Ganymede and Mars Gamma.
Ardus, Unknown Galaxy, Moto, der Todesangel
- Altair System-, Altair III, Nostrand Vor, Nostrand Vor Planet
- Castor System-, Ishuan, Ishuan Gas Giant, Menorb
- Proxima System -, Adriel Prime, Loch Mar, Margesi
Ceres/Thule, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Charon, Uranus, Venus
Blackbeards Wake, Paramis, Canopus
and all related stations.

I didnt have the authors approval, but hey, I figure rkzad(@hotmail.com) wouldn't mind to much, or he would have already done it!
Tho I have to say, if the author wanted to toss me the build files, I'd gladly take the project on and build upon it :)

:: Instructions to install and update::

-Download the original from: http://www.enbx.com/downloads/travelmate1103.zip
-Unzip and install the package.
-Rename the file: [b]EnBTravelMate.ini[/b] to say something like EnBTravelMate.ini.bak if you want.
-Get the updated .ini file attached to this post and place it in the directory that EnBTravelMate.exe is installed into, effectively replacing the renamed file.

If you receive an error that says something like:
"Whoops! Please report your class, source, and destination to <emailaddress>"
Instead please report it here in-thread and Ill fix it.

Should be good to go! Enjoy the app that rkzad wrote for you.

-Kii aka AnakiPW/KiiJE
[attachment=824:EnBTravelMate.ini] Edited by Kii
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[quote name="Google Docs"]Sorry, the page (or document) you have requested is not available.

Please check the address and try again.[/quote]:)

I'm interested to see this. Are you a programmer or just love editing inis? :D
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[quote name='C Del' timestamp='1301016551' post='37144']

I'm interested to see this. Are you a programmer or just love editing inis? :D
Used to do some dev work, but this is just an ini hack :P
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So any chance of getting the map portion to work? Would be cool if it did.
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One small change necessary. The Moto gates are restricted and should not be included in default route calculations. Is it possible to change it so you have to turn on an option to use it. If not then just make it a dead-end since travel thru is not possible.
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I believe the original program linked to the http://mbt.ebportal.com/ website and matched up the sector maps. Unfortunately I don't think we have access to the original code to either edit the website link or see if there was a way to have it pull from a local image directory.

Using either a hex editor or a decompiler may give a programmer a shot...if they know what they are looking at.....but is it really needed? The updated ini gives the proper routes (ty to Kii and Maniac) and if you are unfamiliar with a sector you can access any map at [url="http://www.enbmaps.de."]http://www.enbmaps.de.[/url] Edited by Crichton
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Trying to get used to this new forum software.  Using latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 but do not see file attached to original post.  All I see is " [attachment=824:EnBTravelMate.ini" not the actual downloadable file.  Am I missing something?


I am logged in by the way . . . 

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Lost my hard drive that had the updated ini file on it. 


Anyone else have Kii's updated ini file?


Be cool to post the ini, with the original travelmate program, all in a single zip/rar file and upload it to https://www.net-7.org/?#downloads

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On 3/24/2011 at 9:48 PM, Kii said:

Ok, I attached the file locally, not sure whats up with public permissions at Google Docs.
There should be a link at the bottom of the original post now.

the old update ini file was posted here:


UPDATE: After comparing files there is a lot of missing data from Mannakin's ini file. AngryAngel has posted Kii's original file.I recommend using that one (below).


Edited by jrichards
Old file used, newer file posted by AngryAngel.
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AngryAngel is teh man! He has posted Kii's original ini update file.  I did a file compare, to Mannakin's file, and Kii's has a lot more sector's. Even though they are not identical I did not see anything, in Mannakin's ini, that should be added/replace any code in Kii's.


NOTE: I only spent a few minutes, running a file compare and checking the differences, so feel free to more heavily compare the two. I am using Kii's.


I have updated Kii's version to version 7.9* to include:

7.9: Greater Wormhole added to WHL7 selection for JE

7.91: added Charon Cloister.

7.92: added Uranus gate in Saturn.


If any further updates are made please update the version, version notes, and upload additional update(s).


= ]







Edited by jrichards
added Uranus to Saturn
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i see its an old posting but just stumbled on this update today..wow thanks for updating this file great to have some added stops.  also can the enb maps.de be used to plot a destination?

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