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  1. Ioanna-J Deinon will not start the mission for the HU 30 for PP.
  2. Tried to do the DNS fixes and not working. I tried direct IP address and not working either. I put he IP address in a browser and it takes me to some iis7 page.
  3. Echuir


    Not Working so I tried to put in the IP address in the browser and it takes me to www.iis.net
  4. For the past week I have had this same problem off and on. I connect with HughesNet but I will be changing after the first of the year.
  5. One small change necessary. The Moto gates are restricted and should not be included in default route calculations. Is it possible to change it so you have to turn on an option to use it. If not then just make it a dead-end since travel thru is not possible.
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