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  1. MoO! Hey man .. I know some others around were in Master of Orion, so come say Hello! We did well for a while, hit the top 10 guilds at one point. Its so nice to be able to MoOOoooOOOoo! at Telp again :-) Come say hello folks, I know Ive seen a few of you out there! AnakiPW/Jujube/AnakiJD/Alfalfa
  2. Guys, I didnt say I was giving the person a second chance, nor did I say I wouldnt do anything, I said I waited to see how it panned out, being more a response than a reaction. Rojo already said that he received a ticket with the name and the issue should be handled via the ticket system. Being newer I wasnt sure where the real boundries lay, but now I know
  3. Hey Rojo.. here are my thoughts ATM- let me know if you want to proceed differently, and huge thanks for posting regarding this. Filth has a way of leaving a really bad taste, so Im glad your here. yes I have his name, and the chat log to back it up, but really, I think in the end, for this incident, this is a deal where we, as players, need to step up and quickly point to the first 2 Clauses of the ToS when we need to when someone has maybe drunk too much, or simply isn't aware of the deal here, or are indeed asshats. The offense could be worse in the larger view, but the point itself has to stand, and the person being Harassed (genuinely) for no reason, is a guildy and a super guy, who helps anyone that asks. Top Shelf. I cant go further without speaking to him. So IMO, Sanity first. - Respect. We are all here together. let us Wonder at it, and Enjoy. I have a suspicion some of theses things will be like a small tight knit business, a bad hire will know hes toast and just leave, and all is well again. Any further should likely be taken offline, at your discretion, Rojo. Cheers! -Kii
  4. I too, was shocked this last night, Friday, buy the tone of Market chat. It was like a WoW troll had escaped and had come to roost. Derogatory, accusatory, player harrassment, open challenges to come get flamed... I was tempted to post about the ToS that we all agree to during login, but instead thought better and decided to just be calm and see how it panned out and how it was handled. It was a weird night in that nearly none of the major builders were on, basically our 'elders', plus it being a basically full moon outside. But know this, the next time it happens, I'm willing to be 'That Guy' who screencaps the ToS violations and makes the post about it. It's not that I want to be the EnB police, not at all, and I know I'm new to the Emu project, but I played from very near release to sunset, it being amoung the saddest days of my life, that had a deep effect on me. I died with my friends that day, and to be here again is like a blessing to me. We have some great folks here, and this level of behavior is not something I want to see again. Thank you EnB staff!, and thanks all for your time in this matter. Sincerely, -Kii
  5. [quote name='Tienbau' timestamp='1302061050' post='38336'] according to the source code this isn't lag - it's coded to take a certain amount of time to finish manufacture etc. Maybe there could be some sort of progress sound triggered or something like that? [/quote] In live here is how I remember the ammo manufacturing process as a PW, time wise, and supported by some Fraps Video I took back in the day. You click the button, and there is the sound effect of the build which was/is comprised of the audio effect repeating series of sound pips,like: !!-!-!-! with a final 'bleep' pip about 1 sec later that was accompanied by the screen message in green about the build quality. This took about 4 seconds total time. There has always been a progress sound associated with it. As it is now this seems to fire like normal, however the build delivery and screen messaging are delayed for an additional 4-8 seconds, minimum. There is definitely a difference that has occurred since the server move. Prior to the move, in regards to Live, it still took one or 2 extra seconds, its something I noticed nearly right out of the gate upon returning, but it has gotten more severe/lengthly. Also, in talking to some of the major builders regarding this, they all reported new delays, of essentially the same amount of time. [EDIT]:: I was unable to login for a bit, server down, but I just got on and went to test the ammo building issue, it seemed resolved!! Arx Spartoi if it matters, but it looked good. Will update as required. Thanks! -Kii
  6. Slightly off topic but not to far.. It would be nice to see the Mordana Purifier Philosopher and related baddies added back in game. If I remember correctly it was a L33 that could drop a Mordana Purifier Journal, a Synthesized Crystal, and a Disk that had the plans for the Aspiration of the Faithful reactor or the Intent of the Resolute engine. Trying to remember my lore.. but i think it went something like: The Journal had some hints about the L66 Ascendant Voltoi, who, IIRC, when baited with the Synthesized Crystal would enrage and become target-able. at 66 and 33% it would spawn some waves of L58s, which had to be DPSed down and then we would drop the Ascendant. It would drop an Infused Synthesized Crystal, which was used either the reactor or the engine. It was some good times. I think initially it took like 2-3 groups for the Ascendant, then down to 1 group when rather uberly geared. Anyway, some fun stuff :) Peace Yo! -Kii
  7. [quote name='Maniac' timestamp='1301032775' post='37150'] Fixed and combined the files.[/quote] Fixed?
  8. [quote name='C Del' timestamp='1301016551' post='37144'] I'm interested to see this. Are you a programmer or just love editing inis? [/quote] Used to do some dev work, but this is just an ini hack
  9. Ok, I attached the file locally, not sure whats up with public permissions at Google Docs. There should be a link at the bottom of the original post now.
  10. Hey all. Its amazing to be back in game, big thanks to all the folks that are making this happen. Its a real pleasure! So, Im out jetting around, taking in the sights and sounds.. and.. Its been long enough I forgot my way around! That gave me a chuckle :) So I was looking at some links in another thread and came across a site with an old app I used to use to plot destination courses, TravelMate. The maps part of it never worked that I remember, but the point-to-point plotting did, so I downloaded it and voila!, Less guess work for traveling until I knew the neighborhood again! Of course, it didnt have the new areas I was starting hear about and run across, so I looked into it and the original author was wise and made it up-datable. So, I updated it :) Some of the BBW and Pirate/RD Faction stuff was there but initially disabled. I have added EVERYTHING, including zones not yet implemented, but that show up on the Net-7.org maps. Including: The new classes as well as the Red Dragon faction. The new class starting sectors: Equatorial Earth, Ganymede and Mars Gamma. Ardus, Unknown Galaxy, Moto, der Todesangel - Altair System-, Altair III, Nostrand Vor, Nostrand Vor Planet - Castor System-, Ishuan, Ishuan Gas Giant, Menorb - Proxima System -, Adriel Prime, Loch Mar, Margesi Ceres/Thule, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Charon, Uranus, Venus Blackbeards Wake, Paramis, Canopus and all related stations. I didnt have the authors approval, but hey, I figure rkzad(@hotmail.com) wouldn't mind to much, or he would have already done it! Tho I have to say, if the author wanted to toss me the build files, I'd gladly take the project on and build upon it :) :: Instructions to install and update:: -Download the original from: http://www.enbx.com/downloads/travelmate1103.zip -Unzip and install the package. -Rename the file: [b]EnBTravelMate.ini[/b] to say something like EnBTravelMate.ini.bak if you want. -Get the updated .ini file attached to this post and place it in the directory that EnBTravelMate.exe is installed into, effectively replacing the renamed file. If you receive an error that says something like: "Whoops! Please report your class, source, and destination to <emailaddress>" Instead please report it here in-thread and Ill fix it. Should be good to go! Enjoy the app that rkzad wrote for you. -Kii aka AnakiPW/KiiJE [attachment=824:EnBTravelMate.ini]
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